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November 7, 2023

Blessings on you and your family from all the Huckabee team! 

Mike Huckabee

Daily Bible Verse

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends. 

John 15:13


Having run twice for President unsuccessfully (sadly for America), I don’t claim to be the greatest expert at how to win the White House. But I think I did well enough to offer this advice: Don’t lecture a large part of your party’s base that they’re petty, angry and "reprehensible" and can’t handle the truth.

Chris Christie’s appearance at the Florida Freedom Summit is being described by some as the worst campaign moment since Hillary Clinton called half the country a “basket of deplorables.” But to give Hillary credit, at least she didn’t call Republicans deplorable while she was trying to get them to vote for her.

Strange Bedfellows:

Here's video of an Antifa idiot attempting to get fellow pro-Palestinian protesters to help him attack a conservative opponent of “trans” butchery on kids, only to be informed by them that Islam is strongly opposed to all forms of LGBT, especially the “trans-ing” of children.

How stupid would you have to be not to know that the Islamic religion doesn’t approve of LGBT activity? Now we know: stupid enough to join Antifa.


Friday, a three-judge panel of the 7th Court of Appeals overturned an injunction on Illinois’ “assault weapons” ban, ruling the AR-15, one of the most popular rifles in America that’s been around for half a century, is not protected by the Second Amendment. I can’t imagine anyone betting that that will stand up on appeal.

Food Alert

Food Alert! Saturday, the FDA announced that anyone who has Tyson’s dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets should return them to the store after some buyers reported finding metal shavings. Nobody has been seriously harmed, and no, this isn’t how the dinosaurs went extinct, but it’s still a good idea to return them.

Ordering up another woke crash and burn

Disney has crashed its stock price and destroyed its reputation by injecting DEI and LGBT propaganda into what used to be beloved, traditional American family entertainment. You’d think that would serve as a lesson to similar enterprises. But the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade organizers just looked at the Disney debacle and said, “Hold muh Bud Light!”

Election Day

This is election day, with key races today in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Mississippi, Virginia, Rhode Island and New Jersey. Here are some of the major issues, from Daniel Cameron’s bid to reclaim the Kentucky Governor’s seat for the GOP to the left’s well-funded attempt to institute unfettered abortion as a constitutional right in Ohio to Virginia Republicans’ effort to take back power for the people that the Democrats took away (remember the Loudoun County school debacle.)

Here’s more on some of the major races from

Wherever you may be, remember that it’s vitally important that you vote, that every vote matters, and that there’s no such thing as a “small, unimportant race.” Who would have imagined just 10 years ago that school boards would be having parents arrested for terrorism for objecting to having gay porn in elementary schools and naked males in girls’ locker rooms? That’s what comes from not paying attention to “small” local elections. It’s like how every termite infestation begins with just a couple of them getting in through a small crack in the foundation.

More truth than serious news

The Babylon Bee once again proves there’s more truth in satire than you’ll find in the “serious news” outlets these days.

One month anniversary

Today marks one month since Hamas barbarians invaded Israel and murdered, tortured, burned and beheaded hundreds of innocent, unarmed men, women and children. So now we know how long it takes some people to forget what an actual genocide looks like. Here’s today’s link to Fox News’ continually-updated news on the war in Israel…

Among the latest developments: The IDF says it’s taken control of a Hamas military stronghold in the northern Gaza Strip.

Prime Minister Netanyahu vowed that there will be no ceasefire unless Hamas agrees to release all hostages. To all the nitwits accusing Israel of “genocide” for fighting to kill these murderous terrorists and save the hostages, has the thought ever crossed your tiny minds that all Hamas has to do to prevent any more Palestinians civilian casualties is to simply release their hostages and surrender? They’re the ones who started it, and they’re the ones who are making Israel use force to end it. Every death of a human shield is the fault of the cowards hiding behind them.

