Chief of Staff Kelly: wow, he's good.

October 12, 2017

Although I have to say the White House Press Secretary does an outstanding job with daily press briefings, Chief of Staff John Kelly demonstrated the amazingly good-natured finesse with which he handles those hungry little root weevils when he took the podium today.

He explained that he’d wanted to get “the lay of the land” before spending much time briefing the press but wasted no time in telling reporters about seeing story after story that’s just flat-out wrong, going so far as remarking that many in the press need to seek out better sources. He did this without steam coming out of his ears; rather, he skillfully made himself clear by maintaining a good-natured demeanor. He gave full, straight, candid answers, particularly regarding his role and the decision-making process within the White House.

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He responded to accounts he’d read about his being a failure at “controlling the President,” saying this wasn’t his job at all. What he does is control the flow of information to the Oval Office to enable the President to make the most informed decisions possible. Organizing the information-gathering process is important for Trump, who laudably wants to take in as much information as he possibly can before making a decision.

As for “controlling” the President’s tweeting, he said it’s not a part of his job description. So be advised: the President is on his own there!

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He told reporters his job performance shouldn’t be measured by whether or not he’s doing what they think he should be doing, assuring them that before the President makes a decision, he’s presented with well-thought-out options.

It’ll be interesting to see whether or not his words served to reassure a press that’s set in permanent attack-mode. If they continue their fondness for writing highly critical but inaccurate stories, Gen. Kelly might not be quite so affable next time.



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  • Wesley Bruce

    10/16/2017 04:59 AM

    There is a significant change in people allowed to work with Donald Trump and seen in public with him. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, other conservatives. The hill reported that Trump golfed with Lindsey Graham twice but he's got Rand Paul in the car with him going to and from the golf course three times. A few hours in one case verses a few days in the case of Rand Paul. Trump, Graham and Paul are not golfing fanatics. Its all about talking policy as you walk. Can they deliver a policy platform?

  • Ann DeVries

    10/15/2017 06:38 AM

    I really like Kelley and Sarah does an amazing job too! Question: I received a Trump agenda survey from RNC. Is this legit? Should this be completed?

  • Michael Egbert

    10/14/2017 10:16 AM

    Having to defend yourself for something that didn't happen is appalling. Unfortunately until the media "cleans up" and brings in reporters that actually report the facts without twisting things to put a whole new spin on something, this will likely occur again and again. President Trump and those around him will never be the media "darling" that obama was and they will continue reporting negatively every chance they can, even if they have to fabricate something in the meantime...

  • Edith Peters

    10/13/2017 07:01 PM

    I appreciate your candid approach to what is happening in politics - and your ability to put a positive and/or humorous spin to it. Both the left and the right keep bombarding us with such tragic and/or inaccurate comments as they give us the news and it can be so disconcerting. You are the antidote to the way they try to affect my thinking. Thank you for your dose of sanity! :)

  • Ada Rangsikul

    10/13/2017 06:26 PM

    I read them! Thanks for bringing us the news worth reading!