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November 4, 2023

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Proverbs 16:9

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Mike Huckabee

BREAKING:  Judge Cannon to delay Trump’s “classified documents” trial

As we discussed yesterday, Special Counsel Jack Smith, in coordinating two trials against President Trump --- the “January 6” trial in DC with Judge Tanya Chutkan and the “classified documents” trial in Florida with Judge Aileen Cannon, has stacked the court dates in such a way that Trump’s attorneys claimed they’re required to literally be in two places at once.  This certainly has to be deliberate on his part, to make their job as difficult as possible --- even to the point of defying the laws of physics.

Judge Cannon sees the obvious problems with this and has decided to delay the “classified documents” trial in response to a petition by the defense.  As Julie Kelly posted Friday, “BREAKING:  As expected, Judge Cannon will delay the trial schedule in Jack Smith’s classified documents case against Trump.  Details to follow.”

The revised start date has not been determined.  Kelly said she’d have a column about it after the order has been filed, so stay tuned for more information.

But for now, she’s slamming the DOJ as being entirely to blame for this, saying, “Jack Smith brought 2 unprecedented federal cases against a former president within two months of each other.”  (We would add that he deliberately scheduled them to take place during prime campaign season next year.)  Kelly notes that all the attorneys had to obtain security clearances so they could go into a SCIF (secure room) and look at the documents.  The SCIF was only set up on October 18, so they’re really just now getting started reviewing a massive amount of material.  According to Kelly, that includes 1.3 million unclassified pages; 5,500 classified pages, and “years’ worth of security footage from Trump’s properties.”

“Smith is playing games,” Kelly says.  “Chutkan lets him; Cannon doesn’t.  Which is why she has earned the enmity of corporate media and their ‘expert’ lapdogs.”

In other words, the very reasonableness towards President Trump and his legal team (and, we assume, towards anyone who appears in her courtroom) that leads us to praise her as a judge are what make leftists dislike and relentlessly criticize her.  The opposite is true for Chutkan in DC, who refused to recuse herself from Trump’s J6 case even after demonstrating extreme anti-Trump (and anti-Trump-supporter) bias.  We may assume from her comments that she already thinks Trump shouldn’t be walking around free.

If anyone believes that the White House hasn’t been neck-deep in the prosecution of President Trump while it was denying any contact with prosecutors, Trump’s legal team says they have evidence suggesting otherwise concerning his “classified documents” trial.

As reported in REVOLVER, “Trump’s attorney claims to possess evidence suggesting the Biden White House is deeply embroiled in the prosecution of Trump.”  And this isn’t the first time such a collaboration has been suggested.  Recall that a couple of months ago, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, wrote to Attorney General Merrick Garland and White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients about the DOJ’s Jay Bratt, top assistant to Special Counsel Jack Smith, visiting the White House a number of times in the weeks before Smith indicted Trump.  This activity took place during the time when Trump was negotiating with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) for the return from Mar-A-Lago of presidential records from his time in office.

This wasn’t the first time the Judiciary Committee had raised concerns about Bratt’s behavior.  (An excerpt from Jordan’s letter reprinted in the REVOLVER story gives more details.)

Jordan wrote, “These facts reinforce the serious concern that Mr. Smith is not running an impartial and unprejudiced investigation and prosecution.  The Committee has a significant interest in examining how the Department runs its Special Counsel investigations to inform potential legislative reforms concerning the Special Counsel practices and operations.”

But now Trump’s attorneys have upped the ante, telling Judge Cannon they have PROOF of this collusion by the White House with various government agencies in deciding which documents should be in the indictment of President Trump, apparently going beyond the fact that Bratt visited the White House when he did.  Recall that Biden has claimed he’s not in contact with the special counsel’s office.  As investigative reporter Julie Kelly posted, “To emphasize:  Trump’s attorneys told Judge Cannon this afternoon they have evidence that the Biden White House collaborated with NARA, DOJ and intel agencies to determine which documents to include in Jack Smith’s indictment.”

