July 9, 2018

News round-up

Millions of Americans are returning to work today after the Fourth of July vacation week (and millions more who work in the hospitality industry are relieved that everyone else’s vacations are over).  So I’ll offer a quick round-up of some of the stories you might have missed while watching fireworks or trying to eat more hot dogs than Joey Chestnut (that’s one of the news stories: he set a new world record by eating 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes.  I’m assuming he also set a new world speed record for running to the bathroom afterward.)

 TRENDING:  The Imran Awan Story, or How to Bury A Scandal

Last Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the June jobs report, and it showed the US economy is still hotter than a Roman candle.  A higher-then-expected 213,000 jobs were created in June. Job numbers for April and May were also adjusted upward, and unemployment is at or near record lows for virtually every demographic group.  Average pay rose by 5 cents an hour, and the labor force participation rate grew by over 600,000 jobs.  Unemployment ticked up slightly to 4%, but only because so many people who’d stopped looking for jobs reentered the work force and started being counted again.  In short: devastatingly bad news for Nancy Pelosi.


Twitter is deleting up to 70 million accounts that are likely fake bot accounts, and President Trump offered a suggestion on a few more fake accounts that should be axed.


When the Democrats take time out from throwing public tantrums, yelling at people who disagree with them, physically assaulting teenagers for wearing MAGA caps, wishing for an economic crash, demanding that our immigration law enforcement agency be disbanded and our borders thrown wide open, and other mature adult behaviors and ask you to vote them back into power in November, remember these stories from last week that represent typical results of the policies they espouse: 

A major Chicago-based medical association canceled its $40 million planned convention in San Francisco because of fears about its members’ safety due to San Francisco’s rampant homeless population, high crime, and streets and parks littered with discarded drug needles and human feces.  Let that sink in: people from Chicago (last Republican mayor: 1931) think that San Francisco (last Republican mayor: 1964) is too dangerous.

 In socialist Venezuela, hyperinflation topped 43,000%, and a million bolivars are now worth about 29 cents (the good news: Venezuelans finally have something to use as toilet paper).  Desperate citizens have reverted to the barter system, while some necessities, such as medicine or even water, are virtually unobtainable at any price. 

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 American media might cover this tragic but predictable failure of socialism if they weren’t too busy printing glamor photos of New York Congressional candidate and socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who hopes to fundamentally transform America into Caracas and who was hailed last week by DNC chairman Tom Perez as the “future of our Party.”  Meanwhile, various leaders of Democratic Socialists of America chapters nationwide openly endorsed the idea that “communism is good,” proving that both the words “Democratic” and “Socialist” are only in their name because they actually make them sound less radical than they really are.


On the Fourth of July, a woman demanding the abolition of immigration enforcement climbed the Statue of Liberty and waved a T-shirt reading “Trumpcare Makes us Sick” on one side and “Rise and Resist” on the other.  First responders had to risk their lives to get her down, while about 4,000 people had their holiday plans ruined when Liberty Island was evacuated because of her.  She claims it was just one of those “spur of the moment” decisions, the type made without a lot of thought.  I get the distinct impression that she makes a lot of those.  Here’s more about her, along with her other various deep political thoughts that are also able to fit on T-shirts.


Plus a good article by Salina Zito on why childish stunts such as this are not helping the Democrats’ chances in the November election.



Finally, in the liberal “sanctuary” of Montgomery County, Maryland, an illegal alien who was released onto the streets drove into an accident scene, causing a deadly crash that killed two law enforcement officers.  A jury found that his actions did not constitute “reckless disregard” for life, and he was fined all of $280.  He wasn’t even required to show up in court.  For details, please click on the link, which also includes links to GoFundMe accounts for the families of the two officers killed, because God knows, the government they worked for certainly isn’t looking out for them or their widows and children.

Ranking America's fast food restaurants

Remember when the CEO of Twitter yielded to pressure and apologized for committing the unconscionable crime of eating lunch at Chick-fil-a during Gay Pride Month?  It was a PC cave-in so mindbendingly stupid that it made the cows who misspell “Eat moor chicken” on Chick-fil-a billboards look like regular Einsteins.

