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October 2, 2023

As Oversight Committee Chair James Comer of Kentucky anticipated Tuesday, the committees in charge of the House impeachment inquiry of President Biden have released more information that supports allegations of special treatment for Hunter Biden.  As it contains personal tax information, it had to be voted out of committee by House Ways & Means (and yes, Hunter’s attorneys, they’re allowed to do that.) Here’s a link to everything that was released on Wednesday.

I know, overwhelming.  They released 700 pages, the entire testimony of the IRS whistleblowers, after which a number of Democrats came to the mic to say there was still NO DIRECT EVIDENCE implicating President Biden in this.  I’m sure they had all read and analyzed every page, just like they read 2,000-page budget bills overnight.  When they still insist on repeating this talking point, it’s downright amusing.

In fact, Jessica Tarlov on Fox News’ THE FIVE became quite impassioned on Wednesday afternoon, trying to explain why a $260,000 payment from Chinese business associates showing up at then-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s home is okay.  She said James Comer “is misrepresenting this case completely” over the issue of the address, as Comer had acknowledged Hunter used the Delaware home address “during this period.”  I like to cut Tarlov a little slack, because she always has her work cut out for her at a table full of non-leftists --- sitting next to Judge Jeanine Pirro, no less, who usually decimates any opponent --- but have to say that this time she got off too easy because of the time constraints of broadcasting.

Just two facts should cancel out her ravings about Republicans “embarrassing themselves”: (1.) Indications are that Hunter was NOT living at his father’s house but in California when the transfers arrived, so he would not have been the one to receive them, and, especially, (2.) the finances of Hunter and Joe Biden are known to have been co-mingled.  Their business and political lives were enmeshed --- to what extent?  That’s what investigators are trying to determine.  Of course, they have the email from Hunter complaining about having to give 50 percent of his earnings to his dad.  Meanwhile, the very real arrival of a huge Chinese payment to Hunter showing up at the doorstop of his presidential-candidate father, Hunter’s “asset,” just looks dirty, because it is.

Another thing that’s always good to say when leftists defend the indefensible about the Bidens:  I wonder what you would be saying about this right now, given the same scenario, if it involved Don Trump, Jr., and HIS father.  And then just walk away.  (I guarantee you, WE would not be defending it.  That seems to be one of the main differences between Republicans and Democrats.)

Ways and Means Committee Chair Jason Smith spoke at a press conference on Wednesday, saying that if what is in these 700 pages is okay with you, “then we live on two different planets.”

One item Smith released was a text message from June 6, 2017, from Hunter that referred to his father as “my family’s only asset.”

Smith said, “These documents show a clearer connection between Joe Biden, his public office, and Hunter Biden’s global influence peddling scheme that resulted in over $20 million in payments to the Biden family...The evidence shows a pattern of Hunter Biden creating for-profit entities to shield out at least $20 million from foreign sources from taxes and hide the trail of payments that led to members of the Biden family.”

Something else that emerges from these pages, as reported in REDSTATE, is that James Biden, Joe Biden’s brother, tried to help Chinese energy company CEFC buy key U.S. energy assets while knowing the firm’s leader had direct ties to Chinese President Xi Jinping.  Specifically, they were trying to buy a liquid natural gas facility on Monkey Island off the coast of Louisiana.

Here’s the entire interview the FBI had with James…

According to FBI notes, “James B noted (Hunter) portrayed CEFC to him as Chairman Ye was a protege of President Xi.”

As Georgia Rep. Austin Scott said Wednesday, “It just means that it’s even worse than even I thought it was, that they would go that far.  If you look at some of those ports in Port Fourchon, that area of Louisiana, just a tremendous portion of the energy that we use inside the United States comes through those hubs.  And the idea that you would help the Chinese acquire assets in that area to give, you know, an adversary the ability to control the energy supply inside the United States, I don’t understand how much more of a traitor you could be than to do such a thing.”

During Smith’s press conference, he showed a map with 23 countries that were allegedly involved in Hunter’s business enterprise.  (This in itself is not evidence, but it points to how wide the investigation needs to be.)  Also, to demonstrate how the IRS investigation had been interfered with, he displayed an email from Delaware Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf instructing the investigators to remove references to Joe Biden (“Political figure 1”) from a search warrant.  And there’s an investigators’ memo saying a CNN producer had received a memo from Hunter saying he expected that when his father became President, all this “stuff” (his tax investigation) would “go away.”  Good detail here; a must-read...

Smith also showed a text Hunter allegedly sent a business associate describing the family “brand” as an asset.

Finally, Ways and Means also released a very interesting 2016 memo from the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma to Yuri Lutsenko, the new prosecutor who replaced Viktor Shokin after Joe Biden apparently got Shokin fired.  This was at the time Hunter was on Burisma’s board.

“As Members of the Board of Directors,” it says in part, “we respectfully request that allegations of criminal activity made by you and/or members of your office cease…”

It appears Burisma was getting its money’s worth in terms of influence.  Much more here…

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