Jeffrey Epstein

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August 12, 2019

The story of the death by apparent suicide (sorry: “suicide”) of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is changing so often that rather than try to fill you in on every detail, I’ll link to this site, where Fox News has helpfully created a page that’s regularly updated with all the latest breaking news:

To briefly recap what has happened since the announcement of Epstein’s death on Saturday morning:

He reportedly hanged himself in his Manhattan jail cell.  Despite earlier reports (and an alleged similar suicide attempt in July that might have been an assault), Epstein was taken off suicide watch as of August 1st

It’s puzzling that someone who had allegedly tried to hang himself would be taken off suicide watch so soon, but even if that was a simple mistake, how could he have been put into a cell with no supervision (he reportedly hadn’t been checked on for hours), no security cameras on, and obviously, some sort of supplies that could be used to hang himself with?  Even Barney Fife would know better than to lock a suicidal man up in a cell that contains the means to hang himself and then go out on the town with Thelma Lou.

(Here, a former inmate of that same jail explains why he thinks it would be physically impossible for a 200-pound man to hang himself in one of those cells: )

Because of Epstein’s powerful pals and contacts, and the rumors and accusations of very rich and powerful people who might have joined him in his sick sexual exploitation of underage girls that they don't want to be made public, there are already countless theories flying.  The media will do its best to shame anyone who questions the official line as a conspiracy nut, but when something smells this fishy, you can’t convince people it doesn’t by putting a clothespin on your nose and claiming you don’t smell it. 

Attorney General William Barr was reportedly livid at the news and immediately ordered an investigation.  Good, but many are expressing understandable anger and skepticism that the investigation will be conducted by the DOJ’s Inspector General, the same office that investigated blatant violations of public trust around the 2016 election and recommended no prosecutions. 

There should be an investigation – a real, stringent, independent and transparent investigation - not only to determine what happened to Epstein but to ensure that authorities don’t just dust off their hands and say, “Well, he’s dead, so that’s that.”  His victims have waited far too long for their stories to come to light and justice to be served.  The truth, no matter where it leads, should not be allowed to be buried with Epstein.


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  • Cheryl Matala

    12/04/2020 07:58 PM

    He was taken care of conveniently.

  • Denise Rusho

    08/23/2019 09:34 AM

    Mr. Barr: please investigate this heinous “crime”. This is exactly what I felt was going to happen- dirty and foul play. We all know this was murder. How convenient that he was left “alone” in his cell and just happened to have something to hang himself with and that the guards were all together and not INE was left to keep an eye on him. They all should not only be fired but tried in a court of law! This is all too perfectly orchestrated but smart people know what REALLY happened......

  • Doug Heilman

    08/14/2019 05:56 PM

    I am a retired Correctional Supervisor of a county facility, which in my time held up to 1000 inmates. We counted on those mental health providers as to the length of suicide watch and type of watch for anyone suggesting suicide. No video monitors were allow due to privacy issues. If someone wanted to kill themselves it was just a matter of time for them to become successful. I have seen toilet paper be added to a point in which a person could climb it. Sometimes a person ends up killing themselves because of poor timing, thinking that the floor officer would be returning in time to save his life. No officer feels "good about losing someone on their shift, no matter what slant the media puts on it.

  • Leonard Lugo

    08/14/2019 08:45 AM

    Gov. I read history, 1900's Dad, who was around California, at times mentioned Organized Crime. Seems to me it's still around, modernized! Misteriously someone found shot etc. I use an example; Shultz was a guard on TV series Hogans hero's, he knew about tunnels under the POW camp, you'd ask him, "I no see nothing, I no hear nothing, I know nothing" ! Same here, something "happens" to someone, replies come, huh, dont know how........RIGHT! Play STUPID! Play DUMB! Darkness Hates Light! KJV.Jn. 3:19-20.Praise the Lord Jesus!

  • Frances Schroeder

    08/14/2019 12:04 AM

    I told someone that Jeffrey Epstein would not live very long after he went to prison. The warden should have been fired. Some very high profile people most likely paid BIG money to murder Epstein. It would not surprise me if no one is accountable including those from Arkansas.

  • Whisper Atnight

    08/13/2019 02:46 PM
    Major CLEAN up crews on pedo Island right after arrest. This crew was photographed SIFTING sands and dumping contents as well as other things using Home Depot buckets. FBI, your crime scene is GONE BYE BYE!

  • Eddie Byrn

    08/13/2019 02:10 PM

    Jeffrey Epstein suicide? Another inconvenient person conveniently out of "the picture" now. Similar to Vince Foster and his "suicide". Who knows how many others when they have become "inconvenient" to others in power.

  • Peter Rienstra

    08/13/2019 12:28 PM

    Everyone is hot about Jeffery Epstein Suicide but I am not so sure . I will leave it up to AG William Barr and his team to find out what has really happened . Ithink there are more sticks in the fire to be looked at. How ever it happened , Epstein is now in his private hell that he he has built for himself and will be there for ever Pete R.

  • Ron Lombard

    08/13/2019 12:23 PM

    The Clinton cartel has a very long reach.... Doesn't it?