Well, it looks as if the left’s attempt to demonize Chick-fil-a is working out about as well as their charm school lessons did.  Either that, or Hallmark is about to sell a lot of “I’m sorry” cards, because it turns out that the CEO of Twitter isn’t the only one who makes his dining decisions based on great taste and excellent service rather than PC virtue-signaling. In a new survey, Americans ranked Chick-fil-a as the best fast food restaurant by a large margin, scoring it an 87 on a 100-point customer satisfaction scale.  As previously noted here, despite attempts by leftist New York politicians and activists to ban Chick-fil-a, the world’s largest Chick-fil-a and the world’s busiest Chick-fil-a are both in Manhattan.  Don’t their New York customers realize that every decision they make must reflect some leftist scold-approved political position? The least they could do is demand that all the wings they eat be left wings! 


To see the rest of the rankings, plus the picks for best pizza places and full-service restaurants (you might be surprised by the #1 there), click the link.


Nice work Gal 

Always nice to see a Hollywood celebrity these days doing something we can all get behind.  Like Gal Gadot proving she really is a super heroine by surprising the kids in a Washington, DC, children’s hospital in full Wonder Woman costume.


"Elections have consequences"

President Trump will announce his pick to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy tonight on live TV at 9 p.m. EST.  Leave it to him to know how to turn this normally solemn duty into the highest-rated TV special of the week.


Until then, most of the media will be filling hours of air time by combing through the backgrounds of judges who are considered to be the most likely picks but may not even be contenders. Or as that’s also known, “filling hours of air time.” Meanwhile, the Democrats have already prepared their apocalyptic statements about what a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, transphobic, clock-turning-back Nazi the pick is, so that they simply have to “insert name here” once Trump reveals it. But I think I’ll do something really radical and wait until we know who the nominee is before commenting on the choice.


I do have a few things I’d like to say, though, about the hysteria on the left over Trump being able to pick a second SCOTUS Justice.  First of all, to quote the greatest President ever, Barack Obama, “Elections have consequences.”  One is that the winner gets to nominate SCOTUS Justices, something to bear in mind when you see those stories circulating today about Hillary Clinton possibly plotting a third stab at the White House by running against Trump again in 2020.  (Note: in 2020, Stephen Breyer will be 81, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be 87, which is 22 years – more than a full legal gun buyer’s age in a blue state – beyond most people’s retirement parties.)


Second, as with most hysterical jabbering from the left, the talk of Trump cementing a conservative activist Court majority is nonsense, for a variety of reasons.  For one, you never know how a judge will rule once he or she is in office.  Previous Republican Presidents appointed Justices who supposedly respected the Constitution, only to see them vote with the liberals to ignore that document (in Washington circles, this is known as “evolving.”) For instance, Kennedy was nominated by Ronald Reagan, but he upheld Roe v. Wade and somehow found a hitherto-overlooked right to same-sex marriage in the Constitution that the Founders must’ve hidden really well.


There’s also the fact that “conservative activist judge” is an oxymoron. It’s in the very nature of liberalism for judges to replace the law and the Constitution with their own feelings and opinions and attempt to legislate from the bench.  In all the recent SCOTUS decisions so reviled by the left as “conservative,” the majority didn’t force its views onto Americans; it ruled in favor of protecting individual rights and limiting government power.  If you’re promoting “fascism,” that’s a pretty ineffective way to go about it.


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Finally, the idea that Trump’s pick will eliminate the “swing vote” isn’t true.  Even if Trump nominates the staunchest originalist possible, the “swing vote” will just switch to Chief Justice John Roberts, who has shown a disturbing willingness to pull “creative” rulings out of thin air in order to avoid doing the Court’s most important duty, which is overturning unconstitutional laws.  He seems to think it’s the SCOTUS’s job to find a way to justify whatever Congress passes – remember how he bought the excuse that the blatantly unconstitutional Obamacare insurance purchase mandate was okay if you called it a “tax,” an argument so flimsy and contradictory that not even the Obama Administration’s lawyers tried to make it. 


No, I’m afraid that no matter whom President Trump names tonight, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights will not be completely safe from judicial activism and 5-4 decisions.  The best we can hope for is fewer insane 5-4 decisions – at least until after 2020, when Trump is reelected and maybe gets to nominate a couple more SCOTUS Justices to replace Ginsburg and Breyer.


I’m sorry, I just had to toss that in. I enjoyed the fireworks so much last week, I wanted some more, so I figured I’d make some heads explode over at MSNBC.



