June 13, 2017

If anyone had any doubt of what Democrats hope to achieve by drawing out the “Russia” investigation, it should be crystal clear after Jeff Sessions’ testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. The knives are out for the Head of State, just as obviously as they are in that bloody Central Park production of JULIUS CAESAR. They couldn’t defeat him at the ballot box, so this is their consolation prize: the chance to try to take him down in whatever way they can.

Though Sessions had little to add about timelines and meetings that wasn’t already known –- he repeatedly made the point that after having been recused, he no longer is briefed –- the Democrats on the committee weren’t interested in that so much as in his private conversations with President Trump. Sessions insisted that according to DOJ policy, such conversations are considered confidential, but the Democrats on the committee were having none of it. They pushed and cajoled with all their might to get him to say those two little words, “executive privilege.” Since the President himself is not under investigation for collusion with Russia, this effort obviously wasn’t about that investigation at all, but about finding some reason, however tenuous, to go after HIM. Just think of all the fun they could have, calling in official after official to testify under oath about their private conversations with the President! Why, it could go on for, oh, at least four interminable years.

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As Sessions reminded them during the hearing, some people have offices to run.

Jeff Sessions is a slow-talking Southern gentleman, and it made the blood boil to see The Inquisition attack him like a machine gun, interrupting his answers constantly. At one point, Sessions had to insist on qualifying an answer that was coming too slowly to satisfy the questioner, noting that if he didn’t qualify it, he’d later be accused of lying. We all know that is exactly what would happen.

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But Sessions was there to set his own record straight, and he stated that any suggestion he participated in or was aware of any collusion with the Russians was “an appalling and detestable lie.” And though he didn’t say it (I will), the obvious motives of certain questioners on the panel were just as appalling and detestable.


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  • Jannie Kock

    07/23/2017 11:07 AM

    I read that you do read the comments - Do you also answer them? I was wondering what effect a petition with 1000's of signatures from "We the People" would have against Mueller & his team & the Democrats, if we could get it done (which shouldn't be too hard). Would be interested in your reaction!

  • sheila swiderski

    06/24/2017 11:16 AM

    I just love you and your daughter. President Trump needs more people like you in his corner.
    I am with Kyle Courtney," The Russians didn't elect Donald Trump. I DID!
    I pray for the day that Hillary Clinton is brought to justice along with the corrupt Obama Administration.
    I love my President and all his fabulos accomplishments. I want him to just able to do the job that I ecected him to do.

  • Thomas D. Bennett

    06/23/2017 04:53 PM

    The "democrats" trying to interrogate Sessons in that "gotcha" fashion are actually speaking from the Marxist ideology and agenda that has been seeping into every facet of our society for more than 100 years now. It's all about irrevocably dividing us in all ways possible, as Rep. Steve King alluded to recently. It's all about agitation-propaganda aimed at destabilizing toward chaos, collapse and take-over -- the "long march" against all the institutions of American life and of western civilization. The earliest Marxists were constantly aimed at fomenting class-warfare while they denied the primacy of individual liberty, property ownership, marriage, family importance in raising children, freedom of speech, faith and the right to live by one's conscience. The national-level policy holders and office holders who still call themselves "Democrats" while hiding behind "liberal" and progressive" labels have been lying to us and to themselves ever since the first Communist Party USA chapter was chartered in Chicago in 1919. Their policies and philosophy for governing self-evidently label them as enemies of liberty and of the Declaration and the Constitution!

  • Sam Sparks

    06/20/2017 07:14 PM

    We put up with Barrack Obama and the liberal left for eight long agonizing years now it's time for the liberal left and the MSM to sit down and shut up, they lost, they don't understand they are the minority, the silent majority and the "deplorables" are the majority.

  • Clara Todd

    06/20/2017 08:11 AM

    Thank you for keeping us (the public) informed. I can see that certain Democrats are trying hard to derail President Trump. It is very unsettling for me to see this day after day on the news. I just have to shut the TV off at times to gain back my peace of mind. I feel that President Trump and his team are working hard and accomplishing much for the American People and for those being persecuted overseas. Tell him never to give up; and that I am praying for his safety and peace of mind as he tries hard to unify our Country.

  • Anita David Abraham

    06/19/2017 12:01 AM

    They were piranhas out for blood & their motive was clear. They had no problem (& no fear) attacking and going after Sessions as you might expect in a Senate investigation, unlike the bowing, scraping & total tiptoeing fear in every Comey/Clinton hearing. Despicable, blatant & the Right has had enough.

