Evening Edition - May 7

May 7, 2020 |


Just happened Thursday afternoon --- much more to come.


Excellent news from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos: the Obama-era “Title IX guidelines” that allowed colleges to run kangaroo courts and strip away due process rights from students accused of sexual harassment or assault have finally been reversed.

A reminder: Joe Biden was the driving force behind those Obama-era "reforms" that actually had nothing to do with Title IX, and that deprived accused students of the same self-defense rights and presumption of innocence that he and his supporters are now claiming for Biden. Frankly, I prefer a President who can recognize violations of Constitutional rights without needing to have it happen to him personally.


I’ll have more about this in greater depth later, but just as a head’s up: Fox News is reporting exclusively that the transcripts of House Intelligence Committee interviews with top law enforcement and intelligence officials – the ones that acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell said have now been redacted to remove any classified information and can be made public – will show that the officials affirmed that they had no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election.

Chairman Adam Schiff had refused to release these transcripts, but publicly claimed they contained “direct evidence” of collusion. Then again, it would hardly be the first time he’s claimed to have evidence of Trump Administration wrongdoing that was probably just his grocery list. White House sources told Fox that Schiff is “in panic mode” that his slanderous lies are about to be exposed (I would add, “again”) and he’s reportedly trying to find some way to attack Grenell for being a Trump ally. But that’s entirely irrelevant, as sources told Fox the redactions were completed before Grenell took the job, and all he’s doing is releasing the transcripts of what was said in the House.

Next week could be very interesting. You never know what a rodent will do when it’s cornered.


A whistleblower contacted undercover filmmaker James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas and claimed that CBS “news” footage of a long line of cars waiting for coronavirus aid outside a medical center in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was staged. The insider claims the CBS crew asked the clinic to fabricate a line for the shot to make it look as if there were crowded conditions and people waiting for care, but once it was taken, the cars quickly dispersed.

After initial denials and the usual slams at Project Veritas, CBS admitted the line was at least partially staged and took it off their website. However, CBS blamed the subterfuge on the clinic, while a clinic spokeswoman said they had nothing to do with it. Obvious explanation: must have been a flash mob.

Ironically, according to the whistleblower and some hidden camera footage, nurses at the clinic complained that the fake line did cause a delay in allowing them to see some actual patients. So CBS can claim it’s true: long lines at a medical clinic delayed a COVID-19 patient from receiving care. Darn that Donald Trump!!


A mom in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, was desperate to get her stir-crazy kids out of the house, so she joined a Facebook group meetup for what she thought was just a leisurely drive around town. Click the link to see what she accidentally got her SUV full of kids into and couldn’t get out of, so they just rolled with it.


“If You Strike Me Down, I Shall Become More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine” Dept: Yesterday, I told you about Dallas hair salon owner Shelley Luther, who refused to lose her business and her employees’ jobs by continuing to comply with unreasonable and unconstitutional lockdown orders. She was fined $7000 and ordered to jail for a week by Judge Eric Moye. Moye, incredibly, made it clear that she might escape jail by apologizing and admitting she was being selfish. Luther replied that it was not selfish to want to feed her kids and save her business, and she took the jail sentence rather than grovel.

I made it this local story a lead story because it didn’t take psychic powers to predict what’s happened since. Luther overnight became the national symbol of a rising American revolt against high-handed elitists with secure paychecks who mock, lecture and scold people who desperately need to get back to work to save their businesses and homes and feed their families. Judge Moye is facing a blizzard of criticism for his obliviousness in jailing a mom for going to work while Dallas County has released about 1,000 actual criminals for fear they might contract the coronavirus in jail. (Although she's reportedly being kept in isolation for protection.)

It’s no surprise that Moye has no sympathy for Ms. Luther and her employees, since he has continued to draw his six-figure salary at taxpayer expense throughout this entire lockdown. As have Nancy Pelosi and all the House Democrats who refuse to come back to work in Washington and help President Trump deal with the crisis. My modest suggestion: every official who insists that people stay home should have to go without pay until they allow Americans to work again. That might instill a sense of urgency in them.

