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September 17, 2022



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When you pass through the waters,

I will be with you;

and when you pass through the rivers,

they will not sweep over you.

When you walk through the fire,

you will not be burned;

the flames will not set you ablaze.

Isaiah 43:2

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Relieved and grateful

Our daughter Sarah had surgery on Friday for a cancer on her thyroid which was removed. The doctors said after the surgery that all the cancerous cells were eliminated and that is cancer-free and will be able to resume a normal schedule in a couple of days. Janet and I are deeply relieved and grateful to God for world-class medical care she received in Little Rock. Her surgeon, a Mayo Clinic trained specialist is actually the son of one of my close friends and college classmates. Prayers were answered!

DOJ appeals "special master" ruling; renewed hope for 'Justice' reform

A day after U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon issued her order that appointed Judge Raymond Dearie as special master and prohibited the ‘Justice’ Department from continuing to go through Trump’s Mar-A-Lago documents ahead of the judge’s review, the DOJ has appealed to the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Specifically, there are a couple of parts to their appeal. First, they want the appeals court to pause the part of Judge Cannon’s ruling that stops them from relying on those so-called “classified” documents in their persecu---I mean, prosecution, or more accurately (at this point) their criminal investigation, of President Trump. The DOJ really, really does not want to be delayed in going through those documents, they say, because the midterm election is in less than two months and they want to indict Trump before then. Just kidding --- the part about the midterm election and indicting Trump wasn’t actually stated in the appeal. But I’ve always said that comedy should be based on truth.

Second, they want Judge Dearie to be prohibited from going through the “classified” documents at all. The DOJ really, really doesn’t want him to look at them, because then he might see that they have nothing to do with national security and everything to do with the Russia Hoax. Again, kidding about that last part; again, comedy, based on truth.

Joking aside, what they actually told the appeals court was that the materials taken from Trump’s residence are “highly sensitive documents” and that denying prosecutors access to them would delay their investigation at a risk to national security. Yes, that’s their story and they’re sticking to it, even though it would seem to be at odds with Attorney General Merrick Garland’s months-long delay for retrieving the documents with their shock-and-awe raid, and also inconsistent with their leaks to the media about what they had retrieved.

And it doesn’t explain why they don’t want Judge Dearie –- who was chosen in part because he has the necessary security clearances –- examining those papers. Could it be that Judge Dearie, who happens to have been a FISA court judge when Crossfire Hurricane was putting bogus information into their warrant applications, is likely wise to their tricks?

Finally, we’d like to know how they can tell these “classified” documents are such an imminent threat to national security unless they’ve already reviewed them. (Note that we continue our convention of using quotation marks around the word “classified” in this context, as President Trump insists he declassified them and by law he has the final authority.)

This appeal smells of the government swamp, emanating as it does from a weaponized bureaucracy that seems desperate to hide something.

In more breaking news, John Solomon reports that a movement is growing to have an independent review of the FBI. It would be along the lines of the Church Committee, set up in the 1970s by Idaho Sen. Frank Church to look at the activities of J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI and other U.S. intelligence agencies that were badly off-track.

So when you hear about a “Church Committee,” it doesn’t have anything literally to do with a place of worship. Even so, it’s a good reference point for the sacredness of our Bill Of Rights, which it’s time our law enforcement agencies started respecting.

The revelation that the FBI was actually paying “dossier” source Igor Danchenko as a confidential human source after realizing he’d given them bogus information about Trump –- not to mention his ties to Russian intelligence –- seems to have been the last straw for many in law enforcement. Kevin Brock, who as the FBI’s first intelligence chief wrote the rules that the FBI is supposed to be following with informants, told John Solomon that the FBI finds itself “in a place right now where well over half the country believes they’re working on behalf of one party or another.” [Aside: it seems pretty darn clear which party that is.] “And that can’t stand –- the agency can’t survive if that persists.”