  • Diana Kay Cannon Hovey

    06/18/2017 09:45 PM

    Thank you, Governor Mike Huckabee! Thanking God for you, the Huckabee Family and the Huckabee Team! You make our world and our country a better place. Hallelujah to the King of Kings for empowering, equipping and motivating your work! Blessings!

  • David Hinton

    06/18/2017 04:23 PM

    Thanks for always bringing clarity.
    P.S. Your daughter is doing a great job!

  • Valerie Craun

    06/18/2017 02:15 PM


  • James Robert Huffman

    06/17/2017 01:47 PM

    As I am glad to report your words about Jeff Sessions Inquisition were right on. Keep up the good work.

  • Marilyn petrison

    06/16/2017 06:37 PM

    I am more saddened every day. How can such seemingly nice ,educated, people be so hateful and think it is ok to treat our president like he is a criminal. We put up with eight years of Obama ,who I believe was and is out to destroy our country ,without having this hateful speech,
    actions, insulting signage Etc. I believe that the devil is in charge of this as most Christians voted for someone who would give them back their country. With the press and tv Etc against our ideals, only unity and constant prayer can be our voice !

  • Norman Richard Gant

    06/16/2017 03:08 AM

    Your 100% correct Mike. Have a God blessed day Mike.

  • Judee Stacks Stephens

    06/16/2017 03:06 AM

    God bless you, Mr Sessions!! I admire you and after watching the questioning, I admire you even more... Thank you, so much, for being the Southern "gentle"man, that you are. Under the scrutiny and disrespect you were shown, you came out on top!! You stayed cool, calm and collected.. May God bless You, President Trump, Mr. Huckabee (for the plain spoken, truthful emails) and our beloved USA..

  • Linda R. Crane

    06/15/2017 10:41 PM

    I always admire your knowledge of the political situation and respect your comments. Even though I believed it was a futile effort, I would have like to see you run for President of the United States. I decided it was best to support Donald Trump as President. From the beginning, I agreed with his analysis of the problems we were/are facing in the United States and I believed he could make some headway in straightening them out. I truly regret the ridiculous and horrid opposition he is facing. I don't understand how people can be so cruel to him and to his family. Maybe those of us who feel this way, have not supported his efforts through letters; possibly a vote for him was not enough. Maybe we should start a letter- writing campaign, but to whom? We would receive no publicity from the mainstream media as they would not broadcast the letters accurately. Governor Huckabee, you could certainly be an asset to our President, but you must support our morals and ideals in the way best for you. If the opportunity arises, I hope you will throw in your "2 cents worth" as appropriate. Please continue to express your opinion on matters; hopefully, they will make an impact.

  • Sharon & Jim Adams

    06/15/2017 06:08 PM

    Thank you Governor Huckabee, as usual your comments are spot on! These people are terrible! We just can't believe what is going on, this never would have happened with President Obama! Unlike these people, we didn't vote for Obama, but we gave him the respect the office deserves! Fed up on the left coast!

  • Doris Hamel

    06/15/2017 02:01 PM

    It lifts my spirit to read your messages. Helps to keep me in prayer for our country and elected officials. Thank you and continue the good work. Blessings to you!

  • Sarah Maitland

    06/15/2017 01:29 PM

    Thank you for your encouraging words. I am an evangelical Christian, 74 years old, and the Lord is everything to me. Almost from day one, I loved and supported Donald Trump for president and praised the Lord for putting him in office. I knew for sure that if he did not win, our country was doomed. I've lived through a lot of turmoil in this country over the years - assassination of JFK, his brother Robert, Martin Luther King, Vietnam War protests, Kent State, race riots, etc. and I've never seen anything like the evil I'm seeing now. I believe that Obama unleashed a portal of demonic activity, a Pandora's box, when he took office. And in the face of such corruption from the Democrats and other liberals, they will stop at nothing going after our beloved President. God has given me and my friends an assignment to pray for the President and to stand in God's victory over the forces of evil. I wish there was a way the President could know how many people in this country are like me and my friends who pray for the President and have our eyes opened to the wiles of the enemy trying to destroy our country and our godly heritage. We are not fooled by this witch hunt going after our President and Jeff Sessions and others in the cabinet. Thank you for speaking out and giving a voice of reason and hope in the midst of this evil generation. Come soon, Lord Jesus!

