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March 5, 2021

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Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

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  • Bible Verse Of The Day
  • Why the Democrat Party is so bent on destroying Trump
  • No Cops In Portland
  • CNN "Fact-Check"
  • Leftists Want To Cancel The Scientific Method
  • What Do You Wear To Cross The Border?
  • Voter Fraud Update
  • A Reader Writes Back...
  • America The Beautiful


Mike Huckabee



Why the Democrat Party is so bent on destroying Trump

By Mike Huckabee

If it seems to you that Democrats are absolutely frantic to destroy President Trump and any fleeting thought he might have of ever running for office again, you’re right. They impeached the man for the second time as he was on his way out the door. They canceled his Twitter account. They’ve moved ahead with their fishing expedition into his finances, courtesy of a longtime political foe, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance. Trump’s enemies want him in jail and totally disgraced, for something, anything.

With Biden inaugurated and Trump out of office --- and no “insurrection” taking place on March 4 to magically give him a second term --- what is all the fuss about? Trump lost the fight, right? He's no longer President. So why are they still crazy? Why can’t they just focus on doing their jobs?

To figure this out, it helps to get away from our characteristic mode of thinking and try to get into the head of someone on the other side. (I know, I know, it’s scary in there.) Fortunately, NEW YORK magazine has just posted an article on this subject, and, being NEW YORK magazine, they talked not to any Trump supporters or even independent voters but to, as they put it, their “favorite socialist proponent of ruthlessly poll-driven campaigning,” David Shor. If you do read this, you’ll be periodically reminded by the wording of the interviewer’s questions, especially on issues of policy, that we’re in a different world.

Reading this piece is like being a scout behind enemy lines, and that can be quite enlightening. Shor is the head of data science at OpenLabs, a progressive nonprofit. He’s had some time since November 3 to analyze all the election data, even looking precinct by precinct, and to think about the election from all angles. And he provides an interesting explanation for the atrocious way Democrats are behaving now to try in every way possible to crush Donald Trump.

Democrats have seen some of the election data and are scared out of their minds.

After the election, they had to look into why Trump did so much better than they’d expected, getting more votes than he got in 2016. (Hmm...yet Biden got still more votes than that, I would add, more than Trump or even Obama had received. Where did those votes come from? That’s something they DON’T want anyone looking into.) At first, some experts thought Trump must have done this by inspiring more existing Republicans to turn out than they did in 2016, but Shor says that “looks wrong.”

He says that because of demographic changes, the electorate was actually slightly more Democrat in 2020 than it was in 2016. So, if Trump’s performance wasn’t due to more Republican turnout, what could it be?

Trump apparently had persuaded some other people to vote for him. “A lot of voters changed their minds between 2016 and 2020,” Shor said.

And this is what is making Democrats crazy: Among African-Americans, Democrat support was down by one or two percentage points. Among Hispanics, it was down by 8 to 9 percent. And, though they’re still waiting on data from California to determine how they did with the Asian community, he’s seeing evidence that support from Asian-Americans was down by 5 percent. That's a lot of new Trump voters.

Clearly, nonwhite voters trended away from the Democrat Party in 2020. How could that be? The Democrats have talked nonstop for five years about what a racist President Trump is. White, college-educated leftists ate it up with a spoon, but nonwhites? It appears a growing number are getting wise to the way the Democrat Party has used them and taken them for granted.

Shor took a look at why Hispanics, in particular, moved right. “This isn’t just about Cubans in South Florida,” he said. It was all around the country. Interestingly, it was especially striking in areas where a lot of the Hispanics were of Colombian or Venezuelan ancestry.

I wonder if some of them understood that Democrats’ policies in 2020 might make America seem a lot more like Venezuela. And even Shor, a socialist himself, looked at the rise of AOC and the far left as a possible factor.

Shor sees political decisions today as really coming down to ideology, not race. “What happened in 2020,” he said, “is that nonwhite conservatives voted for Republicans at higher rates; they started voting more like white conservatives.”

I would add that this has to be driving the Democrats insane, as they can’t take their nonwhite vote for granted any longer. Trump succeeded in winning over the ones with conservative views.

The left certainly helped him. When they started their calls to “defund the police,” for example, Democrat support among Hispanics dropped. In pollster-speak, “We raised the salience of an ideologically charged issue that millions of nonwhite voters disagreed with us on,” Shor said. He went on to speculate that the far-left college-educated white voters are pushing working-class people of all races away.