Former Israeli PM Naftali Bennett schooled MSNBC’s Katy Tur on the history of Israel, Gaza and Hamas. When Tur brought up the fatuous liberal call for a “two-state solution,” Bennett told her they’d tried precisely that, and “it failed.” He informed her that the Palestinians were given everything they wanted, with Israel leaving Gaza in 2005 in hopes that if the Palestinians "just have good enough lives, they’ll get off our case," but instead "they created a nightmare." They elected Hamas, which hadn’t allowed an election since, and Hamas turned Gaza into a terrorist hotbed and staging ground for constant attacks on Israel. With the October 7th attack and slaughter, Israel can no longer allow a border with a place run by Hamas.

Welcome sign

In a welcome sign for American campuses, Brandeis University announced that it will no longer recognize Students For Justice In Palestine, due to its open support of Hamas and its anti-Semitic chants. SJP accused the school of “trying to silence us from speaking our truth.” Well, that’s what happens when “your truth” is a vile, threatening blood libel.

Trump on the witness stand

Yesterday, Democrats got what they’ve been pining for ever since Donald Trump came down the escalator to join the presidential race in 2016: getting him on the witness stand in a trial against him. And like their dreams of getting his mugshot, it blew up in their faces so badly that you’ll notice you’re not hearing much about it in the mainstream news.

That’s also probably because they’d have to cover what Trump said just before testifying, about the judge, the attorney general, the nature of the case and the Third World, banana republic-style election interference being waged against him by the Democrats, with the Biden White House as the source of it all. I’d describe it, but I prefer you read it all in his own words for full effect:

Trump’s testimony went about as smoothly as you’d expect, considering the personalities of both Trump and this judge. Trump kept giving lengthy answers and inserting his opinion of this “very, very unfair trial” and the “political hack” Attorney General pressing it. Judge Engoron got frustrated and kept telling him to limit his answers to yes or no (does he even know Trump?) He told Trump attorney Chris Kise to “control” his client. Kise said it would be more economical to let “the former and future chief executive” just answer the questions in his own words.

When Trump brought up that all the loan contracts had disclaimer clauses that the lenders were expected to do due diligence to confirm the property values, the judge tried to stop him, saying he’d ruled against citing the disclaimer clauses. Trump fired back, “You’re wrong in your opinion. He called me a fraud, and he didn’t know anything about me.”

Trump’s lawyers objected that he was trying to say how these deals work, and Engoron snapped, “We are not here to hear what he has to say. We are here to have him answer questions.”

(Does anything else think it was extremely revealing that the judge admitted he didn’t want to hear what the defendant had to say in his defense?)

At another point, Trump attorney Alina Habba said if the state prosecutor wanted more succinct answers, he should ask more succinct questions. The judge shouted at her to “sit down.” She later said, “I was yelled at and I’ve had a judge, who is unhinged, slamming a table. Let me be very clear: I don’t tolerate that in my life. I’m not going to tolerate it here.”

Habba said the judge decided the case before ever even hearing the defense’s arguments, and “The judge doesn’t like when President Trump explains what actually happened because it’s not good for his narrative.”

Still, after all that drama, Trump came out saying the final five minutes were “outstanding” because the judge seemed to concede the appeal court's ruling about the statute of limitations so “about 80 percent of the case is over.”

I can only imagine the Judge ending the day looking like Dean Wormer in “Animal House” after tangling with the Delta boys, or like a dog that wanted to chase a car, but then caught one.

“King Of The Hill” Star Death Still A Mystery

By “Huckabee” pop culture guru Pat Reeder (

In August, Texas comedian Johnny Hardwicke was found dead in his bathtub during a welfare check. At the time of his death, he weighed only 100 pounds. After a lengthy investigation, the autopsy report could not assign a cause of death due to “extensive decompositional changes.”

Hardwicke won an Emmy for voicing Hank Hill’s neighbor Dale Gribble, the shades-and-cap-wearing conspiracy maven, over 13 seasons of “King of the Hill,” which I consider one of the best TV shows of the past 25 years. But then, I’m a Texan and used to live in Garland, which is reportedly the inspiration for Arlen, so I know a lot of Dale Gribbles. It’s a very sad end for a man who gave us all a lot of laughs, and a mystery that only Dale Gribble would be able to explain.

