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February 5, 2024

Friday afternoon, the Biden Administration launched attacks on 85 targets at three facilities in Iraq and four in Syria that are associated with the Iran-backed militants believed to be responsible for the drone attack that killed three American service members and injured dozens more.

But a White House spokesman insisted that “We do not seek a conflict with Iran.” Iran is issuing its usual blustering threats (and let’s hope they haven’t sent a few thousand terrorists into the US along with the millions of illegal aliens Biden has let in.) Biden is being slammed by Republicans and some military experts for telegraphing the targets in advance, giving our enemies plenty of time to evacuate their people and equipment.

It’s tragic and infuriating that we find ourselves in this position, having to rely on the Biden White House to have the intelligence to thread the needle and apply just enough force to annihilate the attackers while not starting World War III. But that’s the situation we find ourselves in because the projection of weakness from this White House encouraged our enemies to step up and test us.

When Trump was in office, the left was constantly attacking him: he was a “loose cannon,” a “bully,” and other nations didn’t like him. Good. I don’t care if our enemies “love” our President. I’m more terrified if they do. I want them to be afraid of what he’ll do if they dare to attack us. This is the law of nature in the jungle: The mice might hate the lion, but they never attack the lion.

There’s an aphorism attributed to communist leader Vladimir Lenin: Probe with your bayonet. If you encounter mush, proceed; if you encounter steel, withdraw. Our enemies assume that Biden is a heaping bowl of mush. They’re watching this latest military escalation very closely to see if he’s finally developed some steel in his spine, or if this is just a lump in the mush.

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