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August 11, 2021

Good morning! 

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Bible Verse of the Day - Jeremiah 29:12
  • Cuomo Announces His Resignation
  • Today’s Narrative Buster
  • Is The Saga Of The 22 Runaway Democrats Nearing An End?
  • Obama's Three Day Maskless Birthday
  • Good News, Bad News
  • America The Beautiful
  • "Shhhh!" The most underreported story, FIRST DAY


Mike Huckabee


12 Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you.

Jeremiah 29:12

Cuomo Announces His Resignation

By Mike Huckabee

Tuesday, sooner than many people anticipated but after a longer period than he should have, Andrew Cuomo announced that he would resign as Governor of New York, effective in two weeks. Having myself become Governor of a state when the sitting Governor was convicted of felonies, I wish the best to Lieutenant Gov. Kathy Hochul, who has less than two weeks to prepare to take on a tremendous responsibility at a very tumultuous time.

Yes, it was because of the 11 accusations of sexual harassment against him, one of them now turned into a criminal complaint. But as that linked story notes, Ronan Farrow reported on another story (late-breaking from 2014) about Cuomo making a possibly illegal call to President Obama to complain about the US Attorney investigating corruption in New York. And then there’s what he should have resigned over: the deaths of 15,000 nursing home residents from COVID largely thanks to his policies, and the subsequent cover-up. At least their relatives can now feel some tiny measure of justice has been done, although hardly enough.

Some other people who also should be thinking of resigning are the journalists and media people who pumped up the façade of Cuomo as “America’s Governor” (and I’m not just talking about Chris Cuomo, who would have been fired long ago if CNN had standards.) There were plenty of them, from those who swooned over his COVID press conferences (Trevor Noah of “The Daily Show” declared himself a “Cuomosexual” due to his man-crush, but at least he's changed his tune now)... the publisher that gave him a $5 million advance for a self-aggrandizing book about his great leadership during the pandemic, to the Hollywood crowd that actually gave him an Emmy for his press conferences. They should’ve just given him the Best Actor award.

And can you imagine the howls from those same media celebrities if President Trump had commented on a Governor’s resignation over multiple sexual harassment claims by praising him for having done “a helluva job,” like President Biden did for Cuomo?

Of course, Cuomo couldn’t resign gracefully. He had to insinuate that his ouster was politically-motivated. You might think, “How did Republicans force a liberal Democrat to sexually harass other Democrat women on his own staff? Or make the Democratic Assembly turn on him?” But in fact, there might be a political motivation behind the pressure on him to quit. In a scathing op-ed/monologue, Tucker Carlson looked at who stands to gain by getting Cuomo out of the way, and it’s not just Republicans (not surprisingly, the Attorney General who issued the report that sunk him also has her eye on a race for Governor.)

Meanwhile, some of the people who are reportedly jockeying to run for Governor now include Al Sharpton and New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio. I will tell New York voters what I’ve said about other races with uniquely awful contenders: if you’re even considering making either one of those men your Governor, then this isn’t an election, it’s an I.Q. test, and you’re in danger of flunking it.

Today’s Narrative Buster

By Mike Huckabee

Wait, I’d been assured by all the “best” people that the group most hesitant to get vaccinated was dumb, “low-information” Trump voters, not people with Ph.D’s.

Is The Saga Of The 22 Runaway Democrats Nearing An End?

By Mike Huckabee

The saga of the 22 runaway Texas House Democrats may finally be nearing an end. In what’s been called “one of the most ridiculous political stunts of the decade” (although the decade is young yet), they fled a special session to prevent the House from having a quorum to pass an election integrity package. Claiming ("without evidence!") that it would suppress the minority vote (even though the rules would still be looser than those in President Biden’s home state of Delaware), the Democrats fled to DC where they were feted by national level Democrats, whom they exposed to COVID. Well, with President Biden allowing so many COVID-infected illegal immigrants to flood into Texas, what did they expect?

Tuesday, the Texas Supreme Court overturned a lower court order that would have protected them from being arrested by Gov. Greg Abbott and forcibly returned to the Capitol to do their jobs the minute they set foot back in Texas.