Unfortunately, state-level officials don’t have direct power over Moye, but they’ve made it abundantly clear what they think of his appalling ruling and how it has brought so much negative attention to Texas – a state where standing up to tyranny is built into the natives’ genetic code. Both Gov. Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton blasted Moye for his judicial overreach, and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick even volunteered to pay her fine and take her place in jail.

As of Thursday night, Luther was reportedly still in jail (she was taken directly to jail without even being released on appeal!), but her attorneys have filed for an intervention with the State Supreme Court. In the meantime, Luther is now a national heroine for millions of Americans who are fed up with elitist liberal officials lecturing them about being selfish for wanting to feed their families and not lose the businesses they’ve spent a lifetime building.

They see these bans being applied unequally, unfairly and with little regard for whether they actually prevent the spread of the virus. They understand the risks, but they aren’t children of a nanny state, they are adult American citizens who are responsible enough to make their own decisions about assuming risk and making smart choices to mitigate them, just as we try to avoid highway deaths by driving carefully, installing airbags and wearing seatbelts, not by cowering in our rooms for our entire lives.

To show how Luther’s stand has galvanized supporters the way the heroes of the Alamo inspired earlier generations of Texans, a GoFundMe page set up to pay her expenses and legal fees disabled donations after they leaped from $170,000 to over $500,000 in less than 24 hours. And her defiance of capricious authoritarianism is already spreading across the nation.

Officials like Texas Judges Moye and Clay Jenkins, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and others might think this crisis has greatly expanded their powers, but all it’s really done is give Americans a taste of the tyranny of petty tyrants and how quickly they'll exercise it if given half a chance, and they don’t like it at all. I suspect that Democrats who think this crisis will be a boon to them in November had better brace for another shocking Election Night.

To quote Hosea 8:7, “They have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.”


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo admitted that he was stunned to learn from new research that 66% of the state’s new hospitalized coronavirus patients had been “sheltering in place” before getting sick.

Some cynics pointed out that it shouldn’t be shocking that if almost everyone is being forced to “shelter in place,” that a majority of any group will be people who were sheltering in place. But it also shows that, as I’ve mentioned before, Edgar Allen Poe was right in “The Masque of the Red Death,” that you can’t hide away from disease by locking yourself up in the house forever. Viruses will circulate, some people will be more susceptible than others and will get sick, and when they do, the worst cases will need to go to the hospital. It should serve as a reminder to the “keep the lockdown going for years” crowd that this was supposed to be a temporary measure to “flatten the curve” – that is, to stretch out the infection rate and keep a massive wave of cases from overwhelming the health care system early on, before we had treatments, ventilators or hospital beds.

We now have all those things, and surpluses of the latter two. It’s time to face the fact that some people will get sick and we’ll have to deal with it, but we’re much better prepared to do so. Most others won’t get sick, and that will create herd immunity, which will help defeat this virus, just as it does all viruses eventually. We don’t want the cure to be worse than the disease, but we may be nearing the point where hiding out and doing nothing while waiting for a cure is becoming worse than the disease.

By the way, something to bear in mind: as we do more and more testing, many more people who are carrying the virus will be identified. This is completely predictable, since we now know that it was much more widespread than we thought, so of course many more tests will identify many more people carrying it. This will be used by the left to claim that in states that are relaxing the lockdown, there's a massive second wave of cases, which is not necessary true. Particularly when the tests were conducted even before the lockdown was relaxed and we’re only now seeing the test results.


"These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."

John 16:33 (KJV)

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  • Malinda Dagan

    05/09/2020 12:49 AM

    You inquired recently about my interest in receiving scriptures from you. Yes!

    That will be a wonderful, precious thing to receive. Thank you, thank you, and thank you, Mike.

  • Estelle Watson

    05/08/2020 11:47 PM

    I have many friend and acquaintances who feel as I do and want to make an effort to challenge Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Chuck Schurmer with the hopes of disengaging them from office. As you are well aware, they have abused their powers and repeatedly used taxpayer money for months of investigatory nonsense to discredit President Trump and anyone he has tried to appoint during his term in office. All taxpayers should be enraged - if the Democrats want to continue their campaign to remove Trump just because they want to ensure he will not be re-elected, they need to do so on the own time and their own dime!