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  • David Molony

    07/10/2018 04:31 PM

    Why don't we just do a silent protest at Red Hen by buying some Chick Fil A and standing out in front enjoying it on the curb? Takes 5-10 minutes, eating the better food. Wear a MAGA hat for fun, b ut not necessary. No need to boycott or shout.

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    07/10/2018 08:08 AM

    TOBY MAC show up @ a Chick-Fil-A, greets people in the drive thru and pays for their out free CD's...There are always activities for everyone here, as well as discounts for seniors; I had a problem and received an APOLOGY letter in the mail...asking for forgiveness! CHICK-FIL-A all the way!

  • Shirley Schrier

    07/10/2018 07:43 AM

    You are right as usual. I really enjoy your articles as they are always truthful. Thank you for taking the time to write them.

  • Anita Mae Barker

    07/10/2018 05:02 AM

    LOve your humorous commentaries.

  • clyde dickey

    07/10/2018 02:42 AM

    In our history there has been three presidents assassinated, two by Democrats and one by a Communist.
    What does that tell you about the Democrats????

  • Richard Putet

    07/09/2018 08:27 PM

    Hi Mike. I love your politics and commentary... Spot on. however, I hate the music on your TBN show. That group last Saturday was beyond ridiculous with their luminescent guitars and violins. real musicians don't need smoke , and LED's to communicate their message. It was July 7th...where was the patriotic music honoring our country's 242nd birthday?

  • Ralph A Smith, Sr.

    07/09/2018 08:17 PM

    Great commentary again, Mike. I really appreciate your wit and wisdom with all of these subjects. You have a way of seeking a positive and often “tongue in cheek” attitude about issues, events, and people, and that is always refreshing.

  • Martha Hair

    07/09/2018 07:31 PM

    I really enjoy ur newsletters. I enjoy ur wit and truthfulness!Keep up the good work!God bless u and ur family

  • Stephen Russell

    07/09/2018 07:29 PM

    SF Tourism loss; Whats next to lose out in SF, No extra income. City loses

  • james peace

    07/09/2018 07:27 PM

    President Trump, ATTENTION - DANGER
    Mueller said he could wrap up the "probe" by September 1st if you would meet with him. TRUE! He'll twist you into a "mistake" that he can use to get you out of office before appointing a new Supreme Court Judge or invalidate an appointment you have just made. Also, he will attempt to destroy the mid-terms for Republicans. Mueller is a traitor and will do what it takes to revive the SOCIALIST takeover. He has all the money of the Globalists at his disposal. Please protect the American people, stay out of his "office'. Even if you do not fall victim, he will convince the legal powers that he HAS found you guilty, and the Republic will be crushed.

  • Eileen Barayasarra

    07/09/2018 07:25 PM

    Keep in mind- - -half the people are BELOW AVERAGE on the IQ scale- - and a lot of them VOTE! Usually Democrat- - -

  • J Chang

    07/09/2018 07:21 PM

    Mr.Huckabee, thanks. I really enjoy reading your comments. Every day I am looking for them. I have a good laugh and I learn at the same time. That is a good way to do it. Keep the good work. Thank you again and God bless us.

  • Steve Sega

    07/09/2018 07:20 PM

    I can't wait to see who President Trump is going to pick as the new Supreme Court Justice!! We need less activist judges and more that actually follow the Constitution. I noticed on local channels only Fox was going to air President Trump's pick tonight, the local ABC, NBC and CBS are running their regular line up, it made me laugh at how petty they are, they can't handle anything good for America!!

  • Michael Travis (Niceville, FL)

    07/09/2018 07:11 PM

    You are correct, the swing vote is going to be Chief Justice Roberts! His first really bad ruling , under pressure by President Obama, was indeed his ruling on the Obamacare insurance purchase mandate. Based on what I personally know about Chicago politics , his 2004 Illinois Senate race with GOP businessman Jack Ryan, I truly believe that the skeletons in Justice Roberts closet were about to come out, hence Judge Roberts ruling. But the best is yet to come, the retirement of Justice Ginsburg...hopefully giving us a true majority.

    Finally, did you know former Arkansas State Senator James M. Fowler, who later on went on to become Lions Clubs International President in 1983? Be nice, he was a friend.