October 1, 2018

Despite his tough talk about Canada last week (or maybe because of it - Art of the Deal!), President Trump has reached an agreement with Canada to create a new trilateral trade agreement with Mexico, replacing NAFTA with a free trade treaty that’s more advantageous to the United States. This fulfills another one of Trump’s signature campaign promises, one that his critics claimed he wasn’t serious about and would never accomplish (or would crash the economy trying to accomplish).  To make it even more head-explodingly infuriating for Never Trumpers, his top advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner, whom they love to sneer at, reportedly was instrumental in keeping the talks going with Canada and securing the deal. 

This new deal is called the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement or “USMCA.”  Among its provisions: Canada will open its milk market to US farmers, Trump’s auto tariffs won’t apply to cars made in Mexico or Canada, and more car and truck parts will be made in North America.  It will also be interesting to hear liberals come up with some way to denounce a deal that makes sure most auto workers earn at least $16 an hour (three times the current going wage in Mexico), improves labor and environmental rights, strengthens intellectual property protections and makes it harder for investors to fight government decisions in Canada and Mexico.  But I have faith that they’ll find something to whine about. They always do.

Democrats already assume they’re going to be voted back into power in November so that they can ramp up their various witch hunts and reprisals against their enemies, and reinstate the same failed policies that resulted in eight years of stagnant growth, slow job creation and rising threats from abroad. (By the way, the New York Times finally noticed that the US had a “mini-recession” in 2016 that especially harmed the energy, agricultural and manufacturing sectors and that “many missed” – well, Trump didn’t miss it, but Hillary did):

I don’t know why Democrats think Americans want all that misery back with a side order of hatred and bile, but in case you’re flirting with voting for them, consider this:

The November election isn’t just another election.  It marks the halfway point since Trump’s election.  Nothing the Democrats predicted - worldwide depression, stock markets crashing, nuclear wars, immigrants put into concentration camps, governing like he’s “literally Hitler!” – has come to pass.  Even though Trump’s had less than one-half of one term with a Republican House and marginally Republican Senate, and still hasn’t been able to get Congress to give him some of what he promised (Obamacare repeal, a border wall, etc.), he’s been able to check off an astonishing number of campaign pledges.  Trade deals are being renegotiated in our favor, ISIS has lost 98% of its territory, growth is nearly three times what it was when Obama left office, jobless claims are at their lowest in half a century, Iran is on the ropes and North Korea is literally sending him love letters.

But, but…Trump is just so darn unpresidential when he tweets!

I’m reminded of what Abe Lincoln said when someone complained about General Grant’s drinking.  He said to find out what Grant was drinking and send a barrel of it to all his generals.   


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  • Joanne Schmidt

    10/01/2018 01:41 PM

    Several questions: Will the FBI also investigate Dr. Ford's background and Sen. Feinstein's "leak" of the letter? I'd sure like to know what other people she or her lawyers have gone after for sexual harrassment, plus more detail on her "repressed memories."

    Also, are protesters allowed to roam freely through the Senate and intimidate senators in hallways and elevators? I cannot understand why the GOP reps can be screamed at and cornered with no security or bodyguards in site. One exception: when the Senator from Maine, Susan Collins, was shown exiting her limousine, she had ample security. Let's hope she keeps it when Dem Senator Coons is nearby. Enough with the arm=twisting!!!


    10/01/2018 12:49 PM

    If Trump somehow cured all the ills in the world the DemonRATs would find something to harp about. Time to change their name to reflect who and what they really are!


    10/01/2018 12:45 PM

    Why isn't the media showing Flake was flaked by paid activists from Soros organizations? So much so that the two are shown on a Twitter feed in a great big congratulatory hug. Sickening. Puctures tell all.

  • Stephen Russell

    10/01/2018 10:42 AM

    Good boost farm imports into Canada, boost tourism & trade.
    Need HSRR into Vic & Vancouver BC alone from Seattle, etc.
    Need super Hwy to connect to Vic BC.