  • Renee Kendrick

    05/08/2020 11:13 PM

    Kudos to the Dallas salon owner for sticking to her guns about opening her business to feed her kids! Glad she has been released from jail and been greatly supported by the people of Texas and the USA.

    Evidently, there must be underground hair stylists working around this nation since March 16th. I have yet to see a male politician, doctor, or reporter on TV that hasn't had their hair well groomed. Hmm! If no salons have been open for almost two months the men should be showing some sign of extensive hair growth. Sounds like some guys need to start fessing up!

    A local DFW sports news anchor, who definitely has nothing to do at this point, decided to voice his unplugged opinion about the salon owner being released mainly because she is white. (The judge happens to be a friend of the sports anchor.) The sports guy didn't cover all the scenarios in his commentary. I now understand why I no longer watch that station's newscasts. Yes, he had the recently-groomed appearance, too. Hmm!

  • Wesley L. King, M.D.

    05/08/2020 05:10 PM

    The "lockdowns" are counter-productive and only serve to destroy the economy which is the goal of the "advisers" to President Trump. Open up the country now, good President Trump.

  • Mike Spears

    05/08/2020 01:57 PM

    Gov Huckabee: On the topic of Joe Biden and the sexual assault allegation and not to mention his mental state. One point is: he can't be a serious candidate that has a chance to beat President Trump. Only the seriously die hard Democrats would vote for him. Given that, I've read and heard that the Democrats quite possibly have no intention to make a serious run for the White House for 2020. Instead they may put just about all their efforts toward trying to keep the House of Representatives and take over the Senate. That way they could just about "neuter" President Trump for his second term. What do you recommend that we all do to protect against that possibility?

  • Carmen Price

    05/08/2020 01:32 PM

    Governor Huckabee
    Now that we know more of who what and when all those connected with the General Flynn story,
    why can't they all "go directly to jail and not collect $200"? I am a senior and in all my years have never seen such treason committed by government officials ever! They all need to be prosecuted!
    It came from the top and trickled down..........
    Carmen Price
    Reno, NV

  • Gail Denham

    05/08/2020 11:27 AM

    Amen to all that - "we cannot stay locked upforever" - and should not - as this is not healthy - not healthy at all. People around us are getting out to the sunshine and so they should. And we will also. Period.

  • Sharon Killough

    05/08/2020 10:35 AM

    Thank you for your use of common sense as you bring us the news of the moment. You are the calm in this storm of falsehoods.

  • Jerry Korba

    05/08/2020 10:28 AM

    When you listen to people from the Left I wonder if a medical procedure was used on their brain or were given a micro chip installed in the back of their skulls to a similar program of hate for our country and to ignore truthful facts and to just reverse good values to horrible values to construction to destruction the left looks to make life for Americans miserable. Most Americans like a little time off most Americans like to stay busy with work and have accomplishments thats America to keep the money we earn most of it yes I believe in taxes that keep us safe our systems safe water roads air protection from all evil and bad Ain't that America the Left ain"t America. Believe that America! MAGA

  • Tracey Powers

    05/08/2020 10:03 AM

    Governor Huckabee,
    Thank you for your newsletter. It helps to bring a sane perspective in the chaos.
    I wanted to let you know that on my phone, the Morning Edition for May 7th has an inexplicable petition that looks like it came from you which states "Sign the petition to stop pro-Trump media from taking over local news stations!" It says it's paid for by the National Democratic Training Committee" and asks you to sign your name. Are you aware of this?
    I wasn't sure if it was your sense of humor or a Democrat trying to get a list of Conservatives' names who read your letter and inadvertently sign it!

  • Lois Anne Michell

    05/08/2020 10:02 AM

    Another fantastic newsletter; thank you!!!!!!!

  • Thomas Duglas Roper

    05/08/2020 09:57 AM

    The number of "Coronavirus cases" by state or county can be misleading. Are they being matched up against the population of the state or county? The numbers should be per thousand or million. On top of that how many people are being tested.

