November 10, 2020


Whoopi Goldberg said that Hillary Clinton didn’t refuse to accept the results of the 2016 election, so Trump supporters should just “suck it up” and accept losing, “like we sucked it up.

I have to thank Whoopi for that. I didn’t think it was possible anymore for a liberal comedian to say something about Trump that would actually make me laugh out loud!


Interesting: Due to the allegations currently under investigation, our own recent Presidential election would be classified as likely “rigged” under standards set by the State Department for observing other nations’ elections.


In one of the most shocking examples of raw political partisanship I’ve ever witnessed, New York Gov. Andrew “COVID-19 nursing home deaths” Cuomo downplayed the good news about a successful Pfizer coronavirus vaccine because it came out under Trump and not two months later under a (potential) Biden Administration. He actually said that he would work with other Governors to stop distribution of the vaccine “before it does damage.”

When pressed on why by George Stephanopoulos, Cuomo couldn’t come up with any good reason, other than that Trump would handle it all wrong and Biden would do it right. He also threw in the fake news yarn about Trump “denying” the virus existed (FYI: Trump didn’t say the virus was a hoax; he said the media narrative that he didn’t care about it was a hoax.) I wonder if New Yorkers should trust their virus response to someone who can’t even get a widely debunked fake news story correct.

Cuomo’s disgusting partisanship-over-public-safety comments were roundly and deservedly savaged, as you can see at the link. How many people is he willing to see die just to deny Trump any credit?

In a possibly related story, Pfizer seems to be trying to give the impression that its breakthrough was not part of Trump’s Operation Warp Speed to develop a vaccine in record time. Funny how they put out a press release last July that included quotes from the HHS Secretary saying that it was.


Joe Biden declared that as President, he would immediately issue executive orders reversing a number of Trump policies, including rejoining the US to the Paris Climate Accords and rescinding Trump’s travel ban on majority Muslim nations.

Since some of you might not have been with us four years ago, I should explain these blasts from the past. The Paris Climate Accords would hamstring our economy while producing no scientifically verified effects on the climate. Ironically, thanks to fracking producing so much clean natural gas, in terms of raw emissions, the US has already reduced its carbon emissions at a higher rate than any nation that stayed in the Paris deal. Banning fracking could reverse that trend, but luckily, Biden swore he won’t do that. I’m sure he really means it.

I should also note that the same people who attacked every Trump executive order as an unconstitutional abuse of power want Biden to use an EO to bind us to the Paris Accords, even though the Constitution requires treaties like that to be confirmed by the Senate.

As for the so-called “Muslim travel ban,” that’s an example of the Democrats creating a straw man and then convincing themselves that it was a real live boy. Upon taking office, Trump banned incoming travel from six nations known to be homes to anti-American terrorist activity and that had no apparatus to screen immigrants and refugees to make sure they weren’t coming to the US to launch attacks. Since these were Muslim majority nations, Democrats took their usual identity group politics approach and accused Trump of banning Muslims, even though there were dozens of other Muslim nations unaffected by it. A later revision of the order added non-Muslim North Korea to the list. The Supreme Court eventually upheld Trump’s second version of the order.

So when Biden says he’ll reverse Trump’s Muslim travel ban, what he’s really saying is that he’ll lift the travel ban on nations that might harbor potential terrorists, thus keeping up his unbroken 47-year streak of being on the wrong side of every foreign policy issue. On the bright side, after the past year of Democrats allowing Antifa types to rampage through our cities committing arson, riots and assaults, maybe terrorists will be too afraid to come here. Or else figure we’re already doing their job for them.


A new survey by the Media Research Center found that the strenuous effort to hide the Hunter Biden laptop story by the national media and Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sadly worked.

The survey found that 36% of Biden voters weren’t even aware of the evidence of the Bidens’ shady dealings with China, and 4.6% said that if they had known, they would not have voted for him. A shift of 4.6% in the vote in key swing states would have given Trump a 289 electoral vote victory.

It’s a perfect illustration of why social media giants need to be forced to comply with the law that requires them to act as neutral platforms. Without a united GOP Congress and White House that isn’t likely to happen, since Democrats are benefitting from their dirty work to the tune of billions of dollars’ worth of illegal in-kind contributions. Maybe the way to deal with them is through litigation in front of Trump-appointed judges. Or maybe the 70+ million Americans who voted for Trump should simply abandon them for other sites that respect free speech, like MeWe, Parler and DuckDuckGo.