Judiciary Committee delivers report on agency that targeted us for “misinformation”

By Team Huckabee

It’s hard to remember how long ago we first reported on the ironically-named Election Integrity Partnership at Stanford University and how it worked in collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) to suppress free speech on social media ahead of the 2020 election.  In recent months, that story received little attention, in part because there was just so much other news.  That reality certainly hasn’t changed, but the House Judiciary Committee has just released a 103-page staff interim report, based on never-before-seen emails and internal communications, to show in detail how this collaboration worked.

The NEW YORK POST has exclusively obtained a copy of the staff report, which says, “[T]he federal government and universities pressured social media companies to censor true information, jokes [editorial aside:  a Huckabee joke!] and political opinions.”

We’ve all known for a long time that this was going on, and certainly as writers of conservative opinion  (and jokes!), the Huckabee team was directly threatened.  The very idea of this kind of government interference before an election is so unacceptable that it’s hard even to put a limit on what we have to do to stop it.  We’ll go with “whatever is necessary.”  Anyone in this administration who had anything to do with this travesty has got to be escorted by security out of the building.  Not in our America can this be allowed to continue.

The NY POST quotes an email from July 31, 2020, from one of the EIP’s founding partners, the Atlantic Council’s Digital Research Lab, describing CISA’s central role.  From the lab’s senior director, Graham Brookie, in an internal memo:  “I know the Counsel has a number of efforts on broad policy around the elections, but we just set up an election integrity partnership at the request of DHS/CISA and are in weekly [communications] to debrief about disinfo.”

From the Judiciary Committee report (and it’s what we already knew):  “This pressure was largely directed in a way that benefitted one side of the political aisle: true information posted by Republicans and conservatives was labeled as ‘misinformation’ while false information posted by Democrats and liberals was largely unreported and untouched by the censors.”

The report also says that while under the purview of CISA’s Countering Foreign Influence Task Force, the central focus of the feds’ effort was to “censor Americans engaged in core political speech in the lead up to the 2020 election.”

Our own social media posts, along with those of President Trump, North Carolina Rep. Thom Tillis, Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie, other news organizations such as NEWSMAX, and even satirical sites (!) such as the BABYLON BEE, and many others, were flagged as “misinformation.”  Yes, they were “fact”-checking the BABYLON BEE.

The Election Integrity Partnership assumed this effort in July 2020 after the DHS, being a government agency, acknowledged it could not “openly endorse” a centralized portal for the purpose of suppressing information.  The DHS simply off-loaded the job to them.  This is according to an email included in the staff report.

As the NY POST points out, this shows that CISA realized it was on shaky legal grounds to be doing this.  It even added a disclaimer at the bottom of many emails saying that its requests were “voluntary” and that the agency “neither has nor seeks the ability to remove what information is made available on social media platforms.”

Well, we’d like to know how many times the social media platforms dared to deny their requests.  We’d be surprised if you couldn’t count them on one hand.  In fact, CISA did try to have it both ways (typical lawyers) by adding to that disclaimer an intimidating line saying that the “information may also be shared with law enforcement or intelligence agencies.”

Alex Stamos, former director of Stanford’s “Internet Observatory” (SIO) who had also been chief security officer at Facebook, testified to the House Judiciary subcommittee that CISA’s collaboration with the FBI came across as a threat, saying that “dealing with a law enforcement agency that has coercive powers is just a risky thing to do if you’re part of some big organization and some other --- there might be some investigation involving the organization that you don’t even know about.”  At public companies, he said, the executives “understand that there’s lots of parts of the government that can punish you for activity that you thought was appropriate.”

Smart man.  But by now, everyone knows that New York Sen. Chuck Schumer was right when he said the intelligence agencies have “six ways from Sunday” to get back at you.  That was one time Schumer actually spoke the truth.

