November 7, 2016

In a story almost too fantastic even for this Presidential campaign, the New York Post reports that Hillary Clinton’s HOUSEKEEPER was instructed on many occasions to print classified material for her. Marina Santos, an immigrant from the Philippines, had no security clearance.

It’s hard to imagine someone working on staff at the Clinton home –- in any capacity –- during Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State who hadn’t been thoroughly vetted and trained for all duties she was asked to perform. And yet Santos not only ran the household but had total access to her computer. According to FBI notes, she could even go inside the “secure” room designated a Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility. (How else was she going to clean it, right?) This is the room in which faxes arrived that showed, among other things, the President’s Daily Brief, a top secret document prepared by the CIA.

You know what I think might be the easiest job ever? Being a foreign spy charged with getting top-secret information from Hillary Clinton. It is so easy, anyone can do it! And probably has.

We thought we were unshockable at this point. We were wrong. For more details, click here.

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