  • Lance E Brown

    05/08/2020 09:43 AM

    Let's talk Flynn for one second:
    And so, at long last, it has started! Society is waking up.
    The cops in America have, for many years now, persecuted innocent poor people. The game is this. They roll up into a neighborhood where people survive paycheck to paycheck. They pick a victim and arrest him. He may have been playing in the yard with his child or a ball game with friends. They pile on bogus charges. Usually resisting arrest, though he did nothing to get arrested for in the 1st place. then add assaulting an officer even though the constitution clearly allows you to defend yourself when any cop attempts to unlawfully arrest you. And toss in taking a cops gun and a lot of times try to get the sheeple to believe he stole a cop car. Knowing that the victim has no where near the money needed to bail out. They keep the pressure on. Dragging it through court, often for years. Their victim will lose his job, house and his wife moves back in with her parents. His life destroyed. They continue to press, continue to apply duress until they can wrangle a confession. Some sort of plea deal.

    Once the cops have this “PLEA DEAL” they exonerate themselves of any wrong doing. They literally stand up in front of a camera crying, “look look he confessed”. “We were just doing our job”. And an innocent man heads off to jail and a P.O.S. cop gets promoted.

    Sound like fantasy? Sound to fantastic to be true? It is happening every day in every county in every state all over America.
    This is exactly what happened to Flynn. They applied duress against him. Then his family. They drove him into bankruptcy. They kept a foot on his neck until he told them what they wanted. Until he signed a plea deal. Once they had the plea they proclaimed themselves innocent of any wrong doing. They cried out. We did our job. Except for the small fact that they committed felonies to get that plea. Except that the constitution expressly forbids this practice.

    Leading up to the revolution it was common for British solders to imprison people until they got information. Until they got a confession. They would hold your family in jail until you signed a “plea deal” .
    And that is exactly why the constitution of the United States expressly forbids anyone from applying duress in order to attain compliance.

    Yet it is happening every day and it happened to Flynn. I hate that it took the sacrifice of a respected American Vet with more than 30 years of sterling service to bring it to light but at least we all can see it. It is in our face and we can not bury our heads in the sand any longer!

    No confession or plea bargain “OBTAINED UNDER DURESS” is legal. It never has been. Not since the Constitution was ratified and America became America. Yet it happens daily in middle and poor America and it happened to Flynn. THIS is a practice that MUST come to an end! The people that took part in this MUST be charged with the appropriate felonies!

    Say what you want. Like him or don't. But the Trump administration is forcing the American Sheeple to eat the bitter pill. He made us see and address social impropriety. Human trafficking. Injustice. Child sex rings. We get to see just how depraved things have become. Like it or not this is us. Not Europe. Not Asia, Africa or the Arab nations. This is US.

  • Susan Ashcraft

    05/08/2020 09:27 AM

    I live in Michigan, and it's all that is has been reported and then some. She says she is using "science," but I find it ludicrous that large stores like Meijers, Walmart, Kroger, Home Depot, etc., are allowed to open, but small mom-and-pop places are not. The smaller places would never have the numbers of people that the large ones have, so you would think you would be safer there. But not according to the gov. Also, GM is reopening this next week, and while I am applauding that, none of the smaller businesses are being allowed to reopen. Just another example of the gov's science!! We need help here in Michigan, before our state and its economy gets flushed down the toilet.

    Thank you for the Bible verse. It spoke to me!

  • Mona Kramer

    05/08/2020 09:09 AM

    Florida has opened up the beaches for 2 hours each visit. We now know UV Rays kill the virus and it cannot live in water. Our beaches are virtually empty as people are self quarantined themselves if they do not feel safe. So what's the point of saying 2 hours?

    We are keeping the elderly in their rooms with no chance of getting outside in the sunshine. Know one place that they take turns going outside when there is plenty of space for them go outside whenever they want. What's the point?

    Open our beauty shops - they have their hands in soap and water all day long, were wearing masks before the shut down and use gloves for many procedures. Use some common sense.
    We can starve to death from no income or stay 6' feet apart, wear a mask when out, wash our hands, etc. etc. etc. We need a few more people like the beauty shop owner who chose to go to work.
    Really hate the stimulus and the talk of more makes me wonder where our minds have gone!
    Use some more of that common sense.
    WE CAN NEVER DO THIS AGAIN AS A RESPONSE TO DOCTORS FEAR! This is the 20th day I have not believed Dr.Fauci.

