The timing of Bill Barr’s announcement was curious.

Over the weekend, it became clear even to those of us without a security clearance that President Obama was involved in the surveillance of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. He had to be. We know through Sally Yates’ testimony that on January 5, 2017, with just a couple of weeks left in office, Obama already knew all about the incoming national security adviser’s call with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. He and then-FBI Director James Comey had a conversation about it while Yates just stood there, amazed.

And that call wasn’t “unmasked,” as has wrongly been reported over and over. Now that the complete list of unmasking requests has been declassified and turned over by acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell, we know there was no such request that would have applied to that particular call before January 5.

It means either that the CIA had been spying on Flynn, Obama’s most serious political nemesis, when he was in the Dominican Republic and somebody had briefed Obama on the call with Kislyak, or that Obama himself, as President, had ordered Flynn surveilled. IG Horowitz has testified that there was no FISA warrant on Flynn, so, really, what else is left?

Over the past several days, we’ve examined other evidence as well –- the Strzok/Page texts, for example --- that shows Obama was well aware this was going on. HE DID IT.

But now, just as we’ve seen the evidence and are able to put it together for ourselves, we hear from Attorney General Bill Barr, as reported in Law and Crime and discussed in this commentary by Victoria Taft, that the DOJ is “unlikely” to charge either Obama or Biden in the get-Trump spying scandal.

We have a lot to sort out. Unlikely to charge them?? Why would he say that at this particular time? Keep in mind, this is the same Bill Barr who called the “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation “a grave injustice, unprecedented in American history.” The same Bill Barr who said the “Russian collusion” narrative used as a pretext for investigating Trump was “false and utterly baseless.” The same Bill Barr who called the spying operation “abhorrent.” The same Bill Barr who said there were “two different standards of justice” and that “we can’t allow this to ever happen again.”

"The Durham investigation is trying to get to the bottom of what happened,” he says simply.

Here’s what Barr had to say when the IG report on the spying came out. It was scathing.

Barr seems to want to safeguard the upcoming November elections from any consideration of this scandal, saying it’s “critical” that in 2020 the American people have a chance to vote based on “robust” policy debate –- not criminal debate. And he said he wouldn’t use his office for a political “tit for tat.”

Hey, if we’re going to have a “robust policy debate,” how about debating the policy that apparently lets an outgoing President spy on the incoming one?

And note that one of the people Barr is talking about, the former Vice President, happens to be running against the very incumbent they were trying to sabotage.

I realize that only in banana republics are incoming presidents allowed to subject outgoing presidents to criminal trial. But we’ve had a situation in which an outgoing president subjected the advisor of an incoming president to criminal trial. How is that better? We are way into banana republic territory here.

I guess that’s just part of the wonderful “Obama Legacy” we’ve heard so much about.

As Pete Hegseth commented on Sean Hannity’s TV show Monday night, “[Obama] called himself ‘the least corrupt administration in American history. He will go down as the most corrupt. And I believe that John Durham and Bill Barr are gonna get their day. They’re digging, they’re finding, the truth will come out, and...this President [Trump] will be exonerated for being someone who fights for people...Obama fights for the elite and the establishment…Their corruption will be some of the worst our country has ever seen.”

But there’s a terrible irony, as it does seem that Barr, in trying to save our system of justice from politics, is, in effect, caving to the politicized “two systems” that were a reality under Obama.

No President is above the law. How do we know this? Because Trump’s political opponents have been saying it nonstop since he took office –- since even before he took office. But when it comes to Obama, well, THAT President does seem to be above the law. Just as Hillary was.

"I have a general idea of how Mr. Durham’s investigation is going,” Barr said. “THERE’S A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN ABUSE OF POWER AND A FEDERAL CRIME” [emphasis mine]. Not every abuse of power, no matter how outrageous, is necessarily a federal crime. Now, as to President Obama and Vice President Biden, WHATEVER THEIR LEVEL OF INVOLVEMENT [emphasis mine], I don’t expect Mr. Durham’s work will lead to a criminal investigation of either man. Our concern over potential criminality is focused on others.”

When he says “others,” we know the big names: James Comey, John Brennan, and Andrew McCabe, for starters. But what if there’s proof they were directed by Obama?

By the way, did you know that there was an unmasking request made the very morning of Trump’s inauguration? Trey Gowdy dropped this last Thursday in a discussion of other such requests. He said that even the names of President Trump’s family members were unmasked.

I’m sorry, but this sort of thing SHOULD be part of a policy debate, and before an election as opposed to after. When is abuse of power criminal? Who is criminally responsible?

