September 30, 2019

When Rudy Giuliani was elected Mayor of the Dumpster fire that New York City had become after years of Democratic rule, one of his first steps was to adopt the “broken window rule.” This was a theory that if you ignored small things, like letting people throw a rock through a window and never fixing it, then respect for the law and police would keep eroding and criminals would only get bolder.  And they had.  For instance, by that time, New Yorkers had simply given up on being able to have radios in their cars and were putting signs in the windows (“No radio in car”) as a helpless plea to crooks not to break in, since they knew the cops wouldn’t bother with “petty crime” like stealing someone’s car radio. In effect, the crooks were running the city.

Rudy reinstilled respect for all laws, big and small, and gradually wrought a miracle turnaround which Mike Bloomberg maintained and Bill DeBlasio is now rapidly undoing.  This is why I’ll never understand why voters in big cities like New York elect liberal Democrat leaders: they’ve lived through the results; how can they not know better?  It’s like getting pulled out of the pool just before you drowned, then running straight back to the diving board.   

On the opposite side of the nation, California has instituted DeBlasio-style “governance” statewide.  One of their brilliant ideas was Proposition 47, or the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act (all leftist laws have happy-talk names to cover up the fact that they always do the exact opposite of what they’re called.)  This raised the threshold for felony theft from $450 worth of loot to $950, reducing the punishment for theft and making it less likely that police would bother to pursue thieves, knowing they’d just face a misdemeanor charge.  It passed in 2014. Can you guess the results?

I’m sure you could guess that the “progressive” solution made the problem far worse, but they all do that.  Specifically, this “reform” has resulted in an increase in theft of up to 25% statewide, with annual losses due to theft doubling in some areas.  Shoplifters are striking stores in groups, rushing in, filling their arms with merchandise and running off in different directions.  Police are powerless to stop it because even if they bothered to catch them, they’d walk free with a slap on the wrist. 

The California Police Chiefs Association and many residents and business owners are backing an initiative called “Keep California Safe” (you can tell it’s a conservative proposition because it actually does what the name says) to roll back Prop 47.  It’s too bad they can’t pass a referendum to make criminal mismanagement of a state a felony, so that they could clear out Sacramento and get a new government.  But please note, Californians: as long as you’re going to the polls to pass “Keep California Safe,” there is another way to get rid of the people who’ve stolen the California Dream.   


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  • Bill Goldsby

    10/03/2019 02:48 PM

    Governor Mike:

    In the Newsletter that I read today 10/3/2019, you agreed with what I have been saying for the past 10 years or more. These Socialist-Democrats, and some Republicans who are failing to stick with the President, need to be sent for a full Mental Health Evaluation. They demanded of the President, first, but I feel they truly need it, especially those from the Left Coast! It seems something in either the water or sun out here has effected their brains.

    It has really effected Governor Newsom's brain! He and the Socialist-Democrat Legislature are doing their best to Infringe completely on our 2nd Amendment Rights, while at the same time, pardoning Criminals convicted of hanious crimes. They were able to get Prop. 47 passed, which effectively reduced a number of Felonies to misdemeanors, thereby reducing sentences and kicking hardened criminals out on the streets, while leaving law-abiding citizens unarmed and unable to defend ourselves.

    The Police no longer arrest shoplifters, so loss prevention crews at stores are having difficult times. Most stores in my area now have merchandise locked up, to protect themselves.

    Gas prices are the highest in the nation, higher than Hawaii and Alaska! Home prices higher than most areas, I can buy a typical house as mine in Hawaii, with a view, for about the same. If I sold out and moved to say Bartlett, TN near family or Goldsby, OK, I could own acres a larger home and extra cash! Just have to convince the better half ??!

    I'm know I'm not alone in California, I have a large group of Conservative friends on Social Media that live in California and we are attempting a takeover by recall. If not, I feel there may be a Civil war when those that live in the rural areas that are not being heard get hit with 500% Property Tax increases if Newsom gets his way, with those funds being used to pay for the non-working homeless and illegal immigrants he keeps drawing in.

    God bless ??


    10/02/2019 06:38 PM

    I have no mercy for the fools in California and New York for some one allowed these fools to take over the government.