  • Cheryl Lindsey

    05/08/2020 09:08 AM

    The definition of treason is the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the govt. Adam Schiff, in using the term in a broader context, I think, has committed treason by preventing the Office of the President from conducting its duties and attempting to overthrow an American election. Another point also, is that Adam Schiff has brought negative attention to our President which in turn affects our relationship with other countries.

  • Even Lechtenberg

    05/08/2020 08:46 AM

    Another spot on commentary Governor. What this virus has done is exspose the the OTHER SIDE OF GOVERMENT for what it is, a bunch of people who achieved an incredible degree of smugness towards the average Americans who have enabled them to live their petty lofty lives at our expense. They have refined socialism, communism to a higher degree. The old form where you incite the people to overthrow the government, as examples, Russia, China and Cuba. Now they are getting the socialist elected to enact their desired outcomes peacefully, such as Venezuela and Nicaragua. The out come though is always the same, two classes, the elite that are rewarded for supporting the socialist goverment and lower classes that toil endlessly for a meager existence to support them. America is at a tipping point because of this supposed PANDEMIC. The OTHER SIDE OF THE GOVERMENT will never give up trying to sneak in their socialist goals. But in the end nobody will win. Even the elitist who support the puppet goverment will eventually loose out. A civil war at the ballot box is dearly needed now to stem the socialist ambitions of the few to enslave the many

  • Marilyn & Robert Hatfield

    05/08/2020 08:34 AM

    You are so "right on" Mr. Huckabee. We agree with you wholeheartedly. These cases are why he'll has enlarged itself. I believe Jesus is coming soon & all these demons will receive their just reward. They won't be able to lie their way out.

  • JC Holland

    05/08/2020 07:49 AM

    Fire Wray, hire Flynn.

  • Larry Weldon

    05/08/2020 06:06 AM

    That was good, Governor. Keep the fire in your belly - it inspires the rest of us!

  • Mike weiss

    05/08/2020 05:36 AM

    Hi governor, thank you for pointing out again the the purpose for the lock down was to flatten the curve. Many are forgetting that was the goal. I’m from Wisconsin. I’m afraid that when we and many states do start to reopen, the liberal left will put so many unnecessary requirements on businesses it will be difficult or too expensive for them to comply.
    I have asked my health care provider if I could have the antibody blood test, and was told It’s not available. So much for wide spread and expanded testing. I guess they only want to identify more positive cases so they can continue the lockdown.
    Our rights are being stomped on and businesses are worried about having to close permanently, while our governor tony the tyrant, continues to push his liberal agenda. Sorry for the rant but this is getting old and my hair is getting long.
    This is a serious illness and any death is tragic, but at what cost do we continue this path. I’m more likely to get killed by a drunk driver than the virus.
    Thank you for all you do.
    We must continue to pray for the leaders of our country and get behind trump to keep him in the white house for another 4 years.

  • Roger Shofkom

    05/08/2020 04:49 AM

    COVID 19 tests are a snapshot in time. A second test 24 hours later could produce a different result depending on an individual's activity. Too much emphasis and false sense of security is placed on being tested.

  • Shelley Jordan

    05/08/2020 03:17 AM

    Thank you for the superb detail which is very fulfilling to read. God Bless America!

  • Robert Deplorable Baublitz

    05/08/2020 03:04 AM

    Justice for our Constitutional Republic will only come when every last one of these is executed.
    Integrity cannot be restored by letting them live.

  • Linda Hebert

    05/08/2020 02:37 AM

    If this lockdown has taught us anything, regardless of political party, we now know where the pockets of "state socialism" are located. Like the veil of treason that has been rolled back in Washington D.C. after General Flynn was "freed up from the set up" corruption at every level has been exposed by the beautiful truth! I agree with you Gov Huckabee, long before election day rolls around, America will know the heartbeat of every elected official from the local sheriff's office to the White House and everyone in between! Praise the Living Most High God!
    The Apostle John says it best! "Dear children, do not let anyone lead you astray. The one who does what is right is righteous, just as he is righteous. The one who does what is sinful is of the devil because the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil's work" 1 John 3:7-8 (NIV). Likewise, "You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked" Ps 91:8 (NIV).