(I would add that “college-educated” means different things depending on when and where you went to school. Most recent college grads have been deeply indoctrinated in extreme-left ideology, and the electorate is getting younger and younger. Conservative working-class people just can’t relate to them, and thank God for that.)

Shor said that “white liberals are more left-wing than black and Hispanic Democrats on pretty much every issue: taxes, health care, policing, and even on racial issues or various issues of ‘racial resentment.’” Tellingly, white liberals are farther to the left on “defunding the police” than Hispanic Democrats, and even than black Democrats. And a majority of Hispanic voters do not agree with decriminalizing illegal border crossings.

This is the part that’s scary for those white leftists: Traditionally, Democrats have been relying on roughly 90 percent of black voters and 70 percent of Hispanic voters. Since white leftist Democrats are not exactly known for their willingness to compromise, I think we’re seeing another wave of the phenomenon called “I didn’t leave the Democrat Party; the Democrat Party left me.” Only this time, it’s with the minorities Democrats depend on to win.

It was Trump’s populist message that convinced many of them that they have a home in the Republican Party. That’s a tremendous power –- and it’s why they feel compelled to crush him.

The article is very long, but worth your while. One thing Shor said that particularly struck me was this: “...The point of communication should be to win votes. And the way you do that is not to trigger ideological persuasion.” In other words, hide what you really are, the way liberals used to do! Oh, and he says they can add states.

No Cops In Portland

By Mike Huckabee

Maybe this is why that police-defunding Portland City Council member hates having cops on the streets.

CNN "Fact-Check"

By Mike Huckabee

CNN attempted to “fact-check” former Vice President Pence’s op-ed against HR1, the Vote Fraud Legalization Act (Fact check: Democrats actually call it the “For The People Act,” but my term is more factual.) It did not work out well for CNN. It’s hard to carry water for the Democrats when all you’ve got is a sieve.

Leftists Want To Cancel The Scientific Method

By Mike Huckabee

Michael Barone’s latest at the Washington Examiner might help explain why leftists are trying to “cancel” the scientific method by branding it as white supremacist. It’s because if we all made decisions based on careful observation of what works and what doesn’t, nobody would ever vote for leftist policies again.

What Do You Wear To Cross The Border?

By Mike Huckabee

What is the well-dressed illegal border crosser wearing these days? A Joe Biden T-shirt!

Did they get one of those for free when they voted?

Voter Fraud Update

By Mike Huckabee

As expected, the House voted 220-210 to pass HR1, the astoundingly misnamed “For The People Act,” a massive voting “reform” bill that could more accurately be called the “Cementing a Democrat Majority Forever By Legalizing Vote Fraud” Act. Think I’m overstating it? Read what’s in it, then contact your Senators to let them know they had better bury this deeper than nuclear waste.

Incidentally, the bill passed the House with only one Democrat opposing it and all Republicans opposed except for two who didn’t vote.

Meanwhile, as all the attention was on the vote for the bill to prevent ballot suppression of such stalwart Democrat voting blocs as Imaginary-Americans and the Living-Challenged, Pelosi’s House also passed the “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act,” another bill with a name designed to disguise its noxious contents.

Critics say it should more accurately be called the “Federal Defund the Police Act,” since its unfunded mandates would cost police departments nationwide hundreds of millions of dollars, the equivalent of removing over 3,000 cops from the streets. (Only one Republican, Texas Rep. Lance Gooden, voted for it; but he later said it was a mistake and corrected the record.)

Do you know what the House really needs to do if it wants to protect the American people? How about a bill to force Congress to abide by the same truth-in-advertising laws that everyone else has to follow, so they’ll stop trying to sell us poison while calling it candy?

On the subject of vote fraud (which as we all know NEVER happens, so we must never, ever speak of it – unless we’re talking about a Democrat losing, and then it was definitely vote fraud), a judge in Mississippi ordered a new election after finding that – brace yourselves – 78% of mail-in ballots were fraudulent!

I’m sure you’ll be shocked to learn this was a Democratic primary. It was an alderman’s race in Aberdeen where there were only 84 absentee ballots, but the judge found 68 of them to be fraudulent, due to “how absentee ballots were handled, how votes were counted, and the actions by some at the polling place.” I’m sure that would all sound familiar, if we were still allowed to talk about such things.

One notary who was responsible for authorizing the fraudulent ballots testified that she notarized about 30 of them at one house alone. Or as Stacy Abrams might call that, “Full voter turnout.” Also, 83 regular ballots were counted without being initialed by election workers, as required by law.

