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October 17, 2022

I haven’t written much about Dr. Anthony Fauci lately because most Americans have stopped listening to him. Still, nothing will ever negate the damage his agency inflicted by taking the most draconian positions on COVID based on fault data and abusing government power not only to shut down businesses, schools and churches, but to censor informed objections as deadly “misinformation,” even when he was wrong and his critics were right.

So I recommend this article in Commentary magazine by James B. Meigs of the Manhattan Institute. It’s called “How Anthony Fauci Became a Bobblehead,” referring to how liberals buy bobblehead dolls of him as quasi-religious icons, like those of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Kamala Harris (although the Kamala Harris bobbleheads might be the real Kamala Harris.)

It’s even-handed and doesn’t assume that Fauci is an evil conspirator. But with even the CDC finally starting to admit its critics were correct, this is a good time to look back at what was done under his auspices and how this unelected and unaccountable bureaucrat was given way too much power and used it to crush Americans’ rights. We should all know this so we can make sure it NEVER happens again. (Bonus: you might be surprised to learn the role that Dick Cheney played in giving him that much power.)

I have to highlight this quote from Meigs’ article. Since I first started doing media commentary in 2009, I’ve been giving virtually the same warning about people who claim their opinions are “settled science,” starting with apocalyptic climate radicals and now ranging from COVID hysterics to transgenderism quacks:

“No one ‘represents’ science. Science is a radically transparent system of inquiry, debate, and a willingness to challenge received wisdom. As soon as any individual claims the authority to speak for science as a whole, that person is doing the opposite of science.”

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