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May 24, 2021

Good evening! Today's Evening Edition includes:

  • Daily Bible Verse
  • A terrorist act
  • If It Weren't For Double Standards...
  • New developments cast doubt on this key COVID-19 claim
  • Here’s something you don’t see every day
  • Must-read article
  • Bernie knows best
  • A Reader Writes...


Mike Huckabee


All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

2 Timothy 3:16

A terrorist act

By Mike Huckabee

Since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi believes that attempts by political radicals to threaten and intimidate Congress members are tantamount to treason and insurrection, I expect her to join me in demanding the full force of the law be brought against the unhinged abortion advocate who nearly ran down Republican Rep. Jackie Walorski and some other pro-life activists as they were peacefully praying outside an abortion clinic.

If she doesn’t join in condemning this terrorist act, then I have to assume that (A.) her concern over the January 6th incident is just political theater, and (B.) that abortion advocates put no age limits on their contempt for the sanctity of human life.

If It Weren't For Double Standards...

By Mike Huckabee

CNN has released one of the few conservatives they allowed on the air, Rick Santorum, for an alleged racist tweet. What he said was that there isn’t much Native American culture in contemporary US culture. Yep, that’s it. He apologized for it, too. But CNN still fired him.

As Matt Vespa reminds us, this is the same network that allowed anchor Chris Cuomo to suck up on-air to his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, as he was covering up the true number of COVID deaths from his insane nursing home policies, and who admitted he advised Andrew on how to handle the multiple sexual harassment complaints against him. Chris Cuomo has received no punishment at all and is still on CNN, while Rick Santorum was fired over a not-particularly-offensive tweet that he already apologized for.

It seems incredibly unjust and blatantly biased, but maybe having to stay on CNN is punishment by itself.

New developments cast doubt on this key COVID-19 claim

By Mike Huckabee

Several recent developments have cast renewed doubt on the claim that the COVID-19 coronavirus naturally spread from animals. There’s a growing amount of at least circumstantial evidence suggesting that it escaped from the viral research lab in Wuhan, China. The New York Post has a good recap of what happened up until now and why we’re suddenly hearing a number of authoritative voices speak up to question the official story.

(An aside: yes, I said the virus came from China, because it did. That’s not racist, any more than saying "German measles" is racist, and it’s certainly not an incitement to idiots to attack Chinese people. Anyone who pushes that line is a patsy doing the propaganda work of China’s Communist government, which is hiding behind false claims of “racism” to escape scrutiny of its own culpability in allowing this virus to spread worldwide. Besides, anyone who howls that “Chinese virus” is racist and then talks about the “Indian Variant” is either a hypocrite or, by their own definition, a hate-inciting racist. Aside over.)

For a long time, any suggestion that the virus might have come from a lab in China was treated as a crazy, racist conspiracy theory, and any mention of it was banned by social media outlets and their “fact-checkers.” But this weekend might have brought a tipping point, as even Dr. Fauci pulled his biggest flip-flop yet and admitted that maaaaaybe it’s not so certain where the virus came from and he is now “perfectly in favor of any investigation that looks into the origin of the virus.”

Of course, any investigation would require the cooperation of the Chinese government, which has never given it before, and that’s why all the adamant denials and censorship were unfounded from the get-go.

While this debate rages on, let me just point out one big problem with many of the “fact-checks” that are being used as excuses to silence legitimate questions. Many of them, as in this case, don’t debunk the claims with actual facts, but with “appeals to authority.” They cite some prominent “expert” who disagrees, and that’s taken as proof that the claim is false. But an “appeal to authority” that cites a questionable authority is a textbook example of a logical fallacy. (No wonder leftists are trying to brand logic and reason as "white supremacist concepts" and kill them.)

I’ve said since this pandemic began that I didn’t blame health officials for getting things wrong at first, or altering their initial comments, because it was an entirely new disease and they were scrambling to learn what it was and how it spread. I get that mistakes were made about things like whether or not to wear masks, or how contagious surfaces are.