  • Harold Levi

    08/13/2019 12:17 PM

    Ranking members of the Democrat-Nazi-Communist-Socialist-Progressive-Leftist Party wanted him dead. He knew too much.

  • Susan Peters

    08/13/2019 09:56 AM

    I said when he was arrested they better REALLY work to keep him safe. He knows and can expose too many "names" to ever be safe when unguarded. Hope the Forensic computing section is working on financials for everyone in MCC.

  • Sue Johnson

    08/13/2019 06:53 AM

    Is there any possibility that he is really in witness protection and his death was faked?

  • Cynthia O'Keeffe

    08/13/2019 04:50 AM

    Thank you, Mr. Huckabee, for giving us credit for recognizing when a story sounds very fishy!
    We want answers -- sooner rather than later!

  • Alice Claar

    08/13/2019 03:36 AM

    Are we sure that he is really dead???? Or another put up story.

  • Janice Hunton

    08/13/2019 02:22 AM

    Sorry, I forgot to include the link to the pics I was talking about in my previous comment.

  • Janice Hunton

    08/13/2019 02:18 AM

    It seems a little odd to me that somebody was on the scene to get pics of Epstein (if that was really him) being wheeled into the hospital on a gurney and even more odd that a paper would publish the pics of someone who was presumably dead.
    Also, if you scroll down and look at the 3rd pic where you can see the left side of Epstein's (?) face, there is an area on the cheekbone and in front of his ear that is darker than the rest of his face. It looks like he was injured, or maybe he could have been lying on his side when he died and blood pooled there? Some paramedics (in comments online) said that when people die from hanging, their faces are pale or bluish, but Epstein's face doesn't look pale to me.
    Another thing: the media keep saying the people who were supposed to check on Epstein were working overtime. Well, no, they weren't working at all, if they weren't checking on people for hours! If they said the people fell asleep on the job, then that would make sense.

  • Joe Wilkerson

    08/13/2019 01:45 AM

    Gov. Mike, this is not exactly related to Epstein, but a general thought.The left are all complaining about the El Paso And other shooting and well they should, but would they stop for a moment and compare that to abortion numbers or the number killed by drunk drivers? What a bunch of twits!

  • Steve Brown

    08/13/2019 01:09 AM

    It amazes me that one is talking about the fact that Epstein was a major player in the pornography industry. The "#metoo" movement doesn't seem to get that the porn purvs are one of the main reasons young girls (and women in general) lives are destroyed by their bodies being used for and by men. Will anyone disclose the connection between Epstein and the porn industry or is that untouchable territory? His "suicide" should also reveal how much power there is in Jeffrey's line of work. How many people were paid off to allow his "suicide?"

    It is also interesting that when President Reagan was in office, a study was done on the negative effects of pornography on society, and recommendations were made from the results of the study, but when Clinton became president, they quietly disappeared. Is there a connection between Clinton and the porn industry?

  • Denise White

    08/13/2019 12:09 AM

    I totally agree and this is so far out of hand when anyone that crosses or has dirt on the Clintons suddenly dies. Over and over it happens and the same old lies get swept away. The normal Joe would have been convicted and brought to justice long before now. Money and power have destroyed what Christian Americans stand for and my own father earned Purple Hearts and gold stars for his fight in the Korean War and countless others suffered and died for our freedom and we have allowed this nation to go to pot. I long for the Andy and Barney days of justice and honesty that we grew up with. God bless America and thank you for standing firm. Sure wish good people could get elected instead of Muslims and America haters.

  • Dale e Casas

    08/13/2019 12:07 AM

    Jeffery Epstein was the assassinated. People in power did not want him to reveal the dirt on them

  • gerri morgan

    08/12/2019 10:10 PM

    Very shady to say the least---prison run by the Feds/ DOJ, and then FBI and DOJ investigate---how can we know if it is properly being handled?
    Why did FBI wait for his final suicide to raid his island?
    Is this a case of letting the fox guard the hen house?

  • Sharon Bush

    08/12/2019 09:25 PM

    In regard to Epstein I have doubts he committed suicide. I am in the Income Tax business and had a client years ago that molested his girls. He spent some time in prison and told his wife that they had to watch out for him as other prisoners detest prisoners who commit those kind of crimes.

  • Dale Iver

    08/12/2019 09:09 PM

    Mr. Huckabee

    Love your news letters, Thanks for giving me a chuckle with such a frustrating tragic story about Epstein, when you wrote: "Even Barney Fife would know better than to lock a suicidal man up in a cell that contains the means to hang himself and then go out on the town with Thelma Lou".

    Your candor is very refreshing!

  • Rosie Cooper

    08/12/2019 08:54 PM

    I don't appreciate your language here, Mike:
    "Why listen to the big cheeseball from New York with a stick up his rear when you could be enjoying a Chocolate-Covered New York Cheesecake on a Stick?"

  • Misttina Brownfield

    08/12/2019 08:44 PM

    Epstein is another name to add to .... Another suspicious death of an associate of the Clintons. At least this one didn't shoot himself in the back of the head like some of the others did according to the coroner. When will someone investigate all these mysterious deaths involving associates of the Clintons? P.S. I KNOW NOTHING - I don't want to be added to the list.