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January 20, 2023

It’s been a rough week for CNN. They’re closing their iconic CNN Center in Atlanta (get your selfies with that famous logo while you can.)

And if you want to know why they’re cost-cutting, this might provide a clue. According to last week’s cable news ratings, Fox News now has the top 17 highest-rated shows. MSNBC finally shows up at #18 with Chris Hayes. And CNN doesn’t appear until Jake Tapper’s show pops up at #28.

How far has CNN’s viewership fallen? The #1 show on the list, Fox News’ “The Five,” which airs at 5 pm, has an audience larger than all seven of CNN’s prime time shows combined!

I think someone should investigate to see if maybe someone at CNN caused the recent airline cancellation fiasco in a desperate attempt to boost ratings by stranding people at airports.

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  • Rodney Burke

    01/23/2023 05:33 PM

    that would be giving CNN credit for having some brains. Those left them LONG ago Now, I don't totally discount the possibility but as retarded as they are....

  • Douglas D Settle

    01/23/2023 11:10 AM

    Mr. Huckabee,
    Do you personally endorse the memory pill advertisement featuring Ben Carson?
    Thank you
    D Settle

  • Kathleen Schmitt

    01/22/2023 02:13 PM

    I enjoy your newsletter very much. But I was so disappointed to not receive an inquiry about the children’s Jesus Guide. I wanted to order copies for my SS class and asked for an age range to determine if it would be suitable. I never received an answer. Would appreciate a response.

  • Barry G Schlecht

    01/22/2023 01:11 PM

    Good bye CNN!