This is the kind of discovery that could lead to a mistrial, at least if a reasonable judge is in the driver’s seat.  Fair and impartial judges seem to be increasingly rare these days --- especially in dealings with Trump and his supporters --- but Cannon certainly appears to be one.

Must-See Video:

Comedian Mikey Greenblatt asked people to sign a petition to support Hamas’ efforts to “free Palestine.” Many of them were eager to sign until he told them that he first had to read the “terms and conditions” to make sure they knew what they were signing. It listed what Hamas is really all about, in their own words. 

For instance: that every Jew, Christian and non-Muslim in the world should be slaughtered…that homosexuality should be punishable by jail or death…that strict Sharia law must be imposed on all women…and that a terrorist group that rapes women and beheads babies should replace the only democracy in the Middle East.

Watch how quickly these people change their minds about signing once they realize what they would actually be supporting. It only takes them 10 seconds to become informed and realize their mistake. So how come all those American college students remain so wildly uninformed about Hamas’ true nature? Maybe because for all the tuition money their parents are paying, nobody there has spent even 10 seconds telling them the truth.

An original idea to make life better

In this age of slash-and-burn/horse race/lawfare political campaigns, here’s something you almost never see anymore: a candidate proposing an original idea to make life better for Americans.

Donald Trump announced a proposal to create a new university that he calls the American Academy. He said it would be paid for with “billions and billions of dollars that we will collect by taxing, fining and suing excessively large private university endowments.” Trump said it would offer top-tier educational content online, including lectures, study groups, mentors and industry partnerships, to “make a truly world-class education available to every American — free of charge.”

Sounds much better, cheaper and more efficient than going into the poorhouse to send your kids to Harvard and have them turned into communist Hamas sympathizers. It’s also the first proposal I’ve seen from anyone that recognizes the reality that the old model of expensive, four-year colleges is already antiquated, when you can get all the world’s information over the Internet (FYI: you can already watch all the classes from MIT free on YouTube.) For many young people, college has become less about learning anything useful than about making social contacts, getting indoctrinated into leftism, and avoiding joining the real world and the workforce for four years.

Some of us have been talking about the problem of higher “education” (only the price is higher) for years, but for many, the recent outbreaks of pro-Hamas, anti-Jewish radicalism on campus have finally opened their eyes. I think this meme from Instapundit sums up the sudden shift in the public’s attitude toward the Ivy League perfectly:

Trump’s attorneys are making his case

Democrats who decided to abuse the legal system to target their political opponent Donald Trump forgot that unlike Pelosi’s January 6th Kangaroo Kommittee, in actual courtrooms, the accused get to defend themselves. After months of anti-Trump media spin, Trump’s attorneys are finally starting to make their case, and this might not be the slamdunk Spanish Inquisition that anti-Trumpers were hoping for.

I told you yesterday about Trump’s attorney making a monkey out of Eric Swalwell (not that big a job) by forcing him under oath to admit that the Trump rhetoric he was claiming incited insurrection was just typical political talk that he himself had used on Twitter.

And here’s more about a story alluded to elsewhere in the newsletter, about Trump’s attorneys providing the judge in the classified documents case with evidence of “extensive communications” between the Biden White House and the DOJ and other agencies, colluding to target Trump and strip him of his executive privilege protections.

And the judge in that case also just delivered a heck of a beatdown to special counsel Jack Smith for his attempts to deny plaintiffs the right to discovery in seeing all the evidence against them. She called the prosecution’s arguments a “broad and atextual interpretation” of the law, one that is “unconvincing” and “almost blithe,” and that would require changing the definition of the word “defendant.”

Anyone who knows Smith and his history of distorting the law to obtain politically-motivated convictions that were later unanimously overturned shouldn’t be surprised to learn that he’s following his tried-and-true tactics. But it should be a warning bell to rabid anti-Trumpers who think “this time, they’ve got him for sure!” that in the real world, the trial’s not over until the defendant gets to present a defense.

