August 12, 2019

Late last week, some huge news broke with the release of Bruce Ohr’s “302” FBI debriefings. For those of us who have been paying attention for the past three years, it only confirmed what we’d already learned about the FBI. (In fact, with all the details my research team and I have offered you about this scandal, we’ve not yet had to retract ANYTHING. We’re not wild-eyed conspiracy theorists around here –- actually quite skeptical –- and what we’ve said is all being borne out by hard evidence.)


We already knew about the huge conflict represented by the cozy relationship among Bruce Ohr, then fourth-in-command at Obama’s Justice Department; Nellie Ohr, his wife, a specialist on Russia who happened to work doing Hillary-funded anti-Trump oppo research for Fusion GPS; Christopher Steele, a virulently anti-Trump British ex-spy who was credited with putting together the fictional Trump “dossier” that was used as the basis for spying on the Trump campaign; and top FBI officials such as Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe. We learned this mostly from the excellent sources of investigative reporters John Solomon, Sara Carter, Catherine Herridge, Paul Sperry and other heroes.


But now we’re obtaining the documents that confirm their stories, courtesy of (speaking of heroes) Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch and his many FOIA requests, which went unanswered literally for years but are now finally bearing fruit, particularly with Bruce Ohr’s “302s.”


Before we get to that, I’d like to let you know that there’s yet another part of this scandal --- the “saving” of Hillary Clinton from criminal prosecution for obstruction of justice and violation of the Espionage Act --- that is likely to be thoroughly revealed as well. That’s because Attorney General William Barr not only has the authority to dig into the FBI investigation of Trump, but can also go back and declassify documents relevant to the Clinton “investigation.” Recall that both investigations involved many of the same players, notably Peter Strzok, who was, unbelievably, leading both.


According to Paul Sperry, an order written on May 23 will require agencies to supply key documents such as summaries of suspect and witness interviews, confidential source reports, transcripts of covert recordings and other investigative records that they’ve been withholding from congressional Republicans. This includes so-far secret papers related to the “investigation” of Clinton and her private email server.


According to Sperry’s sources, these documents implicate the Clinton campaign and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch in a secret deal to fix the Clinton email “investigation.” (In this context, I always put the word “investigation” in quotes.) There are also some intelligence reports shedding light on the Uranium One deal. It’s interesting that Trump’s declassification order included the Energy Department; perhaps this is to look specifically at Uranium One. About doggone time.


Here’s the full story. But come back, because there is more.


Trump Order Also Grants Barr Power To Declassify Still-Secret Hillary Docs

Here’s another piece from Sperry, this one about evidence that former special counsel Robert Mueller perjured himself in congressional testimony. (Yes, even though he hardly answered anything, it seems he still may have managed to commit perjury.)


I’ll try to boil it down: As part of its overall (false) narrative that Putin interfered with our 2016 election specifically to help Trump win, the Mueller report, without proof, links two Russian internet “trolling farms” to the Russian government. A U.S. district court judge told Mueller on May 28, in a closed-door session, that his report overstated the evidence pointing to that and ordered his team to set the record straight, so as not to prejudice the jury against the Russian defendants. The very next day, during his strange and (at the time) seemingly unnecessary press conference, Mueller made a point of referring to “a PRIVATE Russian entity engaged in a social media operation” and…“we are not commenting on the guilt or innocence of any specific defendant.”


But when asked on July 24, under oath, by California Rep. Tom McClintock if there was any connection between the judge’s ruling and what he said the next day, he denied it. His denial likely is a big whopper, but don’t look for House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler to look into that. He’s too busy conducting formal impeachment proceedings against a President who has done nothing wrong. But by the same rigid standard that caused Michael Flynn to be charged and plead guilty, Mueller would be in deep trouble for such a lie.


Here’s the full story from Paul Sperry if you’d like the details. But come back, because we still have the revelations from Bruce Ohr’s “302” reports.


