October 21, 2020

In last week’s ABC Townhall, Joe Biden said, “The Boilermakers overwhelmingly endorse me, OK? So the Boilermakers Union has endorsed me because I sat down with them, went into great detail with leadership, exactly what I would do, number one.”

Ruling: Pants on fire, Pinocchio-nose FALSE!

The International Boilermakers Union has not endorsed any candidate in the 2020 race, although Local 154 in Pittsburgh has “overwhelmingly” endorsed President Trump. They called him a “true friend to the Boilermakers” and said it’s “imperative that we continue to battle over-regulations in the fossil fuel industries and fight for American energy production.”

The good news is that Joe finally came up with a creative new lie. I’m getting tired of hearing him repeat the same old discredited lies, like the “very fine people” garbage or the “coronavirus is a hoax” hoax. I was beginning to fear that advancing age had robbed him of his famous ability to spin out one outrageous whopper after another into entire paragraphs of jaw-dropping plagiarisms and falsehoods. For a moment there, it was almost like the young Joe Biden was back.

Don’t believe me? Here’s just one example from an article by Derek Hunter at that obliterates the argument that we need to elect Biden because he’s a nice, affable, regular guy who will restore honor, integrity, and honesty.

During Biden’s first Presidential run waaaay back in 1987, a voter asked about his academic record. Biden angrily snapped back, "I think I probably have a much higher IQ than you do, I suspect. I went to law school on a full academic scholarship, the only one in my class to have a full academic scholarship. In the first year in law school, I decided I didn’t want to be in law school and ended up in the bottom two-thirds in my class. Then, I decided I wanted to stay, went back to law school, and, in fact, ended up in the top half of my class. I won the International Moot Court Competition. I was the ‘Outstanding Student’ in the Political Science department at the end of my year. I graduated with three degrees from undergraduate school and 165 credits, only needed 123 credits, and I’d be delighted to sit down and compare my IQ to yours, if you’d like, frankly."

As Hunter notes, not one of those statements is true. His scholarship was based on need, not academics; he won no awards; he didn’t earn multiple degrees, and he graduated 76th out of 85 students.

Those looking for evidence of any mental decline on Joe’s part should stop analyzing his debate performances and consider instead the sad erosion of his ability to spin fresh, new lies with every breath he exhales.

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  • Patti McNally

    11/06/2020 12:44 AM

    Has there been any measures taken by the GOP to make sure ballots don't disappear?? How can we make sure ballots will be available for recounts??

  • Ted Elkins

    10/26/2020 10:54 AM

    I'm a Purdue Boilermaker and I certainly don't support Biden. I'm fairly certain our university president, Mitch Daniels, does not support him also.

  • Virginia Burnette

    10/23/2020 12:59 PM


  • Carol R. Brooks

    10/22/2020 11:18 AM

    Biden has lied his whole time he has been in government service. He has done nothing, so why would anyone think, that this man could be president, He would give us away to socialism, communism, illegals will get our benefits, China, Russia, Iran, and many other will destroy this great country. Trump will continue doing what he does best. MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!????????????????????????????????????????


    10/22/2020 01:38 AM

    typical lying Joe. He's done this for years. We are the same age and I'm way more awake than this guy. He lied and plagiarized, all these years in Congress he was a follower, Always took credit for things he never did to make himself look good. Saying that he went to a Black college, got 3 degrees he never got at another college, and always challenged other people to prove that he could sit down and show them his intelligence. Back in those days, the Media held him to account. They don't anymore. I think they are just giving him a pass because he is old and basically wore out, he's run now I guess his 3rd time so I think they think they should just give him the Presidency for what Old times sake. NO way, he's not earned or had to work for anything. Lives off the Government filling his pockets for years.

  • carol a swanJoe

    10/21/2020 03:13 PM

    Joe Biden is an embarrisment to our country! I think it is sick that the Dems would run such an old man that needs to retire to his basement! You cannot remember a lie so he has lied so much that they all run together! Donald Trump has almost no honest media reporting on him so the good he has done is hidden or turned around for bad. True he is not a politican but I think that is why he was elected. He has to pat himself on the back because noone else will. What he has done is astounding with no help!! I say we need another 4 years!

  • Dr. John Kendrick

    10/21/2020 02:07 PM

    Bribes has always been a STOOGE for the communist!

  • Dimitrios Kastis

    10/21/2020 09:47 AM

    We must inform our fellow citizens of such deceptive politician in order to counteract the fake news.

  • Lynda DeBuhr

    10/21/2020 09:42 AM

    Agree! This whole thing is embarrassing for the US. Plus, we Don’t have a legitimate person running for office that’s fit/ or legally qualified for the position of President.
    I’ve never witnessed anything like this!! It’s an utter embarrassment to our great Country. God Help us All!