The court agreed with the Governor's and Speaker’s petition that they “sought and obtained public office and swore an oath to uphold the Texas Constitution — the very same Constitution that authorizes each House to compel the attendance of its members.” And if they “no longer wish to fulfill their public duties, they are free to resign and return to Texas.”

By holding up the special session, they’re also "heroically" preventing votes on a range of other issues, from child protective services reform to benefits for retired teachers. So if they’re through taking flights, checking into hotels, visiting federal offices, vacationing in Portugal and a host of other things that all require them to show a photo ID, they need to get their tails back to Texas and do their jobs before the Governor decides to also charge them with theft for stealing over $40,000 a day from the taxpayers of Texas by refusing to show up and do their jobs.

Obama's Three Day Maskless Birthday

By Mike Huckabee

If you thought Barack Obama’s 60th birthday celebration hosting hundreds of his Hollywood elite pals like Beyonce and Jay-Z, John Legend, Tom Hanks and Stephen Colbert, was over with the giant maskless bash on Saturday, guess again. It was three full days of pandemic-defying, “let-‘em-eat-cake,” in-your-face-peasants revelry.

Good News, Bad News

By Mike Huckabee

Surprising Good News: The Senate voted 50-49 to pass Sen. Tom Cotton’s amendment to prevent any federal funds from being used to teach divisive, racist Critical Race Theory in schools.

The bad news: It’s an amendment to the Democrats’ deadly $3.5 trillion “reconciliation” bill that’s a veritable piñata of budget-busting, inflation-boosting, government-bloating leftist wish list items. The framework for that was passed on a party-line vote early Wednesday (at least no Republicans voted for that, not that it will matter if the Democrats can shove it down our throats with 51 votes.) If that becomes law, then knowing it contains one tiny speck of common sense will be cold comfort indeed. This is another case where the fate of America hangs entirely on Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema

The $3.5 trillion Democrat boondoggle bill follows hot on the heels of the bipartisan Senate passage of the $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” bill, only about one-fifth of which will go to actual infrastructure. Here’s some information on that, along with a list you might want to print out and save of the 19 “Republican” Senators who voted to approve it.

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, visit its website here.

"Shhhh!" The most underreported story, FIRST DAY

By Mike Huckabee

Yesterday, we let you know about “MyPillow Guy” Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium, running this week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, because we knew most media would say nothing about it.

Sure enough, there was a big fat news blackout on Tuesday, but one of my staffers monitored the symposium throughout the day and well into the night. (Better than having to watch stories about Andrew Cuomo, she said.)

The event was delayed for about an hour Tuesday morning because some hackers pulled it down. We thought the irony of this was quite amusing, actually, as what could better illustrate the ease of hacking in 2021 than hackers successfully hacking into a presentation about how easy hacking is?

We did manage to find some coverage of this event at THE GATEWAY PUNDIT.

We’ve linked to that site because we believe strongly in free speech and trust our readers to come to their own conclusions about what Mike Lindell is presenting. Again, we’ll say we personally have no evidence of election-changing fraud from the hacking of electronic voting systems in 2020. But we want to learn as much as we possibly can about what might have happened to change results. We really want to know the truth, whatever it is. If it turns out that, when all is said and done, Joe Biden, to the best of our knowledge, actually was elected with 80 million votes, we’ll tell you that. Going to the other extreme, if we see proof beyond any reasonable doubt that voting machines were hacked by foreign powers the way some cyber experts are theorizing, to fraudulently depose Donald Trump and put Joe Biden into the White House, we’ll say so and bring that proof. Of course, the truth might very well be somewhere in between.

But it’s critically important that this be determined, whether or not it changes the occupant of the White House. We have another very consequential election in 2022, and two years later, we choose a President. We have to know then whether or not we can trust the validity of our vote. At the very least, we have to fix the changes made (unconstitutionally) to our laws, ostensibly to deal with covid, that made cheating easier last year. We also have to pinpoint the vulnerabilities of electronic voting systems. There is reason, as I see it, to scrap them entirely and go back to old-school voting, which isn’t completely safe from cheating but at least is not connected to THE INTERNET.