Mueller Tied to Double Deception: First in Court, Then Before Congress | RealClearInvestigations

It’s been almost a year since Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch filed a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request for the Form 302’s (interview summaries) from a dozen debriefings that Bruce Ohr had with the FBI on his communications with Christopher Steele. Now, they’ve been released. Their significance is that they are the tangible evidence of what sources have been telling John Solomon and other tireless truth-seekers all along. This is no wild conspiracy theory; it is what really happened.


“These new Bruce Ohr FBI 302s show an unprecedented and irregular effort by the FBI, DOJ and State Department to dig up dirt on President Trump using the conflicted Bruce Ohr, his wife, and the Clinton/DNC spies at Fusion GPS,” Fitton said. “The FISA courts weren’t informed of this corrupted process when they were asked to approve and re-approve extraordinary spy warrants targeting President Trump.”


Just to cite one example in the notes: on November 22, 2016 (just a couple of weeks after Trump’s election), Bruce Ohr informed the FBI that “reporting on Trump’s ties to Russia were going to the Clinton Campaign, Jon Winer at the U.S. State Department, and the FBI.” Or this: on December 20, 2016, Ohr provided the FBI with his wife Nellie’s Fusion GPS research, “which contained the totality” of her work “but the Fusion GPS heading was stripped.”


That’s just a taste. The press release from Judicial Watch lays out all the details, and we’ll have more analysis this week. It’s all coming out. In the meantime, just for fun, here’s a link to our anthem, “American Spies,” a parody song and video written and sung by our own writer/researcher Laura Ainsworth, telling the whole story of the “Russia hoax” scandal. This gets timelier every day. It should make it easier to keep the players straight, plus you can sing along on the chorus: “Bye-bye, you American spies! You were tailing and surveilling; we uncovered your lies. You thought you’d win, and we would never be wise, but Election Day would be a surprise...”


'American Spies' parody music video + lyrics




Judicial Watch: FBI 302 Interviews with Bruce Ohr on Spygate Released To Judicial Watch - Judicial Watch

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  • Virginia

    08/13/2019 11:40 AM

    Judicial Watch is doing an excellent job of revealing the truth about the "Russian Collusion," but just like many of your other readers I find it hard to believe anything will be done to any of these people that broke the law. For example, we all know that Hillary committed so many crimes but it is already just accepted that she will not be prosecuted. It will be the same treatment for all these other law breaking Democrats. I use to contribute money to Judicial Watch but have stopped my contributions because I feel it is money wasted.

  • Kathryn J Rae

    08/13/2019 10:56 AM

    Again, you've written a great factual commentary about the corrupt individuals who tried to take down our wonderful President Trump. But, with all the evidence right there for all to see, I have to wonder if there are enough strong Republicans to pursue justice. We have so many weak links and turncoats in the Republican party that I have lost faith that we will ever see anyone arrested or held accountable. I pray that I'm wrong.

  • william fuhrer

    08/13/2019 10:54 AM


  • Pat Maddin

    08/13/2019 10:31 AM

    Thank you for Breaking it down for us. I look forward to your humourous truthful interpretations daily.

  • Michael

    08/13/2019 10:18 AM

    Governor: Once again as always you write a good article full of facts and evidence. But I am way past skeptical that anything will ever happen to any of the Democrat crooks, right up and including the top person. The swamp is so deep and has gone on so long, not sure it can be drained. And if I'm wrong, then I hope there is a full steam ahead to pursue and hold those accountable way before the 2020 election. Time is moving quickly and those of us who still hope to see justice are becoming more and more wary that it will happen. Too many of the suspects seem to have been placed above the law, protected by shady lawyers and maybe not enough good guys in the Department of Justice who will want to investigate and expose the truth. But again, I hope I am wrong.

  • Bernadette Dillon

    08/13/2019 09:54 AM

    It seems that this whole thing with Epstein's death has been brushed under a table hoping that no one will ask the question how does a man commit suicide on 24/7 hour watch? who killed Epstein? the Clinton's, the Democratic party? How many high profile democrats were frequent fliers on Epstein's plane to Epstein island. We know on 16 different occasions President Clinton was. Not because Clinton told us, but because the Secret Service being paid by taxpayers had to report it. Who had the most to loose?