Who lives in California? Maybe not Adam Schiff

There was something of a to-do (as much as the media would allow with anything involving Democrats) when California Gov. Gavin Newsom replaced the late Sen. Diane Feinstein with a woman who apparently didn’t even live in California but in Maryland. Now, some questions are being raised about where Adam Schiff, who is running for that same seat in 2024, lives, because it doesn’t appear to be California, either. It seems that he just keeps a small condo in Burbank but has designated his house in Maryland as his primary residence for 20 years.

I knew a lot of people were getting the heck out of California, but doesn’t ANYBODY still live there anymore who can be their Senator?

Don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do:

Jeff Bezos, the uber-rich liberal founder of, has spent a lot of money to try to impose progressive policies on America. Now, he is fleeing one of the cities where those policies are most fully in effect – Seattle – and moving to income tax-free, low crime, lopsidedly Republican Florida.

He claims it’s because he’s originally from Florida and wants to be closer to his parents. Which I’m sure is true. I’m also sure he could afford to move his parents to Seattle, but you’ll notice he’s not doing that.

FBI Raid

The FBI raided the home of New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ chief fundraiser Thursday as part of an investigation into alleged illegal funds received from a foreign government.

Unfortunately, the FBI has so trashed its own reputation that this raid will likely spark conspiracy theories about whether law enforcement was the true motive. I predict we’ll hear these theories floated:

1. They had to raid a Democrat to prove that they don’t target only Republicans, and this guy was far enough removed from DC to be expendable.

2. They wanted to send a message to Adams to back off criticizing Biden’s open border.

3. They only care about illegal money from foreign sources if it doesn’t pass through Hunter Biden.

Those who refuse to see

There are none so blind as those who refuse to see, and the leftwing site may have just set a new Guinness record for world’s thickest blinders. With Hamas slaughtering and beheading Israelis, Iran backing them and threatening America, and leftist radicals across the US openly supporting Hamas and attacking and threatening Jews, Salon thought this was the perfect moment to run a piece by former Playboy White House reporter Brian Karem doubling down on the braindead charge that MAGA voters and “Christian nationalists” are a greater threat to America than actual terrorists like Hamas.

I have a proposal for Salon: ask your most outspoken gay writers (I’m sure there are plenty to choose from) whether they prefer to be locked in a room for an hour with a group of Christian Trump voters or a group of Hamas militants. If they choose Hamas, then I will concede Karem’s point. I will also go call for an ambulance.

Interesting and informative article

This is a very interesting and informative article from Jerry Wilson at about why Evangelicals love Israel and “progressives” hate Israel. And yes, in case you hadn’t noticed up until now, “progressives” hate Israel.

Some of them aren’t so particular and just seem to hate Jews in general.

Much-needed laugh: From our pop culture guru Pat Reeder’s Facebook page:

“Does anyone else find it hilarious that the Rolling Stones brought out their first album in 18 years, and all anyone’s talking about is the new Beatles single?”

Obama edging back into the White House, pushing “inclusive capitalism”

Halloween might be over, but here’s a story to send a chill up your spine:  As NBC NEWS reported and Sean Hannity spoke about Friday, Biden “quietly tapped” Obama to help him shape the strategy for the AI executive order (!) he’s just signed.  Obama went to the White House to have lunch with him so they could work on this together.  This is apparently the largest official role Obama has played in the Biden administration and raises the question of how involved he is.

We’ve always maintained that the Obama Machine is still running the place through strategically placed operatives such as Lisa Monaco at DOJ, and the next Democrat presidential candidate will be aointed on the basis of who can best continue the Obama legacy.  (Hint:  it won’t be Joe this time.)

But here’s where the baddest chill comes:  AXIOS reports that Obama is pushing something called “inclusive capitalism,” which he calls “a new economic framework that addresses inequality and prepares citizens for the coming changes in how we will live and work.” (Whatever it actually is, I’m sure it will bear as much resemblance to actual capitalism as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics did to a republic.) Obama must feel the timing is right to trot this out, and we’re about to see not just how far to the left Obama really is but how much influence he still has.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

Victor Davis Hanson appeared on Hannity’s show to talk about the dangers of this.  We’ll let him take the discussion now while we go scream into a pillow or something.

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