Anyway, Stamos testified that SIO was conceived as a “one-stop shop for local election officials, DHS and voter protection organizations” to coordinate with social media platforms in the censorship effort.  Well, isn’t that conveeeeeeeenient? Does anyone perhaps see a problem with this?

The Judiciary report also references the groundbreaking lawsuit Missouri v. Biden, in which CISA-CFITF Director Brian Scully testified that they employed a tactic called “switchboarding” to refer to removal requests from state and local officials (example:  the Colorado secretary of state) to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.  Some of these actually involved PARODY accounts.

According to the report, there were “a number” of Stanford University students doing work for the Election Integrity Partnership, and at least four Stanford University students working for CISA during their work with the EIP.  Those four used their government email accounts to communicate with CISA officials and other “external stakeholders” involved with the EIP.  We’d like to know more about who these external stakeholders were.

When contacted by the NY POST, CISA Executive Director Brandon Wales said in part that the agency “does not and never has censored speech or facilitated censorship.  Every day, the men and women of CISA execute the agency’s mission of reducing the risk to U.S. critical infrastructure in a way that protects America’s freedom of speech, civil rights, civil liberties, and privacy.”

He sounds a lot like Christopher Wray, doesn’t he?  It goes on for another paragraph, but I’ll spare you any more of this steaming load.  They were doing the opposite of this: whatever they could do within the technical bounds of the law, and perhaps beyond those bounds, to squelch freedom of speech.  Their mission appears to have been to flag as misinformation part of what I and/or my staff had carefully researched and written, when its only shortcoming lay in not agreeing with would-be government opinion-setters and failing to provide the “context” that would have been in the article THEY wrote.

As the NY POST says in its report, CISA was established by...(drum roll, please)...President Trump in 2018 to improve cybersecurity programs and protect government software from hackers.  If that seems surprising, it should also be noted that this agency was intended to provide protection from foreign influences, not to be turned inward on American citizens.  It was created before Biden began treating cyber communication as part of our “infrastructure.”  Note to Biden administration:  Speech is not infrastructure!

Here’s Jim Jordan’s Twitter (“X”?) thread about the new Judiciary Committee staff report.  Scroll down, and he lists a number of those who were targeted, including us.  We’re in good company, fourth from the top after President Donald Trump (winner and still champion!), North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.  A few of the other fine people of note:  Sean Hannity, Mollie Hemingway, Harmeet Dillon, Candace Owens, Paul Sperry, Jack Posobiec, Sean Davis, James O’Keefe, Charlie Kirk and Benny Johnson of Turning Point USA, Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, the reporters at NEWSMAX, and, yes, the BABYLON BEE.

Why, you might be on this list, too!  According to the report, they targeted “an untold number of everyday Americans of all political affiliations.”  As Jordan says, “The American people deserve to know if they were targeted by their own government and so-called “disinformation” experts.” So he’s made the data from their report available here…

He links to the report as well.  Why, there’s the Gov.’s handsome mug on page 5.

This kind of censorship of true information, conservative opinion and even jokes is why we urge you to consider a paid scription to the Huckabee newsletter on Substack. This allows us to bypass both the government censors and the advertising police who hide and demonetize any content that makes Joe Biden testy (and that’s a lot of our content.) It also helps me pay my staffers a living wage (note from staffers: “Well, a wage.”) Thanks for your support!

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RELATED:  Former Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell and Stephen Miller’s organization America First Legal are suing the Biden administration after DHS announced the formation of an “expert” board to address issues of national security and put none other than ex-CIA Director John Brennan, ex-DNI James Clapper, and ex-CIA Operations Officer Paul Kolbe on it.

All three signed that sham letter in October 2020 saying Hunter’s laptop had the “classic earmarks” of Russian disinformation.  At that time, our intel agencies knew perfectly well the laptop was Hunter’s.  They’d had it in their possession for approximately a year.

We’ve spoken here many times of the deceptions of Brennan and Clapper.  If the administration is going to do anything with those two, it should be to yank their security clearances.  Details here…

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