  • Jerry

    08/13/2019 09:52 AM

    This comment doesn't have much to do with this edition the people i am speaking about are about the same as far as their character goes. Kamala Harris at a Nursing Home in Iowa interacts with a 90 year old resident she lies about the content of her discussion with the elderly woman I sensed that Kamala would be better suited to handle and advise women like stormy Daniels and the profession she is engaged in Harris to me acts and looks like a cold hearted, a two faced liar; she is a me person only, not a commander in chief possibility so far from it. I had thought of her this way when she exposed herself at the Kavanaugh hearing and has proven my assessment of her a MADAM. She would probably screw that up also, remember she imprisioned people for smoking pot and she probably smokes also what a beauty.

  • albert behrens

    08/13/2019 09:25 AM

    Same old story. Who is going to jail? What does it take to force the issue of prosecution?

    This is why people lose confidence in our system of justice.

    This is why most of us don't watch the negative news channels - the politicians break the golden rule every day!

    God's word never changes!

  • Frances Regena Brown

    08/13/2019 09:06 AM

    How can Nadler conduct impeachment hearings? And such a waste of money and time on the taxpayers of this country. Who can rein this behavior in and upright the train? Thank you.

  • Nancy Bradley

    08/13/2019 08:44 AM

    Absolutely ?? The Laura Ainsworth “American Spies.” It is so well done - outrageously funny and true. Have you had her on your TBN show, Governor? We are regular listeners but could have missed her. She is a great writer. Keep up the fight, all of you. This country desperately needs watch dogs like you and your fabulous, talented staff!

  • Leo Mora

    08/13/2019 08:11 AM

    Robert Mueller's duplicity in his conflicted use of words did not start with him as Special Counsel. It goes further back than that. Notably, in 1998, wasn't it President Bill Clinton who told us - the American people - that "character didn't matter" in reply to his sexual misconduct with Monica Lewinsky during 1995-96? Since then, Clinton's attitudes have grown exponentially viral with many of our politicians and high government officials to this very day. Thus, is it any wonder why our political system is fraught with disingenuous and deceitful fabrications of misconduct where character appears to matter more now than ever before? Strikingly, wasn't it President John Adams who said that "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people (and) is wholly inadequate to the government of any other"? In other words, if we fail to heed the wise words of an original framer of our Constitution, then how can we as the American people expect any better of those who work for us? Or, more pointedly, do our politicians et al., "represent" us in ways that are far less than our preferred notions of what it means to have character?

  • Michael Hutch

    08/13/2019 05:59 AM

    Saw her name. Just where will, when Loretta Lynch come under scrutiny?

  • Teresa Carstensen

    08/13/2019 12:08 AM

    HELP! Congress or the FEC need to Act BEFORE the 2020 election to make that if the Leftist tech giants decide to send out a "Go Vote" reminder on election day, then it MUST be to ALL of their platform members, NOT filtered to only send to Democrats, or any one party members. Have you seen this Congressional testimony? SCARY! Watch this Prager University video:

  • Keethlyn Fletcher

    08/12/2019 11:50 PM

    I'm so happy that things are starting to come out in the wash. It's been a long 2-3 years but finally the truth is coming to light. Wonder if any Dems will apologise? Probably not.

  • eddie chicago

    08/12/2019 11:44 PM

    How about a "Top Ten" on what really happened to Jeffrey Epstein ? Governor, no one I know trusts the government anymore about anything. Time to address that issue. Keep playing your bass on your TBN show. That I can believe. Prayin and playin my '76 fretless. E/C

  • Thomas Wenndt

    08/12/2019 11:13 PM

    All this is nice - useful, informative, eye-opening. But sadly, I think it will be useless. Call me the ultimate pessimist, but I just plain do not see the process following through that puts even one of these scofflaws behind bars - indictment, prosecution, charges brought before a court, and a judge or jury finding them guilty and sentencing them to long prison sentences (as they all deserve). There is just too much and too many to protect here, going all the way to the top - and too many high-priced shyster lawyers protecting them. And I'm doubly sorry - but I don't see prosecutors successfully getting 12 jurors selected that won't have even one that could care less about the evidence, as long as the individual has a 'D' next to his/her name. If ANY of these people worked for the Trump campaign, they would have a whole building of people they would throw away the key for. But there is still way too much deep state out there - including a ton of RINO's - to let this play out as it legally should.

