Hugh Hefner

September 29, 2017

Hugh Hefner, who built the Playboy enterprise from his kitchen table to an international brand of a carefree and hedonistic lifestyle, has died at age 91 of natural causes. His influence on the so-called sexual revolution is unmistakable, but whether that influence contributed to the decline of fidelity in marriage, a casual attitude toward sex, or treating sex as an act of biological passion rather than an intimate expression of unselfish love will be judged by the Creator of life, marriage and sex. But one cannot deny his shrewdness as a businessman, entrepreneur, and exploiter of human nature. His empire had fallen in recent decades, perhaps the victim of those who took pornography to new levels, leaving the more subtle Playboy approach seeming tame in comparison.

I can definitely say that in my time of counseling hundreds of couples, I never once heard a person say that Playboy magazine or its advocacy of following one’s lust made theirs a better marriage. It would be fair to say that Hefner didn’t create lust, he just exploited it commercially and made a fortune off it. But his death proves two things: hedonism doesn’t necessarily trim years off of one’s life as he lived to the age of 91…and that such a lifestyle comes to the same conclusion that all lives do, and our legacy will be determined by others.



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  • Richard D

    10/01/2017 10:44 AM

    I just love the way you describe Hugh Hefner.

    You didn't go "full out" and bash him because of Playboy because he and trump were friends for awhile. But I am surprised you did not bash Hugh Hefner for his lifetime of standing up for LGBT rights, transgender rights, and the right to have same sex marriage.

    I also want to point out what Hugh Hefner once said his definition of "obscenity" was:

    "Racism, war, bigotry, but sex itself, no."

    Racism, war, bigotry....what trump and his supporters are all for.

  • William J. Ewonce

    09/30/2017 01:52 PM


    I had the honor and pleasure of meeting you and listening to you speak at my church, Christ Church at Grove Farm, in Pittsburgh, PA a few years ago. I always appreciate your point of view on current events and issues you choose to share. Today is no exception.

    Thank you for your faith, patriotism and leadership.

    God Bless You,
    Bill Ewonce

  • Timothy S Morton

    09/30/2017 04:21 AM

    It's quite simple really. Hugh Hefner was a lifetime legalized drug pusher, singularly responsible for untold millions locked in the addiction of lust. It's as simple as that.

  • Brenda Turner

    09/29/2017 11:53 PM

    Not my place to judge or even speculate. I hope he repented and had a relationship with God before he went. But I think of Adam and Eve and the idealist life they led before the deception. They could eat from any tree except for the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Well, satan talked her into tasting the forbidden fruit and she had her husband partake, their eyes were opened and they knew they were naked and ran to hide and sewed fig leaves to cover (the parable of the fig tree). satan told them they would not surely die but would be like gods. He lied.They were no longer holy and pure so they couldn't stay with God in the Garden anymore. He then had to make rules for the Israelites because the different people they came into contact with were sexually active, and not in good ways. So he had to tell them (the good and the evil), don't murder, don't steal, don't bear false witness against your neighbor don't commit adultry or covet your neighbors wife or his stuff.
    I am sorry but I believe he kicked the ball in to the public court where it became more comfortable and looked like an attractive lifestyle. I know this stuff has gone on for centuries but he was the modern pioneer, everything in media form after that was more explicit and perverted and now look at the number of child porn movies out there with babies and small children and teenagers. Innocent is gone from our civilization even from our children. And as I think we are heading into the end times I don't expect it to get better. I am trying to fight back against indoctrination in our schools to "gender neutral pronouns" for example the teacher that wants 5th graders to address her with her preferred pronouns...they, them, theirs. How crazy can you get. The real problem is the 5th graders going to English class learning the proper way to use pronouns then going to "they's" room and using "them" and "their" to address one person standing in front of them. Chaos and confusion that is satan. He is not welcome around my family or any of his minions. Whoops, got carried away, what was the subject?
    I am afraid for Mr. Hefner because I don't know the condition of his soul at his demise. God is good, fair and just. We will all reap what we is written.

  • Alan Carvalho

    09/29/2017 09:29 PM

    It is very difficult to be perfect ...... that being said ...... perfection is still a worthwhile pursuit