I’m glad they caught it and that there’s at least one judge left who takes his duty seriously enough to look at the evidence and do whatever is necessary to ensure that our elections are trustworthy.

It’s easy to make jokes about such transparent fraud, but it’s no laughing matter. Those who claim they’re fighting “voter suppression” while really working to undermine election integrity laws are the people who are really committing voter suppression. Every fraudulent ballot cast cancels out a legitimate vote, and that robs an American citizen of his or her fundamental right to have a say in the government. It’s time we all started speaking out about that and stopped letting the people who cry “voter suppression” suppress the truth.

A Reader Writes Back...

I always find your presentation of factual information so sweet to my soul. It’s clear and honest and easy to follow. Thank you so much!

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Olympic National Park, visit its website here.

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  • doug catrow

    03/07/2021 07:45 AM

    While I very much enjoy your article, how does one go about conveying these thoughts to a liberal? How can we reach them to see another perspective? Thank you for all that you do.

  • m. poyhonen

    03/06/2021 12:38 PM

    A newly elected and more informed Trump could free millions of citizens by appointing honest American DOJ, FBI, and State Dept. leaders. Knowing why this did not happen in his first term would be very interesting and perhaps, not comforting to Mitch McConnell's retirement.

  • Jerry

    03/06/2021 07:50 AM

    In new york a person can be accused of crimes the same crime 3 times and and just forget about it however if you commit the same crime again then the state should pursue punishment. this come from a Representative of NY She made this statement if Cuomo has another female accuse Cuomo of sexual harrasement then cuomo should resign or step down no hearing no day in court a lady 98 years old could walk in today and say Cuomo grabbed my breasts and asked if she wanted him a younger man to seduce her (don't put it past this predator} she could have just been released from a memory home doesn't make any difference to the Genius Representative Cuomo must resign. The Genius didn't think after one offense or two or three accused sex harassment cases was enough for the Governor to step down and maybe she had forgotten about the 15000 deaths he was responsble for NY has a lot of Geniuses that probably should be under the care of mental health officials along with DC LA what they should do is load them up on the huge ships with these beauties and let them sail about 150 miles out and tie the wheel and let them circle for 4 more years maybe we can get some sanity back on shore. Yea Mike I feel a bit insane myself watching these imbeciles thats why I limit myself to the MSM. I have asked before if the insanity continues where do we go from here. The moon is a bit to close and Mars has done some research it closed its orbit to the Leftist USA

  • Joyce Kanlan

    03/06/2021 01:20 AM

    I’m not savvy with computers but, you make the experience to read& enjoy your work plus respond a joy. Just wanted to say Thankyou.

  • Joyce Kanlan

    03/06/2021 01:15 AM

    ??Biden T-Shirts coming IN AT THE BOARDER. Hello? Anyone with backbone home? Are there any right wing Republican Conservative Christians in government that have the backbone to STAND UP w/other Republicans & STOP the insanity? Stand, Speak up? Impeach the Biden-Harris lawlessness already! Impeach ALL mayors,governors Senators who’s cities have been torched, destroyed,rioted, looted while democrats DO NADA! How do these heathens KEEP THEIR POSITION after breaking our laws? Ignoring our laws? NOT protecting, NOT defending, NOT supporting our Country? PATRIOTS ????CALL, WRITE,TEXT,EMAIL,VISIT & demand your representative actually does what they were HIRED to do! Impeach ALL lawless government officials, quit pussyfooting around and do your jobs already!

  • Joyce Kanlan

    03/06/2021 01:05 AM

    Cancel science. Just listen, bite off, chew, swallow & digest the tons of ??lunatic, left wing, liberal progressive socialist ??democrats feed you. Don’t need teachers, don’t need truth, fact checkers, don’t need F/B, Twitter or anyone else sharing truth&fact when all the left wing democrats want is full on power&control over everything, to include what you see, hear & speak. Science will be gone as is their tearing down statues, burning books,& calling everything “white supremacy “, just like they did when their buzz word was racist. ??doesn’t change his game, ??&his democrat minions roam to see who they can devour,loving darkness&hate the light because their deeds are evil.

