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January 12, 2023

Stacey Abrams somehow managed to blow over $100 million on a second failed race for Governor of Georgia and lose worse than the first time. She was criticized for poor spending decisions and ending $1 million in debt, forcing loyal staffers to be cut off from pay just before Christmas. Now, a new problem for her: a federal court has ordered “Fair Fight Action,” a group founded by Abrams, to pay over $231,000 in legal fees due to their groundless lawsuit against the state, falsely claiming voter suppression (FYI: historic numbers of Georgians voted, just not for her.

Despite this record of lies, waste and failure, Abrams was on Drew Barrymore’s TV show Monday, where she declared that she’s already thinking of running again. That drew wild cheers from the no-doubt heavily-Democrat studio audience.

Now, I’m going to ask a question of Democrats, and I swear, it’s not meant to be provocative. I honestly don’t understand and want to know what you’re thinking. My question is this:

“Why are you so wildly enthusiastic about backing a candidate who has been rejected multiple times by voters, doing worse in each successive run, and who draws vast amounts of money away from other races where it might do some good and simply blows it?” 

I get that Abrams fits several identity group boxes that are weirdly important to you, but you have this same bizarre enthusiasm for “Beto” O’Rourke, too. Why is doubling down on incredibly expensive failure so appealing to you?

Yes, I know I had two failed runs for President myself. But I didn’t waste hundreds of millions of dollars, and I also went into another line of work after the second loss. And unlike Stacey Abrams, I didn’t mysteriously become a millionaire by losing elections. Those runs cost me money. 

Don't get me wrong, if you want to throw away money that might otherwise fund electable Democrats, far be it from me to stop you. But I am curious to know why you continue backing these professional losers. Is it the cult of celebrity? I’ve long suspected that many liberals, having turned their backs on God, are trying to fill the spiritual void with worship of charismatic political figures (“Obama the Lightbringer,” etc.) Is that it? If so, I can assure you that you’d be much better off going back to church. It’s not only far better for your soul, but even with tithing, it will be a lot less expensive than continuing to fund the political pipe dreams of delusional egomaniacs like Abrams and O’Rourke.


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Comments 1-10 of 28

  • Dawn Street

    01/17/2023 08:41 PM

    I don't understand the adulation of the Democrats either. I spotted Barrack Hussein Obama as a faker the moment he opened his mouth. He used an hypnotic technique in his speech pattern. Doesn't work on me. But I recognized it from my studies. It works on lots of people and some "pastors" and "politicians' utilize it to take advantage of others.

    Others like Hillary and Stacy are just a puzzlement. They are outrageous, and very entitled. They have the potential for greatness, no doubt, but their inability to be human prevents them from exercising their talents for the greater good. They are a liability.

  • Sandra Butler

    01/17/2023 10:57 AM

    If one is uncertain about the pronunciation of "Beto," the only rhyming word that comes to mind is "ghetto" (short e).

  • Judy brooks

    01/16/2023 10:25 AM

    Mike you hit the nail on the head! It seems to be their mindset for everything. They defend these democrats nuts every time. Biden remains their king despite his egregious policies. And Stacey is right up there with Biden.

  • Annette

    01/16/2023 01:16 AM

    It is the three monkeys see,hear,speek no truth. The devil is in the de-tails :O

  • Patricia Zachary

    01/15/2023 10:02 PM

    The Democrats have had their brains frozen in hatred of justice so long they now have freezer burn. It has affected their vision so long they have permanent tunnel vision.

  • Rev Gary Greenwald

    01/15/2023 09:38 PM

    Our family resides in North Georgia. We prefer the rural countryside. We’re so very glad that Abrams was NOT elected Governor. Atlanta metro and Savannah voters wanted her as Governor, not the rural Americans!

  • Joe Healy

    01/15/2023 05:33 PM

    I think Abrams keeps running because it's more lucrative than writing cheap, smutty "romance" novels! How much of the donations does she get to pocket for herself?
    Some of those new IRS agents ought to be sent to audit her!

  • James Jackson Kirksey

    01/15/2023 05:27 PM

    Rev Mike Huckabee,

    It appears you have Stacy Abram's motives properly evaluated. Indeed she, like Hillary
    Clinton, has some illusion that her service in public office would some way save the
    nation from we old fashioned Constitituiona Conservartives. I don't always accurately
    follow the buz words of some of the latest warped political movements. There are so
    many today. However, IMO, most are anti-god and totalitarian advocates.

    I'm an 87 year old retired National Guard Senior NCO and Military Technician. I'm also
    a born again Christian/former Baptist Deacon. It is very obvious that our nation has gone the wrong way politically. It also appears we have failed to reach our full potential economically, as a nation. Too many politicians visualize problem solving
    as simply throwing money at every thing like magic dust to make problems go away.
    This has taken our nation down a "lost highway" of "political charity," often providing
    money to unscrpilous people, who study ways to steal for unsuspecting tax paying
    citizens. I do not consider myself a financial expert. However, a government that throws away funds entrusted to them for the nation in unrelated/unnecessary projects, is STEALING. It is no consolation to know that this has happened in
    many other government past and paresent.

    I know that many bad things happened in our government over the two plus centries
    of our existence. However, the greatest leap into socialism/communism in my lifetime
    seems to be LBJ's Great Society. Liberals call themselves progressives: Maybe because they take away more and more from citizens each term a liberal holds office. But the
    cumlative increase in taxes/government controls have reached a breaking point for many. As you know, our government welfare is used to BUY VOTES for incumbents.

    I have neither space nor time to write all of the political WRONGS. However, in most
    WRONG situations, some individual/group embraces political ideals that becomes their RELIGION. I believe the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT advocates are like the people at the Tower of Bable, seeking Heaven, without Worshiping GOD. When these
    Unbelievers are in power, our LAWS become perverted and Christians are attacked.
    Our hope remains the soon rapture of The Church.


  • Mark Hannah

    01/15/2023 04:45 PM

    Doubling down on expensive failures is the inherent behavior of anyone who has faith in the progressive ideology that is surmised by the credo “change for the sake of change”, which means they will always repeat what has already proven to be a failure, such as socialism, banging their heads against a wall, and trying the same thing over and over again expecting different results, all axiomatic examples of insanity.

  • Michael Moody

    01/15/2023 03:53 PM

    I am a Georgia voter. Stacey Abrams has a sister who is a state judge in Fulton County, for a very long time, one of the crookedest counties in Georgia and probably the nation. She has three house which she obtained, quite frankly with Hollywood money. She says the tight things for the Hollywood crowd, not the people of Georgia. She was a labor organizer for Hollywood on efforts to promote Hollywood abortion law in Georgia. This is not what many Georgians, including Black Democrats support. She actually has been bitten by the Hollywood supercharged attention to think she can run for President. There is nothing good, competent or right about Stacey. She is the most all about me Democrat I know of, except possibly Harris. That’s not all I can say but I will stop.