But too many times, opinions (often biased opinions) were treated as if they were settled truths. One example was when Trump was branded as a liar for predicting that a vaccine would be available before the end of the year -- “experts” said it would take at least until 2021. Not only was Trump’s statement just a hopeful prediction, not a lie, but he turned out to be correct and the so-called “experts” wrong.

Now, the flat denials that the virus might have come from a Chinese lab and the attacks on anyone who suggested it are looking like the assurances of “experts” who didn’t know what they were talking about. It’s still an unproven hypothesis for which we need to get to the truth. But if you censor questions and silence debate, then how do you ever expect to get to the truth about anything?

Here’s something you don’t see every day

By Mike Huckabee

A Democratic Representative chastising his fellow Democrats for attacking Israel without having a real understanding of the conflict or the region’s history. But kudos to California Rep. Brad Sherman for daring to go there:

One example he cites: some Democrats want to deprive Israel of the technology that allows smart bombs to hit a precise target, which would leave only “dumb bombs” that cause more civilian casualties.

Just curious: When you saw the phrase “dumb bomb” - something dumb that just goes off and doesn’t care what it blows up -- did any of you also think of some of Rep. Sherman’s House colleagues?

Must-read article

By Mike Huckabee

Kevin Downey Jr. at PJ Media has a must-read article on why the spread of police body cams has been a disappointment to anti-police activists who thought they would provide proof of widespread racist brutality by cops.

While some still claim that police must be hiding the video of brutality, the fact is that in the majority of cases, the body cam footage shatters the leftist narrative by revealing that cops mostly act bravely and professionally when they’re forced to deal with aggressive criminal behavior.

We’ve all grown used to the idea of “reality” shows being totally fake, but it turns out that what we were seeing on “Cops” all those years was a lot more accurate than the version told by the anti-police protesters who got “Cops” taken off the air.

Bernie knows best

By Mike Huckabee

I’ve often written about how miraculous it is that so many politicians who’ve never done anything except politics know how to do so many things better than the people who actually know about them. For instance, Bernie Sanders has never so much as run a lemonade stand, but he knows how to run every business in America better than the people who started them. Likewise, many politicians think they know everything they need to know to regulate guns, even if they don’t know which end of one the bullet comes out of.

Latest example: our thanks for the laugh to California Assemblyman David Chiu, who tweeted his horrified and indignant response to finding the packaging from a Glock pistol as he was walking through a San Francisco park. He didn’t notice, but other Twitter users did, that what he posted a photo of was the packaging from a Glock brand toy air gun.

While it’s also interesting to see how many things he got wrong while just trying to back out of that boner gracefully, my question is why he was so upset at finding that, but San Francisco parks full of discarded heroin needles and human feces don’t seem to bother him in the least.

A Reader Writes Back... 

Thank you Governor for blessing us with truth and honesty in the stories you put on your site. BTW,I am praying for Sarah and all the other conservatives, and republicans to win with a landslide in 2022 and 2024.

Be blessed as you continue your walk with the Lord.

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Comments 1-21 of 21

  • Pat J Green

    05/25/2021 11:47 AM

    I just don't see what is racist about what Santorum said, I believe cnn just wanted to let him go.

  • Eunice Vincent

    05/25/2021 09:59 AM

    Good morning, Gov. Huckabee,

    I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am to see that you use the KJV of the Bible for your daily posts! I think that’s a great thing in the day and time in which we live. It seems that nowadays a new translation or paraphrase comes out every month!
    As a fairly new subscriber, I have not seen your position on climate change. Today’s scripture made me think about it. I am certain that you have commented on it before, and I just missed it.
    I want to thank you for your stand and for the common sense you use in presenting the truth. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family. I hope that Sarah wins by a landslide!!

  • Joyce F Birch

    05/25/2021 08:31 AM

    You're right Governor, news you can trust!