  • Sis McCarty

    06/15/2017 12:46 PM

    I admire you so much for backing Trump and his team.
    These people are so full of themselves. I wish that Trump would put every ounce of his trust in God and let him lead HIM through to achieve his goals for our country. If the dummies are ignored they may completely fall apart.They are just about there now. All of them are just showing their IQ. They aren't going to stop. They want all the distractions they can find to keep Trump from doing his job.
    I hope Trump will go after the, "Hannady 5". Enough is enough! Thanks for your e-mails.

  • Carol Hopper

    06/15/2017 11:55 AM

    I agree. The democrats are not interested in anything but "the aha" moment. They don't even listen. I have never seen our country like it is now and I've been around awhile. I pray God will continue to bless our country but I'm beginning to think He has been longsuffering, long enough.

  • Dana M Williams

    06/15/2017 11:28 AM

    Well said. I do not understand how the demo on these panels get away with not doing any actual work. Disgusting.

  • Dianne Hearn

    06/15/2017 08:25 AM

    The posturing and repeated questioning by the Democrats screams of McCarthyism. Our nation needs to move forward. We are so tired of the demon-like attitudes and behaviors we see from Democrats and ignorant millennials.

  • Sandra Weaver

    06/15/2017 07:39 AM

    I agree 100% I was getting so mad at the questioning because they Dems. Wouldn't let him finish his answers. The Dems. Will not leave President Trump alone. They will keep going after him with the more lies they feed the News Media. This is what is causing all the hate in this country. Obama and Hillary started it and the Dems. Are going to push it to a finish.

  • Cindy A. Barach

    06/15/2017 07:33 AM

    I love your emails Mike!! Keep sending them and I'll keep forwarding them to my friends :)

  • Juanita F Greene

    06/15/2017 07:31 AM

    Politics at it's ugliest............Sessions handled himself very well and in spite of their "ridiculous" questions they couldn't get what they wanted from his answers. They were VERY rude! I don't
    remember any time (and I've been around a long time) I was so disgusted with the time....and money....spent needlessly and I hope it comes back to bite them in the "you know where".

  • Bart Fernandez

    06/15/2017 07:23 AM

    When the hell are the republicans going to fight back. They have to hit every 2018 voting district hard with the democrats being total obstructionists. The president is making an honest effort to turn around 8 years of total mismanagement, nationally and foreign, and is being stop with phony attacks. Every day, from every corner, they have to specifically tell the people what is going on, and why they should reject those democrats following the Shumer & Pelosi crap

  • norma s holmes

    06/15/2017 07:09 AM

    I have wanted to contact you for the past 2 years! you are one of the few voices of sanity left on. the national stage! Congress is increasingly off the rails. Keep writing. KEep talking! get back on the air!

  • Charlene outlaw

    06/15/2017 04:18 AM

    I agree with you. My prayer is that the United States truly become a United States and this crap stops.

  • Sydney Corbett

    06/14/2017 11:49 PM

    You are so right on this piece! Well, you're always right, in my opinion; but on this one, you pointed out something that really got to me too: Sessions has a slow Southern speech pattern, and the questioners were rude to pepper him with rapid fire, not waiting for response. I was proud that he held his own and insisted on being allowed to clarify.

  • Harriet Norvell

    06/14/2017 11:29 PM

    I never went to college, & I never graduated, But I know what the democrats are up to & it really makes my blood boil.
    My parents & grandparents were democrats & I was raised as one, but I have never voted on that ticket.
    The Republicans that are going with the left side to me are lefties just playing like the are Republicans, & I have no use for them at all & what our President & Jeff Sessions are going through is just their games to keep the work from being done by President & Jeff Sessions.
    The lefties are very disrespectful & they love causing chaos & all the rioting is caused by them & they all need to be put in prison for what they are doing.
    The Bible tells us to Respect our King & although Trump isn't a King he represents one, & those that have no respect for him will answer to GOD,because GOD is who put Trump as our President.
    When GOD wants someone in Office, it doesn't matter if anyone votes for them or not they will be in office.
    There is a season for all things & this is the season for Trump being President. If GOD decides to remove him HE will, but I don't think GOD will do that not right now.
    I am so proud of our President for giving up his wealth to serve in office & I hope he has his wealth in a safe place so he will have it when he needs it.
    Sorry for shouting.