In fact, during the first day of the symposium, there was discussion of a possible campaign called “Vote Amish.” This would be a return to simple voting, as in the olden days. Of course, we’d still require photo IDs, as our communities aren’t quite as close-knit as Amish communities where everybody knows everybody. But, you know what I mean: specific polling places for in-person voting (with few exceptions for voting absentee), sign-in sheets, signature comparisons, paper ballots, poll watchers with total access, NO electronics, and a hard-copy record of everything in case there’s any question about the result. The polls close, the vote is counted and...later that night...we have a winner! We at Team Huckabee are all for this.

THIS is how we safeguard democracy, not by shutting down people who uncover problems with the systems we currently use. What censorship and intimidation-by-lawsuit do is take away any last bit of trust we might have in the outcome. Right now, approximately half the country puts quotation marks around the word “democracy.”

One story that broke on Tuesday that no one at the symposium was prepared for involved the featured “whistleblower” from Colorado, whose office was apparently raided that day by Colorado’s secretary of state, Democrat Jena Griswold. Griswold made news in June when, prompted by the Maricopa County audit, she announced there would be no “fraudits” in her state and issued emergency rules prohibiting them. Can she really just make her election audit-proof with the stroke of a pen?

“We will not risk the state’s election security nor perpetuate The Big Lie,” she said at that time. “Fraudits have no place in Colorado.” (Note that Democrats and the media –- but I repeat myself –- have coalesced around the Nazi propaganda term “The Big Lie” to describe Republican allegations of election fraud. That in itself is a propaganda tactic on their part.) Griswold boasted that Colorado elections are considered the “safest in the nation.”

Just wondering: if they’re so safe, why not prove it by letting doubters have a look? Wouldn’t it be fun to let them do their silly audit and see them with egg on their faces after the election turned out to be honest? That would prove they really HAD been telling a big lie. Again, just a thought.

Anyway, whistleblower Tina Peters, the county clerk and recorder of Mesa County, Colorado, was scheduled to come to the stage at 7PM and release data that would prove the 2020 election was stolen (presumably in Colorado, at least). But en route to the symposium on Lindell’s plane, she received word that her office back in Mesa County had just been raided, apparently by order of Secretary of State Griswold. Peters took the stage an hour later than planned, clearly shaken, after being coaxed to share her story about what had happened.

The evidence Peters was planning to introduce will be presented later in the symposium, Lindell said. In the meantime, it will receive additional vetting by his “red team” of cybersecurity experts and analysts.

Earlier in the day, members of his cyber team and self-described “math geeks” had taken to the stage, saying that numerous colleagues around the country, working independently, have found “mountains” of mathematical evidence of a cyber attack.

Finally, in related news, in case anyone doubts a foreign power such as China would be capable of doing something like this, another story that broke Tuesday should dispel that. This is the revelation of a massive cyber attack on Israel, most likely orchestrated by Chinese intel services and their Ministry of State Security. Israel had been targeted by numerous cyber attacks, but nothing approaching this scope. One part of the attack was to retrieve usernames and passwords, “possibly to be able to re-enter the same targets later on, or possibly to enable them to enter different targets.”

Still don’t think they could do it?

We’ll have another update on Thursday morning.

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Comments 1-10 of 25

  • Deana Cheatham

    08/14/2021 07:52 AM

    Thank you for your coverage of Mike Lindell’s 3 day Symposium. I am disgusted with all of the Media (especially FOX NEWS) for not reporting on such an important subject in a “fair & balanced” way…like real journalists they are supposed to be. A forensic audit should be no problem to anyone…. Let’s settle the issue of voter fraud once & for all!!
    Mike Lindell is a very courageous patriot.
    Again, thank you Governor for your unbiased coverage. God Bless this Country ????????????

  • jo ella dixon

    08/12/2021 04:36 PM

    i am a 68year old retiree living on ss. i get solicited a zillion times for money by the republicans . i used to give $3 a month to the trump campaign. don't get me wrong, i still love trump and most all of the republicans but i wonder what difference it makes. i believe that trump won.everyone i know does too. i wonder if he does it all over again busting his butt and winning again will he take office? what would stop them from repeating what worked? i believe some very bad people with skeltons in their closets are in control of everything and no one reports it or can seem to change it.they get silenced or laughed at or ruined. i feel scared and am lost as what to do. i see people being destroyed for even daring to say they like challenge the results. please advise of what you think is the right thing to do, and if there is some way you could tell president trump i'm sorry i would appreciate it. i admire you your daughter . thank you.