  • Mary Louise Newlon

    05/25/2021 07:40 AM

    Covid,financial problems, crazy weather, riots, green new deal, corruption, and so many God trying to tell the whole world that, too, has a serious problem with migration. Corruption is rampant all over the Globe. I keep wondering how long The Lord will be patient. He has to be waiting until the last person accepts Christ. Is it getting nearer the Rapture? Mary

  • JC Holland

    05/25/2021 06:08 AM

    New developments cast doubt on this key COVID-19 claim:

    Governor, how come if 650,000 people died as a result of China Virus, the total deaths of Americans' didn't go up by that same 650,000 people in 2020 Vs. the total deaths in 2019?

    Why don't these numbers closely match? Could it be that China Virus was cited as the cause of death when these folks actually died from something else but also had the virus?

    In other words, yes the virus is real, yes it kills people, but no, it did not kill 650,000 by itself. Thus, there really was never any pandemic.

    Please respond to this.

    Thank you for all you do.

  • Yolanda Bayne

    05/25/2021 01:57 AM

    I enjoyed the article about Bernie Sanders, you hit the nail on the head.
    Also the one about David Chip.
    Keep the good job Mr. Huckabee.

  • Anne Turner

    05/25/2021 12:26 AM

    Pure unmitigated hatred does amazing things to people. People I would normally think of as intelligent, sound thinkers, even if they disagreed with me, are now unable to articulate anything but what they have been fed. They may have some good points from time to time, but one cannot get to them through the veil of Trump vilification. One person said to me today that the beatings of Asians are caused by Trump calling Covid the Wuhan virus. It does not matter that it may have been a lab escape that caused the spread, the only thing that matters is Trump hatred. It is simply not possible to be rational when filled with such visceral dislike. Then there is the January 6th episode. No one I know approves of that but it is the gift to the DNC that keeps on giving. To even compare this event to the Civil War or any other war we have fought where millions have died is total craziness. It makes those who say it sound so ignorant, and these are the leaders of the free world. We must be a laughing stock in the world. Foreign leaders may not of liked Trump, but by golly, they respected him. They knew he would stick to business.

  • Judy Radley

    05/24/2021 09:54 PM

    Here are the dims. of NYS, and other 'blue' controlled states, things that are supposed to 'enhance life' for NY'ers. Gambling on sports teams ok now, repeat criminal activities okay as they don't allow 'held without bail' even after committing several crimes from sexual assault to endangering welfare of a child, over and over again after court appearances, still are not in jail, (esp. if they are black or of a minority persons), gov. can publish and profit from book deals while still in office, sexual harassment by governor okay, (they believe governor when he says 'I didn't do anything wrong'), must not have large congregation in churches, and must be masked and 'social distancing', or no church services, but okay to have riots in the streets without masks, okay to drink alcohol because it is 'socially acceptable' but you better not smoke cigarettes but okay to smoke pot and to use heroin because NYS gives out free needles, okay to abort a child, but better not euthanize animals (esp. when they are vicious attack dogs), okay to falsely claim law enforcement used force unnecessarily, but you better not hold a person of color accountable for crime they did, which ultimately contributed to their own death, okay to put sickened people in to nursing homes where vulnerable population is, but you better not resist when taxes are increased in order to pay for a bridge that is only used by a small percent of local traffic, and named after governor's corrupt father. If any of these 'proposals and policies' were suggested by a President Trump supporter, you know what would've happened, outcry in the highest order. But then President Trump would NEVER propose these ridiculous things in the first place, and us as his supporters, would never allow it because of just who we are and our morals and respect for law enforcement and enforcement of laws by common sense and to bring TRUE quality of life, not some narrative just to piss off others. By their own stupidity, the dims. controlled states have LOST citizens because of their corrupt and nonsensical policies, they have lost Congressional seats! YEA! There truly is a God who lets fools stay foolish and bring about their own doom. Free Will will ruin the most corrupt the fastest way. Just let them continue to go down the fools' path, and they will ruin themselves.

