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January 8, 2024

This past weekend brought some welcome news in the fight back against the politicization of the justice system. First, Judicial Watch has filed a $30 million wrongful death lawsuit against the government on behalf of the husband and estate of Ashli Babbett, the protester shot at point black range and killed by Capitol police officer Lt. Michael Byrd. Babbitt was unarmed, surrounded by cops, and her empty hands were in the air. She was posing no threat to Byrd before he shot her dead.

Yet he was not only not charged, the entire case was whitewashed. The Capitol Police cleared him of any wrongdoing, and he was treated like a hero in liberal media circles, despite his record of unsafe handling of firearms.

Judicial Watch has dug up some shocking info on Byrd’s history of mishandling guns that had yet to be revealed, such as that he’d had his police powers revoked on more than one occasion for failing to meet or complete semi-annual firearms qualifications requirements. Also, his police powers were once revoked after he shot at his car while off-duty as some teenagers were stealing it, and stray bullets hit the sides of houses.

Despite Biden’s repeated false claims of multiple deaths of police officers on January 6th, Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said, “The only homicide on January 6 was the unlawful shooting death of Ashli Babbitt. Her homicide by Lt. Byrd is a scandal beyond belief.”

Let’s hope the civil court system will finally bring some justice that the Biden “Department of Justice” refused to pursue.

And in another J6 lawsuit, a defendant is seeking to overturn the charges on the basis of selective prosecution. He says the DOJ gave the mysterious figure Ray Epps a sweetheart deal, charging Epps with a single misdemeanor, while they charged him with eight felonies and ignored the same mitigating factors.

That second case is a good example of our two-tiered justice system, where the same party that turned a blind eye to hundreds of violent BLM and Antifa riots across America continues to treat anyone who was even in the general vicinity of the Capitol that day like John Dillinger. The intelligence agencies that were too distracted to see the October 7th Hamas attack coming have devoted three years to tracking down and charging over a thousand people, throwing not just the book but the entire law library at them, in what is now the largest investigative and prosecutorial campaign in US history. It would be nice if they went after the drug cartels with that much drive.

Here’s an example of one of those violent insurrectionists, whose convictions for doing things that video showed he clearly didn’t do was just upheld by totally impartial Judge Tanya Chutkan, who’s also overseeing one of Jack Smith’s cases against Trump.

By the way, Trump’s attorneys have formally requested that Smith be cited for contempt of court for continuing to press discovery demands even though the case has been halted pending appeal, a clear violation. Anyone want to bet that she’ll actually hold Smith accountable?

FYI, Smith is also continuing to use propaganda to try to poison public opinion and taint the jury pool, you know, like non-contemptuous prosecutors do.

Well, I think that’s enough about January 6th for now. But if the Democrats insist on running on that all through 2024 (because that and unfettered abortion are literally all they’ve got to run on), this should give them an idea of how it’s going over.


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