  • Judy Radley

    08/11/2021 11:02 PM

    Regarding Cuomo finally.....being exposed of at least one area of corruption, sexual harassment, there will be more coming out, his corrupt leadership, with Kathy Hochul stepping into the role, I predict that next, we will be hearing about Biden leaving office, and Harris stepping into the role of President, however, does Harris really want the job? She would have to actually be held accountable for all the bad policies Biden has made, just in spite against the American people and to 'play' President when he wasn't actually the election winner, I firmly believe he was NOT the winner as fraud was done to make it look like he won.... But Harris, she only wants to be popular and does not want any responsibilities, but just the praise that she is the first female VP. Symbolism over Substance is her reason for being. Just like the late great Rush Limbaugh used to always refer to the Democrats as 'symbolism over substance'. It is so true. But let's see how long it takes for Washington DC to have Biden resign and if Harris doesn't want the job, then of course, Pelosi will be in the hot seat, and that's what she has always wanted.... How could Harris show she can't be the President if Biden resigns? Mental health issues, or more likely some made-up syndrome that Democrats can always find and make up to seem real. Lack of experience for Harris would be the real reason, but the Democrats will have to be more creative and use 'science' to make some phony syndrome seem real. The Democrats are best at making up fake issues to support their narrative. So let's see who will replace Biden in the next couple months, like right around November seems to be when he will be forced to resign or something like his health will make it look like he is 'unfit do to health reasons' to continue as President, which he didn't get elected legally anyway. I'm over 60 years old now, and I have seen and lived through what Democrats desperation drives them to do....and they are capable of anything as they truly do support the 'domestic terrorists in the U.S.A.' (i.e. all members of antifa, blm, nbpp, ccp, etc.)

  • Jerry

    08/11/2021 10:29 PM

    The intelligence of the white educated suburban woman is more like the white indoctrinated suburban woman that didn’t like Trump but now really loves Biden the disregard for its children now indicates they are ready for socialism and communism and its coming a hearty thanks to the college’s and universities stop sending kids to these indoctrination camps and stop funding them

  • Jj

    08/11/2021 07:54 PM

    The GOP is only as strong as its weakest Senators as I see it these Senators either know something good or they are just reasons why term limits are for real. Most of these old feeble minded Senators have skin wrinkles older than the voters that voted for them. Uninformed voters and 40 year Service Senators make up a formula of a Communist regime.

  • Joyce Kieras

    08/11/2021 05:39 PM

    I’m sure George Siros paid for all of the voting fraud to be done just like he paid for H. Clinton’s campaign.

  • Penelope Archer

    08/11/2021 05:26 PM

    I listened to Mike Lindell and his Save America on 8/10 for 6 hours. I am so happy that their
    is someone who has doggedly pursued whether fraud occurred during the 2020 election.
    Why is so difficult to believe China is not trying to destroy America? I believe God has appointed
    Mike Lindell for such a time as this. Soros, Pelosi, Obama, Zuckerberg and the list goes on and on are only interested in power and greed and are helping to destroy our Country. I pray fervently that God is using Mike Lindell and all of the people who believe in him and are helping him to reveal the truth and the evil that is permeating our America.

  • D Taylor

    08/11/2021 04:59 PM

    "Is the saga" article...

    Biden's home state is not Rhode Island, but rather, Delaware.

  • Elizabeth Crouse

    08/11/2021 04:55 PM

    I listened to Lindells message. Soros brought us Obama. Is he buying property? Where I live in AL property is hard to buy and real estate agents can’t find to sell. He has always hurt America.

  • Paul Kern

    08/11/2021 04:49 PM

    The only non- surprise this week the number of Pelosi Republicans there are, including McConnell and the House Minority Whip. It now appears that no one in government has any trustworthiness.
    I would not be surprised that the shadow government had its deep in the theft of the records in Colorado. That state went blue decades ago.
    What is sad, but no surprise is how most churches accept government overreach and thus teach a CCP inspired version of the Bible. Too many now now to Mammon like the left always did and willing to go " back to Egypt". It is time for real men to rise up and take back out nation with God as commander- in- chief.I pray people wake up and be aware of the signs of the times. Like the sons of Issachar!