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May 31, 2023

If you’ve been involved in politics as long as I have, you start to notice that the Democrats have more straw men than a “Wizard of Oz” fan convention. Whenever they get into power and enact their university faculty lounge daydreams as actual policies, chaos ensues. They can’t admit that the things they believe in simply aren’t true and don’t work, so they have to invent some bogeyman to blame for their own failures.

For instance, if a Democrat is let out of jail for the umpteenth time in a blue city and shoots another Democrat with an illegal gun he bought on the street from a third Democrat because nobody enforces all the gun control laws, whose fault is that? Obviously, it’s the fault of Republicans and the NRA!

Or if runaway deficit spending that they assured us has no economic downside is followed by painful runaway inflation, what’s to blame? Capitalism!

And of course, the biggest straw man of all is “Racism.” When all else fails, accuse your opponents of being racists, even if the worst place for any black person to live in America is in a deep blue city that’s been run by Democrats for generations, like Chicago or Baltimore.

But there are encouraging signs that they’ve cried wolf over racism one too many times, and the intended audience won’t be fooled again. Like this great story about a black Florida business owner’s reaction to the NAACP’s ludicrous “travel advisory” warning that it’s dangerous for black people to go to Florida.

He’s lived in Florida since 1985, built a successful business, and has three successful grown kids whose families all live in Florida, which he calls a “place of opportunity and prosperity.” His advice about the NAACP’s warning is just three words: “Simply ignore it.” That’s good advice for most of what the Democrats say.

Also, definitely read this story about Texas GOP Rep. Wesley Hunt, who is black and who blew away the tired “Republicans are racists” mantra.

Hunt said he’s fed up with this Administration using racism “as a scapegoat for everything.” He pointed out that in his district, 75% of GOP primary voters were white, but he beat nine white rivals by a large margin. In the general election, in a district that went for Trump by 23 points, he beat his white opponent by 30 points.

Hall said his only goal is “to better America,” and he doesn’t think of himself as black first: “First of all, I’m an American, I’m a combat veteran, I am a father, I am a West Point graduate, I am an Ivy League graduate — we could go all the way down the line before I get to ‘black guy.’” He added that he won so big “because I was the best candidate. That’s it. That’s literally what our party is.  I get to wake up every day and live Martin Luther King’s dream: I’m literally being judged by the content of my character, not by the color of my skin.” 

Oh, so he’s one of those black white supremacists! Sounds like Joy Behar needs to give him her lecture on what it’s like to grow up black in America.

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