April 16, 2020

From Tom:

I keep writing to you here, Mike, and you keep missing my statement. The azithromycin is more dangerous to those most vulnerable to coronavirus than the virus (the solution is more dangerous than the problem) because the major side effect is heart arrhythmias, which cause heart attacks. The better mix is hydroxychloroquine with doxycycline with zinc. Doxycycline provides the same benefits without [the] side effects [of] azithromycin.

Please don't kill me (74 with heart issues) with kindness. Thanx Mike and keep smiling, young fella.

From the Gov (with a smile):

Actually, Tom, I have mentioned that azithromycin in combination with HCQ is associated with possible heart arrhythmias in some patients and that doxycycline might be prescribed as a safer alternative. I’ll mention it again and remind all that this is why no one should be on this or any prescription med or combination of meds without a doctor’s supervision --- certainly not someone with heart issues, such as yourself. Don't self-medicate, don't drink fish tank cleaner --- and don't blame President Trump if someone does.

From Jeremy:

I am a physician and know more than most about treatments for ailments. I use a lot of medications off-label because I was taught and shown in my residency that they work surprisingly well for conditions the drug was not labeled for. This is a very good article [on fact-checking the WAPO "fact-checkers"].

As Trump has stated, this medication (along with others to form a 'cocktail') has shown progress and has indeed 'cured' a good handful so far. There is no time, unless we want a total economic collapse, to wait for a trial, which takes years, typically. As mentioned in this article, most medications have the potential for multiple bad side effects...On that, as he [Trump] said, 'What do we have to lose?' Between taking an experimental drug for this virus or dying, I guarantee that the writers [the WaPo “fact-checkers”] would choose the former over the latter if they were in the situation of choosing. I cannot believe that the Democrats have no shame.

From the Gov:

Thanks for writing, Doctor. I would add that hydroxychloroquine is not just experimental, at least in the sense that it has been used quite safely for many years, just for other maladies. It's too soon to call this an outright "cure" for COVID-19. but Trump is being truthful about what we know so far.

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  • Donna Cornell

    04/21/2020 02:04 PM

    The hydroxchloroquine sulfate is all they need, that is what began the noticing of it.....come on, keep it 'simple', I LOVE 'simple'!

  • Linda Teman

    04/19/2020 12:51 PM

    Please forgive me for the delay in writing you about this extraordinary response to my daughter's situation. It literally blew me away that you would publicly respond in this way, particularly since very few news articles have even addressed the hardships of immune-challenged patients having to go without one of their most critical medications. One of the reasons I follow you, Mr. Huckabee, is because I believe you have just what it takes to be a leader in this now-vulnerable country of ours. You have a fine, discerning mind, a wonderful sense of humor, and a heart for your fellow citizens. I'm glad you have found the grace to support Trump (and indeed it has taken a lot of grace of all of us to do so), and though I wished you had been given a fairer chance in those presidential debates. Faith is not a popular entity these days. Little do they know that God makes us far stronger and wiser than they will ever be. Thanks so much again for your interest!

  • Gary H Cook

    04/17/2020 12:21 PM

    Great article of how C)VID-19 works and why Hydroxychloroquine works.