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June 20, 2024

New York Magazine is justifiably getting raked over the coals for a clueless cover story questioning how women could be Republicans. Maybe they just prefer to be in a party that actually knows what a “woman” is.

Related: I don’t cover all the stories of illegal alien criminals attacking Americans because there are just so many, but a few in recent days have been especially horrific. Like the case of the illegal alien from El Salvador arrested for the violent rape and murder of mother-of-five Rachel Morin. It was the second such murder in Hartford County, Maryland, and the sheriff blasted the Biden Administration for allowing it thanks to their open border/catch-and-release/no deportation policies.

Then there was the Ecuadoran “migrant” who brutally raped a 13-year-old girl in broad daylight in a Queens, New York, park, and was only arrested because an angry mob grabbed him, pounded him and held him for police.

And what does our laughably-titled “Homeland Security” Director Alejandro Mayorkas have to say about the wave of foreign criminals attacking innocent Americans, in many cases previously-deported criminals who should have been blocked from entry or removed immediately? He went on CNN to address the public’s concerns by absolving himself and President Biden of any responsibility.

Refusing any blame for Rachel Morin’s rape and murder by someone who wouldn’t have even been in the USA if he’d done his job, Mayorkas said, “A criminal is responsible for the criminal act. The criminal who committed this heinous act should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law, and forcefully so. That is my response.”

I agree. So let’s hold Mayorkas and Biden fully accountable for their criminal negligence in precipitating these heinous crimes.

Memo to New York Magazine: Read that and explain to me, why would any woman vote for Democrats?

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