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November 6, 2023

I’ll bet you breathed a sigh of relief when “Gay Pride Month” in June finally ended (it seemed to go on all summer), but now, activists are trying to force us to observe November as “Trans Awareness Month.” As if we already weren’t “aware” of trans people far beyond their actual numbers. Didn’t we cover that with the “T” in “LGBTQ” during “Gay Pride Month?” Apparently, that wasn’t enough attention for them. 

But I don’t think they’re going to like the news stories that kicked off “Trans Awareness Month,” because all they did was make people even more aware of how unfair and dangerous it is to let males who claim to “identify” as female compete in sports against women.

First, there was the story of the “trans” cyclist who won gold in the Chicago CycloCross Cup, marking “her” tenth gold medal stolen from women competitors in less than a year. The Chicago race organizers said that anyone who disagrees with transgenderism will be “asked to leave.” That’s a great idea: all women competitors should leave any events that force them to compete against men and start their own events. We could call them “A league of their own.”

But then came even worse PR for “Transgender Awareness”: a shocking video that went viral of a girls’ high school field hockey game in Massachusetts. A male who reportedly “identifies” as female and was allowed to compete against girls hit the ball so hard that it struck a girl in the face and knocked her teeth out. You can hear her scream in pain (warning: disturbing video at the link.)

The school defended this with the usual load of softsoap about acceptance and inclusion and the “right to play,” but that hasn’t quelled the rising public outrage. Everyone with eyes and a functioning brain could see how unfair and dangerous this mass societal delusion has become for female athletes. How many girls will have to not only lose trophies and scholarships but be seriously injured or even killed before we demand that schools and sports organizations come to their senses and stop forcing them to compete against males who are twice their size and strength?

That link has some good comments from Riley Gaines and Chad Prather, but I think the best comments came from women’s sports activist Amy E. Sousa:

"Sports are segregated by sex because women deserve physical fairness and safety in sports! Men who physically harm women on the field and steal women’s rightful accomplishments have been emboldened by federal and state policies that are outright abusive to women. Policies that prioritize men’s identity claims over the physical safety of women are more than sexist, they constitute ABUSE.”

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