Leftist tolerance

February 16, 2020

Ever since I referred to that Internet commenter who insisted that most political violence is perpetrated by people on the right, I’ve been making a little room each day to include one of the many stories I get about leftist thugs using threats and violence to try to silence and intimidate people who disagree with them. It’s not even hard to find them, they come spilling over the news feeds every day. I could easily fill these pages with them, but that might get repetitious, so I’ll just share two more to make it three days in a row and figure I’ve made my point.

This one is about a New Hampshire tough guy who (allegedly) assaulted three Trump supporters, including a 15-year-old boy for wearing a MAGA cap.


And this one is about some tolerant leftists at the University of Santa Cruz attacking some College Republicans, tearing up their information table and throwing their Betsy Ross American flag on the ground and spitting on it. Here’s a video showing it happening and displaying their faces quite clearly. One of the victims reported it to the campus police, and a name of one of the attackers was discovered via social media. Are they still students there? If so, why? Are they under arrest? If not, why not?


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  • Kara Lawler

    02/16/2020 10:35 PM

    I wish people could just walk away or learn to simply ignore people if they don't like who they stand for. It's simple, common decency that is supposed to be learned by their parents or caregivers. Such a crying shame and so sad to see all of the hate.