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January 17, 2024

Guy Benson at has a round-up of the disgusting pro-Hamas, anti-Israel rallies around the US, marking 100 days since the horrifying October 7th attack on Jews in Israel.

As these protesters have become more emboldened by authorities’ refusal to make them obey the law, their disruptions hit a new low on Saturday night when a mob of them gathered outside the White House. They waved Palestinian flags while chanting, “Ceasefire Now," "Free, Free Palestine," and "Yemen, Yemen make us proud / Turn another ship around," showing their support for attacks on ships by Iran-backed Houthi militants.

The situation escalated when the protesters damaged the fence around the White House, and staffers and journalists inside were relocated to ensure their safety. As many pundits noted, if they’d been wearing red MAGA caps, they would have been arrested, branded as “insurrectionists” and imprisoned for years, but chances are they will face zero consequences for their open support of terrorists, threats and vandalism of the White House, and interfering with government business.

Maybe they were extra mad because on Friday, Biden admitted that the Houthis are terrorists. The Trump Administration had designated them as terrorists, but Biden revoked that designation. Apparently, he mindlessly revoked everything Trump did without any regard for why it was done, under the theory that “Trump BAD!,” which explains a lot of the disasters we’re dealing with today.

Related: Hamas released footage of three hostages that confirms they were alive, but it’s not clear when they were filmed. The terrorists added ominously, “Tomorrow we will inform you of their Fate.”

These are just three of over 130 hostages who are still being held by Hamas. As Bob Hoge rightly says at the link, if these pro-Hamas protesters really cared about ending the war, they’d be demanding that Hamas release its hostages, not that Israel surrender.

Also related: These pro-terrorist leftists might think they can get away with being public menaces with no consequences, but they’re learning quickly that they’d better not mess with Texas.

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