October 25, 2020

For 4 years you’ve heard the left and the very partisan press tell you how the Russians interfered in the 2016 elections. Recent documents released reveal the true meddling happened at the hands of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, aided and abetted by high level officials at the FBI, CIA, and yes, the White House under President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

But this year, a different attempt to rig the election by lies, disinformation, and censorship is happening under deceit from Big Tech social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Google and Instagram. In a move so brazen that it’s earned it’s founder Jack Dorsey an invitation to come testify to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Twitter locked out the Trump campaign twitter account and that of White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany for daring to mention a front page article in the NY Post, the 4th largest circulated newspaper in America, because it painted Joe Biden and his wayward son, Hunter, in a negative light. My own Twitter account was blocked from posting a link to the story. Twitter lied and said it refused to allow the story because not all of it was verified. The same Twitter censors who allows vicious and unverified comments not just about the President, but even about me and my family.

To assist a campaign with something of value is to be subject to the campaign finance laws and Twitter and Face Book’s actions are thinly-disguised campaign contributions to Joe Biden and the Democrat National Committee.

It’s past time for Congress to act and pursue anti-trust regulation against these companies who have long ceased to be market driven social media platforms and have become monopolistic utilities. The damage they are inflicting on free speech and a fair political debate are worse than anything the Russians have ever done. If you haven’t seen the documentary “The Social Dilemma” you should. I promise you will not be allowing your young teenager to be on social media without heavy restrictions if at all.

Silicon Valley billionaires now decide what you can and can’t see, and they have decided you can’t see negative information about how then Vice President Joe Biden used his position to obtain his son Hunter lucrative contracts with Ukraine, Russia, and Communist China. Not little contracts, but multi-million dollar deals that Hunter Biden wasn’t qualified to obtain other than the fact his father was the Vice-President. You know how much time the major networks gave to this story the day it broke? Not one second. Nothing. What would have been the coverage if the politician’s son had been named Eric Trump?

The election this year is a test of whether our elections can be stolen by Big Tech billionaires who only allow you to get information THEY want you to have.

If we allow this kind of heavy-handed influence peddling and the overt censorship of news unfavorable to the left and full-throttle fake news to destroy President Trump, VP Pence, Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, or for that matter to YOU, we will end up with a government we won’t recognize. I have friends who will vote for Joe Biden because they don’t like Donald Trump’s personality. There are parts of it I can’t personally identify with, but I’m not voting for him to be room mother and bring cupcakes to school. I want someone who isn’t afraid to stand up to China rather than get his son a cushy cash deal with China; someone who will fight the DC Swamp rats rather than feed them cheese, and someone who won’t use the power of the federal fiefdom to fill his pockets and cover the tracks of corrupt creatures of the swamp.

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  • Nancy Streit

    10/25/2020 05:48 PM

    Reestablish free speech and free press. Americans have the Constitutional rights to both.

  • Richard Langner

    10/25/2020 04:46 PM

    Amen, brother. I want to see politicians, namely Hillary, Bill, Biden, Harris, Pelosy, Schumer all face justice.

  • Jane S Huckabee

    10/25/2020 03:49 PM

    Amen! I am with you 100%.

  • Elizabeth M Prater

    10/25/2020 12:09 PM

    What are the censors afraid of? Are they afraid that we will or can't figure out the truth? Do they think we are not smart enough to see through the lies? Lies by omission? I am sick and tired of it.