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January 14, 2023



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And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28


1. "Huckabee" Preview

By Mike Huckabee

Join me tonight for an all-new and news-making episode of “Huckabee” on TBN! Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake will give us an update on her court battle to overturn the shady Maricopa County election results. Kevin Sorbo will offer a sneak preview of the highly-anticipated new installment in the “Left Behind” movie series. You’ll see perhaps the most unusual performance we’ve ever hosted from the inspiring art ministry, Splat Experience. And we’ll top it all off with music from one of the hottest performers in Christian music, Tasha Layton.

It all gets started tonight at 8 and 11 EST, 7 and 10 CST, and Sunday at 9 EST/8 CST on TBN. To find out how to watch TBN, from local cable and broadcast channels to streaming, visit and click on “Channel Finder” on the top menu. You can stream previous episodes, highlights and online-only “Digital Exclusives,” including extended interviews, “In Case You Missed It” and “Facts of the Matter” segments, plus extra performances by our great musical and comedy guests and links to all their sites, at You can also find past shows, highlights and digital exclusives on YouTube and my Facebook page.


2. New hearing scheduled for Kari Lake's lawsuit

By Mike Huckabee

Speaking of Kari Lake, she's scored a procedural victory in her election lawsuit. The Arizona Court of Appeals apparently recognized it as a case that has merit and agreed to declare it a special action and hear it on February 1st rather than waiting until March.

Related: Here is just one reason why Arizonans should be rooting for Lake’s lawsuit to succeed, and also be very thankful that they still have a Republican legislature.


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3. A GOP resolution to expunge two impeachments from President Trump's record

By Mike Huckabee

Some 42 GOP house members are backing a resolution to expunge President Trump’s two impeachments from the record.

Both impeachments were hysterical political hit jobs not based on evidence. Naturally, Democrats are howling that this would be a rewriting of history, but the naked and frivolous politicization of one of the most serious duties of Congress is a chapter of history that should be rewritten, or better yet, erased entirely. 

As I warned at the time, this cheapening of impeachment into a political weapon just to try to undo elections would open the door to every future President facing impeachment if the opposite party held Congress. Now would be a good time to nip this in the bud, so that when someone is impeached, Americans can once again feel certain that the evidence was overwhelming that that person truly needed to be removed from office.

Looking at you, DHS Secretary Majorkas.


4. Predicting the news of the day

By Mike Huckabee

This story shows how you can never predict what will be the biggest news of the day. We all knew that once Rep. Jim Jordan took over the House Judiciary Committee, he was going to be up to his eyeballs in investigations of everything from January 6th security lapses to the weaponization of the FBI and DOJ. Yesterday, he announced what the first investigation would be.

As recently as two weeks ago, would anyone have put their money on it being an investigation into Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents?

5. Helping the People

By Mike Huckabee

Remember my theory about the big hidden switch in Washington that gets flipped whenever power switches to the other party and completely reverses all prevailing standards? Here’s more proof: Chuck Schumer declared, “You know what the American people want us to do? They want us to do things to make their lives better. They don’t want just Congress to investigate, investigate.”

So the people who spent two years ignoring inflation, high gas prices, the open border and other crises while they obsessively “investigated” January 6th are now lecturing us that investigations don’t help Americans. Well, they do if they root out people in the government who are abusing their power to target and crush the rights of everyday Americans.

Kudos to Chuck, though, for also working in the heart-tugging “This doesn’t help people” rhetoric. Although I prefer the previous version, “This doesn’t feed a hungry child.” Maybe the Democrats stopped using that when people realized they were also doing nothing about the baby formula shortage while obsessively investigating January 6th.

6. A perfect illustration of women throwing away their own hard-earned rights by backing "trans rights"

By Mike Huckabee

If there was ever a story that perfectly illustrates how women are throwing away their own hard-earned rights and recognition by backing so-called “trans rights,” this has to be it.

The Brit Awards are sort of the British version of the Grammys. Last year, self-proclaimed “non-binary” singer Sam Smith complained of being left out of the “gendered” categories for Male and Female Pop Star of the Year. Smith declared, “I look forward to a time where awards shows can be reflective of the society we live in. Let’s celebrate everybody, regardless of gender, race, age, ability, sexuality and class.” (Note: in the society that the vast, vast majority of people still live in, only a microscopic minority claim to be unable to figure out what sex they are. And maybe Smith wasn’t nominated because the music just wasn’t good enough. Also, if you celebrate everybody equally, how do you decide who gets the award? I digress.)

Of course, the Brit Awards organizers were terrified of being accused of not being ultra-sensitive to all claims of oppression, real or imagined. So they immediately changed the rules to placate the guardians of wokeness and eliminated those horrible, oppressive, discriminatory “gendered” categories, replacing them with one single, non-gendered “Pop Star of the Year” category. This year’s nominees were just released.

They’re all men.

“Inclusion,” ladies and gentlemen! Oh, and Sam Smith!



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  • anne turner

    01/14/2023 04:32 PM

    While I was very much for equality for women, especially when it came to recognition of abilities and opportunities in careers, education, etc. However when this carried over to woman acting like men, women lost a lot of power. When the milk became free, men no longer felt the need to bear responsibility for the children they fathered. They think that women can fend for themselves and their children. Of course, this did not carry over to men taking more responsibility for family life and parenting. So the women have gotten it all, careers, education and housework and parenting. They are also left often with children to raise alone. I do not mean all men, my husband was not like that. But even in intact families I see the women contributing financially and doing all the house and child things. We denigrated the responsibilities of the males. Women have always been the civilizing influence in the world. Men are physically stronger than most women even if they are transing. That's just a biological fact. Why are turning the world upside down for a very small population. I am not suggesting bigotry toward any proclivities, just fairness when it comes to facts that cannot be disputed. To allow children to have medical procedures that will affect their lives forever before they are old enough to make sound decisions is nothing short of child abuse. I think a number of young people use sexual confusion as an excuse to explain their disturbed behavior or other mental issues. It is also a big attention getter and great to have adults and friends slobber all over them about their bravery, etc. and cater to their whims. We may not like the facts in our lives sometimes but we are allowing feelings and emotion to dictate important decisions in so many ways. O think my parents generation (greatest) got a better general education in high school than many do today in college.

  • Jerry

    01/14/2023 04:12 PM

    As biden's legal baggage gets heavier his surrounding barrier that protects all his lies and corruption are being exposed all the people connected to biden are now getting worried and are setting their withdrawal plans and looking to distance themselves from this corrupt president. Although tough to get away from all the corruption they are a part of it now the plan is to go down with this administration or seek asylum somewhere. The Country has seen enough and just maybe are thinking that their elected officials are hurting the country having to spend an EXTRA$10,000 for the same goods a year ago may have gotten the country's attention. Just maybe today's population is quite a bit of a dunce when it is asked R U better off today than 2 years ago just maybe their credit cards are no longer accepting purchases.

  • stephen russell

    01/14/2023 04:12 PM

    Biden documents:
    Planted by Deep State OR

    Who else could?
    After he left VP post?
    National Archieves in on this?

  • Francis Sherrin

    01/14/2023 03:05 PM

    Enjoyed your reporting today. I worry sometimes that our country is going down the toilet. I guess I’ll just keep praying that Lord blesses our country.

  • stephen russell

    01/14/2023 11:49 AM

    Biden documents:
    Blame Deep State or Obama for document placement
    No 1 else can move them around
    Had to be Obama