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March 31, 2023

Jacob Chansley, known as the “QAnon Shaman,” was released from prison into a halfway house this week after serving just under 27 months of a 41-month sentence for his part in the January 6th riot.

This was explained as a good conduct sentence reduction, and allegedly is not because the release of unedited and possibly exculpatory January 6th footage (never shared with his attorneys) revealed that he actually engaged in fairly good conduct then, too, being escorted around by Capitol Police, whom he thanked and prayed for.

In what should be a VERY related story (but the media is spinning desperately to prevent anyone making the connection), 19 pro-trans protesters were arrested Thursday when they attempted to stop the Kentucky Senate from voting to override the Democratic Governor’s veto of a bill banning gender transition procedures on minors.

They were given the option of leaving quietly or being arrested, and the 19 who refused to leave were charged with third degree criminal trespass, with the court authorizing that they be released on their own recognizance.

Meanwhile, in Tennessee, hundreds of pro-gun control protesters entered the state capitol, where they disrupted proceedings for several hours by shouting and chanting. Troopers had to clear a path for legislators to enter. Some Democrat members, such as Rep. Justin Jones, borrowed their megaphone to whip them up more, and joined them in chanting, “No action, no peace!” which sounds an awful lot like a threat against lawmakers exactly of the type Trump is accused of. But we were assured it was a “peaceful protest,” and there were no arrests.

“No arrests?” “Trespassing?” “Released on their own recognizance?” Why, I have been assured for the past two-plus years that when protesters enter a legislative building and try to disrupt the functions of government, that’s an “insurrection.” And anyone involved in any way, no matter how peacefully, must be hounded to the ends of the Earth, thrown in solitary for a year or two while someone ponders what to charge them with, then get shipped off to prison for years. I mean, we can all see that the legal system has been rigged to target Trump personally, but do the January 6th precedents also apply only to Trump supporters?

As you can see at this link, I’m not the only one who was struck by this blatant example of legal double standards here in our newly-minted banana republic.

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