  • Sharon A Theriault

    06/14/2017 10:57 PM

    Mike, I am so tired of the Dems and their ridiculous badgering of the Republicans they call into their dens of ludicris committees. I look forward to your newsletters and pithy comments. I want to help, but cannot contribute money to cause.

  • Marilyn Kirkwold

    06/14/2017 10:46 PM

    I am so tired of these Democrats and their endless games, trying so hard to end this administration. And, then I see all the stuff Democrats do and nothing ever happens to them. What about Obama interfering in the Israeli election? And then there are all their other scandals. Republicans need to become more aggressive, I think. Ultimately God will judge. I continue to be thankful that D. Trump won this election--certainly seemed like a miracle to me!

  • Michelle Munro

    06/14/2017 10:20 PM

    I am so sick of this obstruction by the Democrats and their ilk to stop the President and his cabinet from doing the job of the citizens of our country. My advice to them is to suck it up and live with who is our leader. We suffered through eight years of Barack Obama who divided us and put us broke. So sick of it.

  • Richard Reesman

    06/14/2017 10:05 PM

    Thanks for your insight and straight forward approach. I'm a 68 year old Vietnam vet whose is disgusted with all the "left's" obstructionism. Unfortunately morons believe the bs.

  • Elizabeth Honaker

    06/14/2017 09:48 PM

    Amen and amen!! Has it REALLY only been five MONTHS since the hostile questioners sat cheek-by-jowl with their former colleague under the hallowed dome of the U.S. Capitol? In all that *short* amount of time, have they really built up so much hatred for the man that it flows from every pore? All the Democrats know that the Russian "investigation" is a complete sham; NO one cheated Hillary out of the presidency -- she didn't DESERVE it in the FIRST place! Why do they have to constantly growl and spit -- like a cornered wildcat -- about something they KNOW they cannot take away from the millions of decent Americans who voted for Trump? I was personally insulted by the young, foolish Democrat who repeatedly "lectured" Mr. Sessions about Constitutionality -- as if that greenhorn knew the FIRST thing about which he was pontificating! I am sickened by all this.

  • Marlene Semansky

    06/14/2017 09:45 PM

    Mr. Huckabee I was raised as a democrat. I never looked at who was running. I just marked all the D's in. As I got older, I started voting for the person "not" in office. I wanted to get rid of the establishment people in Washington. I texted 4 of my representatives and the governor of my state and "told" them we needed to get people into Washington who never held office. Like President Trump said, "Drain the swamp". I have voted straight republican for the past "8" years. Needless to say, my wishes came true. My man is in. I just wish you, mr Gingrich and more Fox people worked for him. You are all very good. Please help him. Every one of you will be in my prayers. President Trump is, with my sister, her husband and my better half.
    Thank you, God Bless.

  • Maureen Butler

    06/14/2017 09:34 PM

    Thank you Mike for being a voice for those of us who have no way of being heard. It is appalling what is being said and tried, to unseat our President. You were my first choice, but since that was not to be, I fully support the man that was elected. I am so tired of all the naysayers and the raw hate that is being exhibited. If I didn't have my faith in God and a wonderful life in Heaven someday I don't know what I would do. Thank you again we need more like you speaking up.
    Sincerely, Maureen Butler

  • Jacqueline Holleman

    06/14/2017 09:14 PM

    The actions and comments by the Left has left little doubt that they are scumbags who care nothing about our country. They 're interested only in bringing down the Trump Administration no matter what the cost to the United States.

  • Arthur W Irvine

    06/14/2017 09:06 PM

    If Trump puts Hillary in prison, I suspect it will be open season on republicans. I am not afraid, put her in prison, if you can. She seems just as slipery or more so than her husband.

  • Lillie McGougan

    06/14/2017 08:45 PM

    I believe you are absolutely correct in all that you said the Democrats will use any thing to make the Repbulicans fail at clearing their names or reporting clearly on a encounter any one may have with the president. They were. Not interested in what Sessions had to say they were trying to find out what he and Trump talked about so they could nail Trump. It was all about smearing Trump. They could have cared less aboutbSessions, Trump was their target.

  • sundra haney

    06/14/2017 08:22 PM

    why do the Demos get to call all the investigations? What about Benghazi? This is what Trump gets for not investigating Clinton. IT'S NOT TOO LATE.