  • Renee Kendrick

    05/24/2021 09:44 PM

    And to think that none of the "dumb bombs" that crossed my mind were blonde!

    People named "Patsy" could take offense to your use of their name in vain.


    05/24/2021 09:12 PM

    Can only unhinged is the people we see on the news, we have to keep praying for them to see the light of CHRTST.
    Thank you so much for keeping us on the right path

  • Judy McGlothlin

    05/24/2021 08:48 PM

    The COVID 19 virus was developed in the Wuhan Lab in China. Dr. Fauci's organization has been funding the research at Wuhan to develop that type of virus. I and others have known this for many months. Don't know why it is just coming out that maybe it was released from the Wuhan Lab.

  • Bruce Feldhusen

    05/24/2021 08:36 PM

    Hi Mike, Thank You for your wonderful newsletter!

    Just read your article "New developments cast doubt on this key COVID-19 claim". You may want to read this:

    Be Well, Bruce

  • Maureen S

    05/24/2021 08:33 PM

    So glad I subscribed to your newsletter. It is spot on.
    I not only love what you write but also love your sense of humor.
    Thank you.

  • Anne Amato

    05/24/2021 07:52 PM

    Dear Governor,
    Rick Santorum should never have apologized for what he said about Native American culture having little (if any) presence in current American history or culture -- because what he said is the truth!
    When I was young, the high school I attended in northern MN our school teams were known as the "Indians". (That has since been changed.) However, even though we had several Native Americans in my class, we never knew anything about their history or culture.
    This is still not being taught in schools today!
    One of the best sites for learning about the many and varied Native American Tribes...their history, customs, beliefs, and culture is a site called
    The history and culture of the many tribes in the continental USA varies beliefs, customs, physical attributes....everything.
    In the northern half of MN alone, there are currently approximately 9 Native American Reservations....a few are quite large.
    But we knew NOTHING back then about their history and culture...and most people still do not.
    So...Mr. Santorum was CORRECT! He should NOT have apologized because he spoke the truth!

  • Jim White

    05/24/2021 06:56 PM

    I read your two Additions every day. Here in New Zealand the Socialist Government made people hand in all their firearms that did not meet draconian rules. Of course the Gangs and criminals did not do so and are now emboldened which means gun crime and shootings have gone through the roof.
    Keep up the good work. I’m sure the USA will turn itself around and once more will become a great country.

  • Dan Kloppenborg

    05/24/2021 06:38 PM

    Many states where President Trump lost by a small margin due to cheating by Dominion. What abour other republicans that also were on the ticket? Possible senator from Michigan?

  • Floyd A Unger

    05/24/2021 06:37 PM

    Thank you

  • Ronald Tiedje

    05/24/2021 06:26 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee,

    I have followed you for years and thank you for your calm and always faithful comments you make about America and what a great country this is and needs to continue to be for not just Americans, but for all God’s people of the world.

    I hope he will protect us through these rough times. I am not worried about me or my wife in our mid 70’s. I am worry about my kids and my grandkids should we not take back the Congress (including Governorships, as Sara is doing) in 2022 I am very concerned about this great counties future for all Americans.

    May God Bless you and all good people of our country and May he see his way to help use through these difficult times. I sure he will!

  • Sharon Faulkner

    05/24/2021 06:22 PM


    I have always liked Rick Santorum but I have to wonder what he was doing working for CNN.
    Also what he said was true he should not have apologized.
    We need to let these cancel culture fascists just dry up and blow away.

  • Barbara Campbell

    05/24/2021 06:21 PM

    Pelosi had the January 6 “insurrection “ set up and staged, several videos concur this, she should back off. She knew Trump would win with his appeal to Supreme Court if it wasn’t stopped. She stopped it. Or at very least, had her little henchman, Schiff do it.

  • William Fuhrer

    05/24/2021 06:07 PM