  • Joyce Kanlan

    03/06/2021 12:46 AM

    The Democrat party is hell bent on destroying our former President Trump because they follow??, the Father of lies& deception, who roams to see who they can devour, who comes to KILL,STEAL &DESTROY. Satan wanted Gods position, His Power, His place & well, you know how that ended. ??IS alive & well as we, in real time watch satanical warfare. Satans democrat minions think they’ll succeed, like??. But Satan didn’t succeed, he won’t succeed, he’ll never succeed & neither will the secular materialistic irreligious self righteous democrat. Keep the Faith!????????

  • Gary Stilwell

    03/05/2021 09:08 PM

    It is certainly difficult to try to express dissatisfaction with the current bent of the myriad ills this Country is facing--there are too many--and each and every one is an affront to any human with a modicum of moral character--
    The indoctrination of our children into socialist thought, by educators(sic) that only wish to perpetuate their own agenda-
    The advancement of individuals who seem to have a problem figuring out which bathroom to got to--and our children are again indoctrinated (I do not judge sin as the Lord does--but when you force me or my family to accept sin-I got a BIG problem with that)-
    Our Constitution was founded on the precept of high moral character--the "law" was put in place to take care of those instances when moral principles were somehow subverted--it was put there as a last resort--we now are living that 'last resort'--we have spiraled into that sewer where "prima-facia" evidence rules--what is "just" is no longer even considered-lies are normal-whoever screams loudest is considered to "cancel" your pitiful moral argument--
    The manufactured covid pandemic has shown in spades how those who wish to control will continue to gain power, erode our freedoms, and take away the inventive spirit that took 100+ years to develop. The latest numbers indicate massive misrepresentations in the cause of death of thousands of patients--to the tune of well over 300, 000 deaths attributed to covid, yet those folks died from (stuff) like a car crash--I can tell you with absolute assurance that Lee County ,Fl inflated their numbers by over 20%--4 of my close friends were listed as covid deaths--those claims are patently false--the hospitals won't even talk to me when I ask the questions--
    The numbers are way higher for other counties around the US(look at One America News and their documented numbers)--this is a media generated panic(want to look up the CDC cases of common influenza for the last year??????--those are almost non-existant--and the stupid mask issue can't explain it--neither can good old fauci(supposedly the guru of covid-and he should know, right? after all he has been the moderna front man for quite a few years){he's just ticked that pfizer got there first{and now J&J is somehow less effective}
    What a croc!
    Dr. Miklovits described this issue >10 yrs ago-her landmark paper published in the Amer Journal was hailed as a breakthrough--until fauci got wind of it. She was jailed without charges for 5 days-her office was ransacked and all research was destroyed-the journal was forced by outside influencers to retract their glowing publication--yeah, fauci is the man alright--

  • David Berry

    03/05/2021 07:43 PM

    Bravo to Judge Jeff Weill for being brave enough to see that justice is carried out. The Supreme Court can't even do that!

  • Jerry

    03/05/2021 07:21 PM

    The election was a legal as loaded dice in a craps game. Georgia was loaded dice and the game operator loaded the dice. Living in a one party state like I am makes old fella a little angry and that pleases the Leftist. Yes I get it the Leftist are to destroy our country I have called the offices and wrote letters its is of no use to try a reasonable approach with them they could not care less. The Governors office person I talked with made Garland sound like pink energy bunny it was of no use a waste of time. 2/3's of china virus death in our state happened in nursing homes however the elderly were not the first to get vaccines and 2/3rds are still waiting. I drove 2 hundred miles to get my first shot and will have to do it again for my second shot. Leftist not only hate America they hate old people and the National Guard in DC must be feeling the hate also. Poisoned food sleeping in garages maybe Biden will ship some caves in so the soldiers can live like Neanderthals make it just like home, right Joe? Leftist you shouldn't have to live with them let china have them the china boys have some nice accommodations for ya, swabs to check you out for the virus thats the foreplay tell me what comes next. Thats china Leftists that ain't America! Leftist will be more at home in China. MAGA Leave Leftists

  • Margaret Kurpiel

    03/05/2021 07:15 PM

    Thank you for your newsletters. I look forward to reading them every day. Can anyone find out who paid for the Joe Biden T-shirts the illegal border crossers were wearing?

  • Dean Jarvis

    03/05/2021 04:00 PM

    Democratic Liberals who are non-producers and don't pay taxes think that since they are born here they deserve to get paid. USA is a free country. Capitalisms need to be taught in schools.

  • F. Gregory Walsh

    03/05/2021 03:22 PM

    Dear Mike,

    A more basic reason for the incessant hatred of Trump, by both Democrats and "Never-Trumpers ," was his promise to "drain The Swamp." -- a promise he partially fulfilled in his 1st term.