Maria Bartoromo is the latest high profile example. After announcing that she plans to leave Twitter for Parler, she quickly amassed over 700,000 followers on the new site that doesn’t censor conservatives or slap warnings and “disinformation” labels on every post Silicon Valley socialists disagree with. It was also reported that Parler has just hit #1 on the charts of free app downloads.

This is yet another reason why you need your free subscription to the Huckabee newsletter, where we sift through ALL the news to bring you accurate information about what you need to know. And why you should definitely share it and encourage as many other people to subscribe as you can. The truth shall set you free, and with our newsletter, the truth IS free.

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  • Ben Breon

    11/12/2020 02:59 PM

    I would imagine that a light as in black light or something like that would show a xerox copy with the ballot filled out already differently than one filled out with a special pen. Thinking the great amount of ballots that may be fake it would make sense that someone would just copy one 10,000 times as opposed to filling each one out by hand. I would think that the technology is available some where. It would be a time saver.

  • Kathleen Kemmer

    11/12/2020 02:43 PM

    Apply Benford's law. The Dominion Voting system is rigged, The head of Dominion is an Antifa organizer. His name is Eric Cooms, and all the switched votes happened as the software was "updated". This is a feature, not a bug. Pelosi and gang are also shareholders in Dominion.

    DOJ is slow walking the investigation.


  • Pamela Farris

    11/12/2020 09:58 AM

    There is no way one party can win Senate, House and Presidency. There is major corruption and I hope the Supreme court makes an example out of those responsible so it wont happen again.

  • Jessie Teddlie

    11/12/2020 07:09 AM

    Now, folks are experiencing WiFi drags or “experiencing connection problems” when using Parler! Strange as that does not happen with FB. Also, due to outright attacks by media giants, many people feel eventually the FBI crooks will zone in on all using Parler as terrorists and cause us all problems! Help us Lord!

  • Darron Tarr

    11/12/2020 01:17 AM

    In the interests of true democracy, the powers of the big tech companies need to be curtailed. During the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearing in the Senate, the concept of "severability" was mentioned, which as I understand could result in a law remaining fundamentally the same whilst unconstitutional or unlawful components are excised. Could severability be applied to Section 230? As long as it is not abused, Section 230 is good legislation, however, could a law be enacted that makes protection under Section 230 conditional upon the conduct of those tech industries that benefit from it? In other words, could a sevaribility clause be invoked by the Senate if the conduct of a big tech company proves to be antithetical to the established ideals of democracy and free speech?


    11/12/2020 12:59 AM

    I live in Texas and know nothing about Georgia law. I understand they are going to do a hand count of the ballots for the presidential election. Since the senate election between David Perdue and Jon Ossoff only has a difference of 86,608 votes, it seems to me that they should also recount for that position because it is on the same piece of paper and it could possibly save the time and expense of a runoff in December. Where there is fraud in one race, there could also be fraud in another race. I know the race for the other senate seat has a gazillion candidates so I doubt a recount would be beneficial for that one - but who knows, it might too. Do you know why they aren't recounting for the senate?

  • Carolyn David

    11/11/2020 11:57 PM

    What is the cost to follow u on Parler?

  • Lynn Barr

    11/11/2020 05:41 PM

    WHY? Can’t Gov. Perdue pass a law - Executive Order - that only people that voted in Georgia for November 3rd election be allowed to vote for Jan 5th senate election? NO NEW RESIDENTS just to flood the election rolls with Dems!

  • Rita Roberts

    11/11/2020 03:15 PM

    WHY is this even a FAQ on Who does this with good intentions?
    "How do I change my mailing address for mail ballot or absentee ballot delivery, but keep my residential address the same?
    All changes to your voter registration, mailing address or otherwise, need to be made through your local election office. Visit our Register and Vote in Your State page for more information about registering to vote, updating your voter registration, and contacting your local election office."

  • Kathleen Kemmer

    11/11/2020 01:49 PM

    Hey, Bill Barr...are your going to slow down or eliminate the rightful investigations into voter fraud? Are you going to stay loyal to your Swamp friends? I used to believe you would do the right thing, but your action and inaction demonstrates you have no such intention. Why are you covering for Christopher Wray? Why are you hiding?

  • Ruth Hix

    11/11/2020 01:47 PM

    Excellent summary, brave and true. Sorry it won't be read by the Blue. Believed by those who already knew. Ignored or suppressed by you know who....

  • Sharon Honeycutt

    11/11/2020 01:13 PM

    Remember that Hilary's pre-election advice to Biden was never to concede the election [if Trump won]. Democrats don't even listen to each other and their memories are matters of convenience -- for them.