Legal analyst Andrew C. McCarthy never expected criminal charges against Obama and/or Biden. He noted in recent weeks that Barr had said the subjects of the Durham investigation were not candidates for public office. He said Barr’s goal is “to get the politics out of the Justice Department and the Justice Department out of politics.” I’m sorry, but the very decision not to make elected leaders criminally responsible for their deeds, in itself, affects politics. The left will have a field day with this; they’ll twist it and weave it into their false narrative that Obama did nothing wrong and that to think otherwise (as Trump does) is to be a wild-eyed conspiracy theorist incapable of leading. They’ll be saying this right up to Election Day.

McCarthy’s piece provides us with some insight into Barr’s thinking; I recommend that you read it, down to the last confounding line. Obviously, neither Barr nor McCarthy wants the criminal justice system to be used as a political weapon. After all, that’s what Obama’s side did, and we oppose it because it’s wrong.

But I don’t think a political weapon is what most Republicans are looking for when we’re thinking indictments should come. We don’t want “tit for tat”; we want JUSTICE. The attorney general did say that “those who broke the law...will be held to account.” But today, I wonder.

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  • Melinda Long

    05/20/2020 09:14 AM

    I cannot believe all this investigation is going on and Obama being found complicit in all this and no charges whatsoever? I do not care that he was a president...if he instigated or had any knowledge and let this happen...he should be prosecuted! He is walking around thinking no one can touch him! and the Democrats are trying to IMPEACH Trump AGAIN!!! NO WAY!!!

  • James Sprouse

    05/20/2020 09:14 AM

    Sadly, I don’t think anything will ever come of it. I have lost all respect for the do-nothing Republicans. Lindsey Graham, even Trey Gowdy, talk so tough but never really do anything to hold any Democrat swamp dweller’s feet to the fire. In fact, there isn’t even a fire. Yet, the Democrats and the media relentlessly rag on President Trump daily. They group together and tell outrageous lies about him, his actions, his policies, even his family. I just don’t understand.

  • Mary Ann Fagley

    05/20/2020 08:51 AM

    I agree with your comments. Every day I think about how do they get away with what
    They have done? Obama, Hillary, Comey, Biden etc.
    It’s an obvious coup against our President and our freedoms. It scares me for my children
    And grandchildren. I’m glad you here as a spokesman for us!
    God Bless you!

  • John Salerno

    05/20/2020 08:44 AM

    Obama and Biden should be forced to testify to what they knew in front of judiciary even if they are given immunity

  • Mona Kramer

    05/20/2020 08:27 AM

    Don't ever lock us down again or listen to the likes of Dr. Fauci and the scarf doctor again. 30 days I have not trusted them - when it sounds like "Henny Penny the sky is falling down" you have to step back and wonder.

    From: Really safe in Florida. We can open up all the way and the crowds will not be there. They have scared people into thinking that this is worse then the flu.

  • Maryann Schiller

    05/20/2020 08:08 AM

    Very disappointed and unfortunate. This isn't necessarily a political and very much a criminal act in destroying peoples' lives. This is not the way to regain the respect and trust of the citizens. Time will not forgive, it will be a stain on a once great nation with people of honor.

  • Robin Gonsalves

    05/20/2020 02:04 AM

    You said be patient it’s going to take time for Barr and associates to gather information and evidence, so we waited and waited and then for Barr to say this!
    I’m sorry governor but bar is a plant by the deep state!
    I should have stayed with my gut feeling about him/another traitor!
    The pope and Islam ban together to start the one world religion, China kicks off the start of the one world order and our government officials all or most working for the prince of this world!
    We truly are the generation that see’s Jesus’s return....all glory be to GOD!

  • j. debra halsmith

    05/20/2020 12:47 AM

    Perhaps Mr. Barr's comments were just a smoke out those who complied in doing what their "bosses" ordered them to do. And they might just decide they don't want to go to jail for their "bosses" that badly, taking the rap their bosses sooo justly deserved. So, will they squeal on them? Let's just wait and find out!!!

  • Steve Conner

    05/20/2020 12:34 AM

    My prediction-nobody will be held accountable. We can talk about it and wish for it until we are blue in the face but some things just never change.

  • William L. Frederiksen

    05/19/2020 11:55 PM

    I had so much confidence in Bill Barr doing what is right and going after the quilty ones. In the coup attempt (Impeachment) or our duly elected President, Donald Trump, now it comes out that he is not going to do anything and continue with the DOUBLE STANDARD of Judgement, giving the excuse that it might upset the coming election. Who do you think he is kidding? I figure one of three things happened, either he is one of 'them' in disguise, he has been threatened, or he was paid off. We still need to find a man (of God) to stand in the gap. God's will be done and COME quickly LORD JESUS.

  • Carol Lay

    05/19/2020 11:44 PM

    Amen! To all you just said!
    Seems Barr needs to be locked up if he can't do his job to protect us from these evil doers!

    How do we get rid of Barr???


