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May 2, 2023

The “trans” bully cult has become so off-putting that even some celebrities are finally starting to speak up. The latest is Paul Stanley of the rock group KISS, who tweeted an eminently reasonable statement about how there’s a big difference between teaching acceptance and “normalizing and even encouraging participation in a lifestyle that confuses young children into questioning their sexual identification.” He also granted that some adults might choose to undergo gender altering procedures, but that’s not the same as normalizing it for kids who might just wear the other gender’s clothing as play.

Naturally, the leftist mob is calling Stanley a “transphobe” and trying to cancel him, while leftist media outlets like Rolling Stone and HuffPo are falsely accusing him of launching a “Twitter rant” “blasting” and “slamming” “parents who support trans kids.” Did you get that out of what I quoted above?

The funniest attack on him, though, came from people pointing out that KISS is famous for wearing makeup and elaborate costumes on stage. Yes, they did that...when they were adults. And they were playing. Stanley didn’t get radical surgery so he could actually become a “Starman.” So what’s their point, exactly?...

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  • Rebecca Holstine

    05/03/2023 12:42 AM

    I feel it is child abuse for a parent to go along with a boy that says, "I am a girl" or a girl that says, "I am a boy". Tell them the truth. Do not confuse them. Dress them the way they were born. When they are adults, and if they still feel that way. They can do what ever they feel the need to do. But for goodness sake, don't ruin the child's life, by not being the parent and taking control of the situation.