    11/11/2020 12:29 PM

    Funny when you say "Bring you all the news" when you avoid breaking the story that Retired Military Officers are subject to the UCMJ and Article 88 is a crime to speak ill of the sitting President; which at least 25 FOUR STAR GENERALS OR ADMIRALS have done and no-one has the balls to charge them of this crime. I could give you a long editorial on this issue- but then that would be "All the news"!

  • Sharon Faulkner

    11/11/2020 12:21 PM

    Live laugh love
    If that doesn't work
    Load aim fire !!

  • Deborah martin

    11/11/2020 12:07 PM

    Do u think our nation needs to hear repent or face judgement. As in the book of jeremiah. I know we r all praying for trump and our nation. But maybe repent should be our main focus

  • Karen Goerndt

    11/11/2020 11:51 AM

    Love your show

  • Ivanka 2024

    11/11/2020 11:20 AM

    Hi Mike, heard someone quote Juan Williams say minority men were "Conned" by Trump. Maybe minority men would have heard Juan, but they were busy WORKING , Providing for their family's, earning dignity and self worth. On the other hand Juan, the white males leaving Trump that everyone is talking about are the racists. These white men are tired of Prez. Trump giving minority men Jobs, Dignity, Opportunity, and a shot at the American Dream. Maybe these minority men don't want to return to O Blame O's policy , and yours, of putting 250,000 minority men on "food stamps". EVERY MONTH!!!!!!!!!. Not only did Prez. Trump remove these families from the grip of govt, but he gave them, and their family and friends J O B S.

  • Jim Simpson

    11/11/2020 10:44 AM

    Do you really think we have an FBI or DOJ? (1) nothing is done about national security information being exposed by ex secretary of state, (2) FBI director free as bird even though he directed false information to obtain warrants against Americans, (3) distinguished military general arrested for lying to FBI etc, been cleared but judge refuses to free him of all charges (4) former VP blackmailing a foreign entity (you must play or we don't pay) video proof, (5) former VP selling out for money to China, (eye witness account with documentation).
    This is only a partial list and we have no FBI arrests or DOJ doing anything about protecting the constitution and our freedoms from going down the tubes because of a third world election.
    Without justice and law there is no FREEDOM. Currently there is one law for these politicians , another law for the average American.

    I guess since I wrote this I will be added to the lists the Democrats are developing to punish all of us patriots. So be it. God will still rein.

    If this election stands, we will witness the beginning of the real tribulations proclaimed in the Bible. Look it up. Its in Revelation.

    God Bless America

  • Sherry Glascock aka Sharon

    11/11/2020 10:22 AM

    It is such a depressing thing that the AG Barr has not had arrests ordered for several that we know have committed crimes against American People and the President Donald Trump. I have the opinion that he is a member of the same Demorats in Washington, NY, MN, WI IL and CA. He is just setting at his desk and ignoring the criminals that have been free and causing such awful threats to the President and we the Americans. His has more evidence of the crimes committed that they should be in prison years ago, for 4 years and millions of dollars spent that the people have had to pay for and now this election fraud. How long is this man going to dray a salary for doing nothing to clear them out and Biden and his Son corruptions with Russia and China. Now there will be free entry to America for illegals and we will be paying them more money to live on that the American Senior Citizens are receiving and we cannot find jobs to help pay our bills. OK I am through sorry for such a long comment. Will NO I Am NOT Really Sorry HA

  • Phyllis Lambert

    11/11/2020 10:21 AM

    Thank you, Governor Huckabee, for being an ever faithful source of truth! We need your voice now more than ever. God bless!

  • Daniel J. Loope

    11/11/2020 09:17 AM

    Thanks for your and effort that you give to the AMERICAN people. God Bless

  • Katherine Seymour

    11/11/2020 08:10 AM

    Thank you!

  • Connie

    11/11/2020 08:01 AM

    Your newsletter is so important. It is common sense and accurate. Maybe you should send it to all the Dems in Congress and Joe Biden, they are in need of common sense!

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    11/11/2020 06:45 AM

    Why isn't Barr doing anything about the fraudulent election results, stating he hasn't been show any? PA legislature has stated that they found fraud to the tune of over 300k votes!
    I, among others, are afraid of this transition. What will happen with the WALL, will Hillary, Biden, Obama and the rest EVER face the music for their crimes?

  • Diana K Baker

    11/11/2020 01:13 AM

    Can you answer a question. I Voted in person early at the library. When I gave them my voter registration card they printed me a ballot right there. How do I know it wasn't a fraudulent ballot. Would it have a water mark on it. The last election the ballots were printed up already. This seems a little disturbing. I live in Florida. Would my experience be considered questionable.