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January 12, 2024

Even I was surprised at how quickly the idiotic Georgia RICO prosecution of Donald Trump and his associates devolved into “House of Cards” mixed with “Days of Our Lives.”

It’s only been a couple of days since the bombshell court filing by one defendant accusing DA Fani Willis of unethical behavior for allegedly appointing her less-than-qualified secret paramour Nathan Wade as the special counsel, signing off on exorbitant pay for him, then profiting from it by accompanying him on lavish vacations and cruises. Then we learned that she likely coordinated the assault on Trump with the Biden cabal thanks to her boo actually filing for an expense reimbursement for the trip to the White House! That was all bad enough, but it seems that with each passing hour, this farce gets worse. Hang on while I try to recap the latest absurd twists in this sordid saga.

First, Politico reports that Willis colluded with Nancy Pelosi’s one-sided and illegally-formed January 6th Kangaroo Kommittee to get tips on prosecuting Trump, then allegedly used a procedural trick to keep the defendants from learning that as part of discovery. This concealing of evidence alone could be enough to get the cases thrown out.

Follow The Money: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that since January of 2022, Willis’s DA office has paid Wade nearly $654,000That not only makes him likely the highest-paid prosecutor in the state (despite his lack of experience in that job), it’s also far more than the $186,000 a year that the state’s Supreme Court Justices are paid.

Instapundit has some interesting comments from an anonymous Atlanta attorney who is familiar with some of the players and who spills the beans on what those in the local legal community are saying…

Now, some soap opera twists: Willis is accused of beginning her affair with Wade before he filed for divorce from his wife. The estranged wife “pounced” (to use the media’s favorite term) and has already subpoenaed Willis to testify in their divorce proceedings. I hope Wade saved some of that money because it sounds like he’ll soon be giving up a big chunk of it.

And to put the cherry on top of this manure sundae, here’s a report from Chris Queen at PJ Media about some of the other questionable hires and Democrat political connections in Willis’ office that would appear to be expressly forbidden by Fulton County’s policy on conflicts of interest.

Related: Now that Georgia DA Fani Willis has been revealed as an (“alleged”) corrupt political actor who might be guilty of a RICO charge herself, I’m starting to wonder if making scurrilous attacks on Donald Trump comes with a karmic boomerang – or maybe Trump is just blessed with an “I’m rubber, you’re glue” gene. That might explain why one of the chief figures who’s been trying to get him removed from ballots around the nation for his alleged “crimes” that he was never even indicted for has himself just been arrested on federal tax fraud charges.

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  • Amelia Little

    01/16/2024 06:28 PM

    Should I hold my breath waiting to see if ANY of these players will be charged with anything and face the consequences?