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December 30, 2021

"I learned I have 2 tumor of cancer on my right lung. I need prayer that I can be healed fr those tumors. Starting chemo therapy On Jan.5 - Jane Moore"

"My 2 children an 1 granddaughter all have lynchsydrom a cancer gene an will have a colonostomy in February pray no cancer is found"

"My husband has suffered from several post covid ailments and fortunately, many of them have resolved except for extreme fatigue and daily bad headaches. These are truly debilitating for him, he's been unable to return to work and spends most days in bed. I miss my husband before Covid and my heart breaks for him to be in pain all the time. He is worn out mentally, physically, and spiritually. His name is Robert and I ask for prayers for his health to be restored please. Thank you."

"I have a friend Arlene. Her sister Joanna in Worchester,Massachusetts is currently in ICU with covid intubated. Please pray."

"Frances Langley - Has a neurological problem that has not been diagnosed after numerous doctor visits. She is unable to do anything for herself. Requires assistance 24/7. Needs a miracle healing."

"Brother John Stewart of Lavaca Arkansas, hospitalized (now) 37 days. COVID. Thank you and God Bless!"

"Please pray for my daughter Katie who suffers with Scleroderma, no cure, pray for a cure and her pain that is 24/7 and thank you. Kay W."

"Pray for Lu . Struggling with brain injury. Upcoming shoulder surgery"

"Pray for my son, David, who is at a crossroads in his life. Help him to listen to God's guidance, and less to his own path and misguided direction. Help him to help his family in ways that money cannot buy. Help him to get back onto the right path that God has planned for him and his family. Help him to see that what he already has is far better than what he thinks he wants."

"Our friend Ralph has been in the hospital since 11/13/21 with Covid. He is dying. A prayer vigil was held at bedside tonite. Please pray for his life and health. God bless."


"Please pray for my father-in-law who passed away on Dec. 17, 2021. He is out of pain now."

"Pam and family in loss of father."

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  • T. Drabek

    12/31/2021 11:26 AM

    Please pray for our sister in law Judy who after developing what was thought to be symptoms of a stroke earlier this year began falling frequently, rapidly developed memory loss & other signs of dementia (anger issues). She is now in a memory loss nursing home. All this was after she received 2 covid vaccines plus a booster this year 2021, We dont know what to believe regarding the cause of her rapid decline (natural stroke or vaccines).

  • Nancy Gibson

    12/30/2021 10:21 PM

    I listened to #9 episode of Christ Revealed today. I was blown away by your interview.
    Why can’t more people be as wise as you? Truly inspiring Mike Huckabee. Thank you for all you do. Your light is shining bright!

  • Dean Seigneur

    12/30/2021 10:05 AM

    My godly and beloved wife of 50 years went to heaven last month. I need prayers as I adjust to not having my helpmeet. I do not what to do except trust Jesus.