Solomon also spoke to Devin Nunes, who said the atmosphere is so partisan that it’s hard for a congressional committee to do the sort of oversight that’s needed. Recall how he was wrongly discredited and thwarted at every turn when he was chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. A traditional congressional committee isn’t designed for investigation when there’s “corruption at that level.”

Nunes specifically mentioned FBI Director Christopher Wray’s unwillingness to make the sweeping reforms necessary. “We cannot trust, after all this time, that Wray has done one damn thing to clean up the agency,” he said. “In fact, it’s gotten worse. The American people know it’s worse.”

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, who has been contacted by five FBI whistleblowers in recent months alleging political manipulation and would likely be the new chairman of the House Judiciary Committee if (when!) the Republicans retake Congress, agrees, saying, “We need to seriously look at how all this has to change in a way that respects the liberties of the American people.”

Be sure and read Solomon’s report for an encouraging look at how the Church Committee was able to reform the FBI after a dark history of abuses.

Jason Chaffetz, appearing with Solomon on Friday’s HANNITY show, was adamant that there’s a two-tier ‘justice’ system and that this type of committee is the only way to change that. “There has to be a wholesale change” at the entire Department of Justice, he said, “but specifically at the FBI.”

“It’s the unequal application of justice,” he said, “that is well-documented through the years...and...if you’re a Biden, if you’re a Clinton, if you’re anybody on the Democratic side of the aisle, they’re not gonna do ANYTHING, and that’s what’s so frustrating.”

Solomon said that “everything Jason Chaffetz just said is what I’m hearing from people inside the FBI, outside the FBI and in Congress.” He added that once a Church-style committee is set up, AG Garland’s attempted intimidation against agents talking to Congress “isn’t going to hold.” We do have laws to protect whistleblowers.

In another new report, Solomon also says that “as many as ten” whistleblowers are coming forward about January 6, saying that leading up to the event, there were numerous intelligence reports on the likelihood of unrest and the need for tight security. The letter about this from Capitol Police intelligence analyst Eric Hoar three days after the riot has been confirmed by new whistleblower complaints, says Illinois Rep. Rodney Davis, ranking Republican on the House Administration Committee, which oversees Capitol security.

Rep. Davis also told Solomon that some of the whistleblowers have experienced retaliation for coming forward. His committee is protecting “many more” of them. A similar retaliatory environment exists within the Capitol Police, he said. The whistleblowers tell a “consistent story,” he said, which is that department heads had the intelligence in their hands and did not act.

That seems clear now. The big question is, WHY didn’t they act? We’ve said all along that the riot suited Democrats’ long-term purposes so well that if it hadn’t happened, they would’ve had to create one. So far, we just know they didn’t try to prevent one.

Warren weighs in

Sen. Elizabeth Warren apparently didn’t get the memo that all that “sanctuary state” blather was just empty virtue-signaling, so she tweeted this in response to the angst over a paltry 50 illegal immigrants being sent to Martha’s Vineyard in her home state of Massachusetts:

"Exploiting vulnerable people for political stunts is repulsive and cruel. Massachusetts is fully capable of handling asylum seekers, and I'll keep working with local, state, and federal partners to ensure we have the necessary resources to care for people with dignity."

That inspired this quite reasonable response from radio host Clay Travis: "Why not send every single illegal immigrant right now to Massachusetts, so that Elizabeth Warren can make sure that this ‘repulsive and cruel system’ is taken care of?"

I’m sure the border states would be fine with forwarding every illegal border crosser straight to Massachusetts. Not certain the migrants would be that happy about it, though. After all, who in their right mind would want Elizabeth Warren to be their Senator?

Now this is a “humanitarian crisis”

The wealthy liberals of Martha’s Vineyard are crying that the arrival of 50 illegal migrants is a “humanitarian crisis” (Ted Cruz pointed out that thanks to Biden’s open borders policy, Del Rio, Texas, has dealt with as many as 15,000 in one day.) The head of the local homeless shelter declared that they don’t have room for 50 more people and they have to be moved somewhere else.