  • Charles O Aho

    06/14/2017 07:51 PM

    What's so upsetting to people that voted for President Trump is all the power the Democrats assume they have. The Constitution does not back that claim. The frustrating part is that President Trump and the Republicans do have the power to stop all this nonsense. WE THE PEOPLE stand behind President Trump and we're waiting for him to start using that power. With all the power the Constitution allows the president to use we expect him to use it with something more than just TWEETING.

  • Evelyn Kubanka

    06/14/2017 07:36 PM

    Great point as usual. I think someone with the ability to reach millions of people, like yourself, should start a petition to stop wasting our hard earned money for the democratic attempt for obstruction and that the special investigation must end immediately; especially since Comey colluded with Mueller before the testimony he gave and the close ties. Where is the special investigation on all the Obama, Clinton, Comey, Lynch, Rice, Farkas etc. criminal acts? That is where our hard earned tax payer dollars should go. Also there should be a petition for the FCC to look into all the laws violated by the media trying to sell their propaganda hit job on Trump and his administration with all their slanderous lies. Even though Trump is a public figure, there are laws that prohibit what they are doing; at least when I studied broadcast Journalism at Syracause in the 1980's. They and the the democrats who spewed such hateful lies about the Republicans should also be held accountable for pushing a precarious person over the edge!!!!! It is no different then screaming fire in a crowded theater. After all the democrats and media have been portraying Trump as the devil incarnate since he started running because of his threat on their attempt to fundamentally change this country. To all who don't like our country the way it is, live elsewhere; Venezuela rings a bell. As a child from an immigrant family, I find it appalling that illegal immigrants are put in the same category as my family!!!!!

  • Ken Lawyer

    06/14/2017 07:24 PM

    Thank you for your daily comments and information. I would like to ask "without donating money, what more can I do as a conservative American citizen in helping President Trump accomplish his goals for the American people?" Like so many Americans, I am frustrated and appalled by the junior highish maturity of the current Congressional leadership.

  • Harold Green

    06/14/2017 06:58 PM

    Right On Mike

  • Timothy p. Dreiling

    06/14/2017 06:58 PM

    Drain the swamp!!!!!

  • Diana Wrght

    06/14/2017 06:34 PM

    I too have been saddened and appalled at the behavior of the Democrats. I was very upset by the congressional shootings today. I hope you speak on it tomorrow. I am Jonathan Barnett's friend.

    I think President Trump is doing a wonderful job!

  • Steve Brubaker

    06/14/2017 06:33 PM

    Mr. Huckabee,
    This fishing expedition against President Trump from the Democrats is, in Hillary's terms, "deplorable". I believe it is a dog & pony show to distract the American people from truly viewing what President Trump has been accomplishing since taking office. The left-winged biased media should be ashamed at themselves for reporting on this witch hunt. I feel they are partially responsible for drafting a scenario in Washington, D.C. that aggravates people and whips unreasonable people (such as Kathy Griffith, creators & actors of Julius Caeser, and the half-hinged gunman that attempted to murder a Republican Senator this morning) into frenzies and such disrespect for our President.

    Steve Brubaker

  • Everett Coates

    06/14/2017 06:18 PM

    "The first duty of the press now is to undermine all the foundations of the existing political state of affairs."
    Karl Marx

    The press and their accomplices in the democratic party are doing just that. They are undermining the foundations of Constitutional government in the United States with all their might. Apparently this will not end until President Trump resigns, and may not end then. If this tactic works it will signal the effective end of the Republic since the media will control all power.

  • Delphine Levesque

    06/14/2017 06:07 PM

    Mike, thank you so much for your intelligent insight into all that is going on. While I do miss your show on FOX, I think that the good Lord is using you instead to calm our nerves over what the Democrats are doing by these messages. You know, all of this stuff is like eating nothing but OATMEAL: pretty soon you just want to gag! I have enjoyed reading every book you've written as I enjoy your daily messages. I pray for you "Big League"! God bless you bunches!

  • Joe Lyddon

    06/14/2017 05:50 PM

    Hi Mike!

    I really like all of your comments, etc. You seem to hit the Nail right on the head all of the time!

    The Democrats are obviously just out to disrupt congress in any way they can... and this hearing proves it.

    I am convinced that if President Trump issued a Statement that "the moon has been proven NOT to be made out of CHEESE", the Democrats would bring out all of the guns & money to Prove him Wrong! ... and many really believe it!

    The Democrats are just going CRAZY! I wish they would spend more time doing the job they were voted to do rather than neglecting their job in Congress!

    Thank you!
    You are doing a Great job!