  • Larry

    08/12/2019 10:52 PM

    Governor Huckabee. What keeps me uneasy from my past experience tell's me, the deep state runs much deeper than anyone knows. A minimum of 30% (on average) of all agencies would need to be removed. This is not going to happen, and the current scandal will not touch many. President Trump has only delayed the self destruction. I hope I am not here when it happens, I'm anxious for my children & grand children & family. God have mercy on us!

  • Doug Morgan

    08/12/2019 10:51 PM

    Governor, I enjoy all the updated and enlightening information. You are able to get through the baffle-gab of various and conflicting reports and get to the truth. I sincerely rely on your report for facts and the truth. However, as I've written before, nothing will ever be done to the democrats, the real law breakers. I still see a bunch of lilly livered republicans that will do nothing but talk and debate. No prosecution will be forthcoming to any of the major demon-crats.

  • Christine Kerekffy

    08/12/2019 10:14 PM

    But Mr. Huckabee, can Hillary and these other people still be prosecuted for these crimes?

  • Helen H. Johnson

    08/12/2019 10:13 PM


  • James Pearce

    08/12/2019 09:41 PM

    This whole clown show is making those in America that want to see justice done crazy. Four different investigations have vetted President Trump and his administration of no guilt on Russian collusion or obstruction of justice. Yet Jerry Fat boy Nadler continues to persecute the president. Where is this justice? No one is allowed to persecute anyone that has been investigated for any crime and found to continue to be not guilty. So by what authority does democrats or Jerry Fat Boy Nadler or Adumb Schiff have to continue on this false naritive? Nadler, Schiff, and the rest of the Who done it gang should be expelled from the senate or congress for such persecution as well as wasting tax payers money on stupid fruitless persuits. We the people want this to stop NOW! Is there not a way for this persecution to be stopped. We are all waiting to see those responsibile to be punished for this injustice perpetrated on America and a man trying to do exactly what we elected him to do in the first place.

  • Elizabeth Crouse

    08/12/2019 09:37 PM

    I am horrified at all I am hearing. Where is family and neighbors that work together to make sure children are taken care of? The way I was raised and my children were raised, child trafficking was not possible. The evil all around is unreal but I know it is true. I support President Trump and believe he loves America. The others running are running for self not country.

  • Gary Stilwell

    08/12/2019 09:23 PM

    I certainly applaud the President's endorsement of Mr. Barr's investigation--maybe he will effect justice here and put the murderess clinton in an orange suit(as well as her boss)
    I do expect that the campaign promise of draining the swamp will include the 'other' swamp members-those being on the republican side--and no ---I am not "stupid" as your news letterhead proclaims--most Democrats have lost their minds--they are beyond reason, but so also are the nutcase Republicans who either do nothing, or "rail at the injustice" but yet again, do nothing---True Conservative folks are typically non-combative--they listen and will offer opposing views-usually consisting of solid, logical, argument. What we have now is wimpy, worthless stalemating--they have no basis in logic, no basis in relevance, and appear to be in a hole poking their swords up to try and stave off the assault by the crazies who are bent on overwhelming them---They need to get a SPINE!!!--and those who can't pass muster need to be fired.

  • Vicky Thomas

    08/12/2019 09:21 PM

    Thank you for you daily newsletters Governor

  • Stephen Russell

    08/12/2019 08:59 PM

    Epstien suicide:
    o Self inflicted
    o Epstien defense atty called off suicide watch
    o who shut down camera
    o did cellmate kill Epstien.
    o Who called off guard & how much for?
    o Pay 2 Play.
    o Who benefits aside those on his jet & Pedo Island.
    o If prior MCC inmates saw No way he could not committ suicide, someone smuggle in "tools" to hang self?
    o Is whole Federal prison Corrupt?
    o or Just NYC prison
    o anyone above warden order guard change or defense attorneys?
    o Use a body dble for murder?

    Posotive news:
    DC NY CA elites scrambling.