So Breitbart Business Digest did a little research on how many people Martha’s Vineyard could actually accommodate. During summer tourist season, it hosts up to 200,000 visitors. If all those sanctuary-supporting wealthy liberals opened up all the rooms in their huge homes to migrants the way they expect border towns to, they could pack in 400,000. And if you used the open land to build affordable housing at Manhattan-level population density, the island could hold over 6 million.

The Obamas’ estate alone has seven bedrooms and 8-1/2 bathrooms, plus 29 acres of land for building affordable housing, and a private beach for easy access for arrivals.

But of course, we can’t expect them to give up their security, privacy, property and money to deal with all those illegal immigrants. That’s a problem they created for other people to deal with.

Fertile ground for satire

The Babylon Bee weighs in on the “Illegal Immigrants sent to Martha’s Vineyard” story, which provides fertile ground for satire:

(Be sure to read that second one all the way to the last sentence!)


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  • Linda S Lyle

    09/19/2022 07:12 PM

    Prayers for Sarah. I have a friend who had this surgery and now she is doing great. I have an underactive thyroid. I want you to know this is something you can live with. We have great medicine today and I'm sure you will begin to feel better very soon.

  • Thomas Odom

    09/19/2022 12:34 PM

    Thank God for the success of Sarah's surgery. We pray for her continued improvement, healing and success in her path to the Governorship.

  • Bette Muir

    09/18/2022 09:44 PM

    May the Lord bless Sarah with a speedy recovery !!

  • Joseph Orsini

    09/18/2022 06:09 PM

    Why is it not considered "murder" when people not intending to consume Fentanyl inadvertently
    ingest it and die? The producers and distributors certainly intend people to consume it.

  • LaVerne Wisdom

    09/18/2022 05:22 PM

    I just am so happy that they got all of the cancer and cells from Sarah's thyroid!!!! And also that all we women put ourselves at risk for the same cancer when we don't ask for a special shield to go around our throat area when getting a Mammogram. The person doing the Mammogram will never offer it so it should be highly publicized that women should ASK FOR IT!!!!! Thanks and this may save lives and people from getting thyroid cancer!

  • Cecilia Huether

    09/18/2022 12:35 PM

    May God put HIS healing hand on your daughter, Sara. She is a blessied servant of the LORD and this country, continued prayers, Cecilia

  • Jpk

    09/18/2022 11:29 AM

    L.graham is showing his RiNOS status by bringing up talking points with his abortion bill nothing is going to get voted on in this democratic run congress. His grandstanding takes the focus off inflation immigration crime within the country all the issues that hurts American families seniors the invading forces coming thru the southern borders all issues that needs immediate attention

  • Jpk

    09/18/2022 10:42 AM

    The president of the USA is a irresponsible dunce that doesn’t mean it isn’t without some brain function. Biden is not about Americans it is about anti constitution anti capitalism it is about the next generation be a socialist country while canceling Americans every month in about every way possible. Today’s parents will see to the cancellation of America’s pre school and elementary children live their life as a socialist to me that that’s no way to care for your children the choice for today’s child to be a musician or a scientist or a pilot or any person it’s capable of being. Biden’s theory is to mold every aspect of life according to the socialist government vote for a democrat and seal the country’s future as a socialist

  • Lamar Taylor

    09/17/2022 06:24 PM

    I am glad your daughter, Sarah, is doing well after having her Thyroid and lymph nodes removed. I had the same cancer 4 years ago and had my thyroid and lymph nodes removed. Also did the radio active iodine as well. It made me sick and glad I only had to do it once. Good luck with her treatment.

  • Jo Ann Levy

    09/17/2022 05:49 PM

    I just wanted you to know that I was grateful to learn that Sarah's surgery was successful. I have and will continue to pray for her and your entire family.
    I may not live in Arkansas, but my son and his family do. I look forward to hearing that Sarah is their newest Governor!!