    "The Swamp" have always known who they are...


  • Nancy Martin

    03/05/2021 02:46 PM

    I've seen several articles about those clean, white Biden t-shirts on that the immigrants who have no money and have traveled miles to get here, but nothing about who supplied the shirts and where they got them. Can your people find this out?

  • Margie Massengale

    03/05/2021 02:14 PM

    "Who Democrats Really Hate"Democrats use Trump as their front man but "They hate all real American's" They hate freedom, liberty, justice for all. They just say they hate Trump because they can't come out and say what they really feel and what they are really doing. So they pass a 1.9 trillion dollar package and it shows who they really are. Lying, self-centered socialist!! That are trying to completely destroy the foundation of America and all it stands for.
    The American people need to see that it's not Trump it's them they hate. Trump just stands for some of the things they hate most. American's need to take this fight personal!! Thanks for listening,

  • Sharon Faulkner

    03/05/2021 02:00 PM

    One thing about the "Democrat" party : WHY do they always send out some black or brown face or pair of boobs to do their cowardly dirty work? Why don't the White "men" in their party have the balls or do they think it gives credibility to crooks like Cyrus Vance?

  • Mark Giuntini

    03/05/2021 01:28 PM

    The Democrat's misnomer for HR1, the "For the People Act" reminds me of that episode of "The Twilight Zone" back in 1962 where scientists deciphered the title of the invading aliens' book as "To Serve Man." They thought the aliens had come to earth to minister to the needs of humanity and groom us into a superior culture. The aliens played along with it and almost had everyone on board their spaceship when an informed and frenzied woman cried out..."It's a cookbook!" And now here we are again -- in the Twilight Zone. Where is that woman when we need her?

  • Paul Russ

    03/05/2021 01:10 PM

    The Supreme Court dismissed three sanctuary city cases initiated by Trump. The Supreme Court and its supposed conservative judges are completely worthless. The Court is now as corrupt as Biden and Congress.
    If strong conservative leadership does not emerge soon, then democracy in America will be dead.

  • Rose LiBassi

    03/05/2021 12:33 PM

    Very enlightening reads. Thanks. My comment today is about what we, the non-elite, can do to save our country. Those who consider themselves learned have nothing but contempt for the working people. Even if someone doesn’t have a college degree, it doesn’t make them stupid as implied by “academia” They are just arrogant fools.

  • Fred Stickler

    03/05/2021 12:08 PM

    Regarding why the Dims and RINOs what Trump eliminated is simple. He represent CHANGE in DC. Years ago, we watched this same scenario playout in Arizona over Gov Mecham. He was cleaning house in state government and upset the status quo. The then Speaker of the state house, Joe Lane, a fellow republican did everything he could to get rid of Mecham. And.. they did. Check it out what happen to Gov Mecham.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    03/05/2021 11:38 AM

    Somebody should tell the idiot Left that Trump is already a Hero and their attempts to attack him are making him a Martyr -- guess what you get when you martyr a hero ? a Legend.
    They won't succeed anyway or stop the movement he inspired.
    They condemned Christ in both a Religious and Political court and put him to a humiliating and terrible death
    They lynched Nat Turner and John Brown
    Look at William Wallace and Joan of Arc -- how did all that work out for them?
    We all know Trump isn't flawless -- we love him because he sacrificed for us...
    Trump 2024.

  • Shelley Hoelz

    03/05/2021 11:24 AM

    Here's the comment I have on open borders and illegals. We have a drug problem in the US, which fuels the cartels and increases crime. These cartels, as well as others smuggling, are using the illegals crossing to assist in their criminal activity. Biden is opening the borders so more of these criminals can come into the country. I understand he wants to invite the 900,000 criminals that have already been deported back into our country. Lunacy! Then with the borders open, Biden wants to accept "asylum seekers" into the country, but we aren't really going to vet them, allowing criminals and those with covid in. Ultimately you will turn the US into those countries everyone is trying to leave because you will increase the crime and violence with the cartels and criminals, making everyone's community less safe. To top this off, Biden wants to remove our 2nd amendment rights, so only the criminals will be armed. Sounds like a 3rd world country to me.

  • Stephen Russell

    03/05/2021 11:01 AM

    Dems demonize Trump can only Result in More votes for him or other for 2024
    Backfire X1000.
    Like calling US extremists, we become extremists.
    Goes both ways