    05/19/2020 11:24 PM

    AG Barr cowarding down to the leftist agenda by not bringing criminal charges against Obama and Biden. There is no JUSTICE for President Trump who is continually being harassed by the Democrats with ongoing investigations for impeachment. Barr should have spoken with the President before speaking to press in other words, give the President aheads up. No AG Barr blind-sided the President. The President found out from a reporter during his meeting with Restaurants owners. AG Barr needs to do his job and tell the Left to STOP violating the President's constitutional rights to govern in the Executive Branch. I am deeply sadden and troubled by AG Barr decision. He has given Obama-Biden a free pass to continue to lie and break the law. I look to the righteous Judge of Heaven and Earth to vindicate President Trump and deal with the evil doers. What's done in secret God will expose bring evil deeds to the light.

  • Sherry Stone

    05/19/2020 11:11 PM

    Why is it that the Democrats don’t ever have to pay for any of their criminal behavior? I really thought that Barr was finally going to dole out justice. It’s very disappointing.

  • Michaela Hadlow

    05/19/2020 10:16 PM

    I think it's a travesty to continue saying that "no one is above the law." That is, apparently, a LIE!! If we have PROOF that laws were broken, and NOTHING will be done about it - depending on high an office you hole - then THOSE IN POWER at the time ARE above the law. I, too, would love to see Justice done - regardless of political office! SHAMEFUL what President Trump has had to endure!

  • Paul Cook

    05/19/2020 10:14 PM

    It’s another one of those times when the right barks like a raving junkyard dog and when the perpetrator is caught the dog licks the hand of the perpetrator instead of tearing him limb from him . This frustrates me so much it makes me want to vote for neither side . I expect justice no matter who the perpetrator is .

  • earl bernard

    05/19/2020 09:48 PM

    Why is Barr taking the time and money to investigate if no one is going to be charged for anything? Obama and Biden where at the top, why even try the rest?

  • Ron Koerntjes

    05/19/2020 09:47 PM

    AG Barr did say that with the information he had as of today that there was not likely to be a criminal inquiry. He did not say there would be no military inquiry.

  • Mac Rojo

    05/19/2020 09:44 PM

    It is soooooo sad ...... I'm a retired detective and Barr couldn't hang with us street cops ..... he's afraid to investigate based on solid clues and motives ...... a blind man can clearly see the evidence ..... but barr can't?????????????? what a wuss!!

  • Phillip Ridenour

    05/19/2020 09:38 PM

    I know it's too much to ask for criminal charges to be brought against Barack Obama: he's a former president and he's the country's first black president. I would gladly settle for the underlings (Comey, Brennan, Strzok, et. al.) to coo like stool pigeons in order to obtain immunity so long as Obama's legacy was thoroughly besmirched.

  • Maria J Gonzalez

    05/19/2020 08:58 PM

    There is enough evidence that both Obama and Biden committed these crimes against President Trump and they should be charged accordingly. No one should be above the law. It is not a matter of politics!

  • Bonnie Wilson

    05/19/2020 08:44 PM

    I don’t like what Barr said. I don’t agree. What can America’s do about this? Is there anything we can do.????

  • Edward L. Finley

    05/19/2020 08:23 PM

    I find the Double Standard here a very interesting aspect that seems to play out in nearly every situation where democrats are involved. It makes one wonder what is going on in our system of government,as the Democrats seem to be held to a different standard, considering they used subterfuge and lies throughout this whole ordeal when it came to going after President Trump, not to mention the millions of our taxpayer dollars spent on this unprecedented coup that has lasted from the beginning of his Presidency. It really compacts the trust in our whole system of government. The Democrats,Hollywood Liberals and The Leftist News Media have used every evil tactic imaginable to destroy our Constitutional norms and eviscerate our Democratic process. What do they get? A little slap on the hand as they continue abusing their power. I am very disappointed in AG Barr at this juncture. I am totally baffled.

  • Angela L Lawson

    05/19/2020 07:45 PM

    When you, Governor Huckabee, start doubting that "justice" is going to be served against these evil, criminal, people I really start becoming "physically ill". Please what can possibly be done here? We are so very close to having justice served here! Lord here our prayers!

  • Billy Bob Cox

    05/19/2020 07:38 PM

    I am sad to say I have predicted this from the beginning. AG Barr has lived in the swamp far too long not to have been tainted by it. He just keeps throwing out bones to give the impression he wants the swamp drained. But the reality is nothing has changed, nobody has been indicted and if the democrats are able to pull off a victory (by hook or as crooks) we will see politicization of the criminal justice system and elections like have never been dreamed of in what is supposed to be a country under the rule of law. Unless these people are brought to justice they will simply smirk and move forward with their "fundamental change" of the country. They have already pretty well destroyed "equal protection under the law."

  • Cheryl Lindsey

    05/19/2020 07:34 PM

    To all of you who are frustrated. Trust Attorney General Barr. He like most people who work in the criminal justice system know that you need a small fish in order to catch the big one. I don’t believe our Attorney General is easily pressured or threatened and will go by the book.

    Stay safe Huckabee family!