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March 28, 2022

Here’s today’s link to Fox News’ continually-updated bulletins on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine:

Latest developments: Ukrainian officials claim that Russia plans to split the country in two, like North and South Korea. President Zelenskyy laid out a roadmap for peace, but Russia censored his interview. Ukraine said it’s investigating graphic videos posted on the Internet that allegedly show Ukrainian soldiers shooting Russian POWs in the legs. But Ukraine’s top military commander accused Russia of staging the videos as propaganda.

The big story is once again a reaction to something that fell out of President Biden’s mouth with a clank: A Kremlin spokesman called it “alarming” that Biden said of Putin, "For God's sake, this man cannot remain in power." The 24/7 emergency verbal spill squad at the White House had to rush to “clarify” that Biden was not calling for regime change in Russia, which, as much as anyone might wish for it, is not something Presidents say out loud because they don’t want to spark World War III.

While Biden’s staffers desperately try to convince us that he “didn’t really mean it” for the 400th time, other liberals in the media are trying to spin it as brave truth-telling, or comparing it to Reagan’s famous quote, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” Except they can’t decide between claiming that was also a slip of the tongue by Reagan (it wasn’t) or comparing Biden’s unfiltered blurt to Reagan (it’s a very different thing to challenge a leader to tear down a wall and to publicly call for a rival nation’s leader to be overthrown, particularly when that nation has nukes and you don’t know what he’ll do or if his replacement might be even worse.)

Do I personally wish Putin weren’t the leader of Russia? Of course! But would his downfall necessarily result in someone better taking his place? Considering the most likely successors, that’s an open question. The point is, I can talk about that because I’m not the President, but Joe Biden is. Yes, I’m as annoyed about that as you are.

As for all the panicking and spinning about Biden calling for Putin to be overthrown, then all the backtracking about how he didn’t really mean it that way...Okay, let me get this straight:

So Democrats are NOW saying that even if the President thinks Putin is a monster and shouldn’t be in power, he can’t actually come right out and SAY that because it might have enormous negative consequences. Privately, he might deplore Putin, but he has to publicly show respect because calling for him to be overthrown could spark World War III. They’re now embracing Will Rogers’ century-old definition of “diplomacy,” that it’s the art of saying “Nice doggy” until you can pick up a rock.

Here’s my question: when did this standard come back? I heard for four years that if Trump didn’t publicly denounce Putin, if he “made nice” with him at summits, etc., it meant he was a tool of the Russians. If he even admitted that Putin was smart while criticizing him for taking advantage of dumb US policies, it meant he "admired" Putin or was colluding with Russia. But now, we must understand that Presidents can’t just blurt out any random nasty thought about Russia that crosses their minds because their words carry weight.

Funny how it took having a Democrat President who blurts out any random thought that crosses his mind for them to finally realize that.

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    04/24/2022 12:20 PM

    this Old Putin, is the Russian equivalent of Biden ... old, was experienced but unwise old fart..... with a syndrome of N. Korean Kim grandiosity but being enslaved by PRC (CHINA). Putin is basically following CHINA, its strategic "partner" or should I say big boss...... Old Putin is sacrificing its own people, Russian economy, and neighboring Ukraine and other old Soviet republics to fight a war that would be detrimental to their well being with the intent of destroying NATO/European Union and USA. That might be a goal for Russia but in fact strategic objective of PRC CHINA! Covid 19 epidemic was not enough to topple western economy/USA/European union, so PRC and Russia decided to add a military conflict at Russia's backyard using the weakest link - Ukraine. No not Poland, no not Sweden.... Ukraine conflict is a trap set by Russia and PRC CHINA governments to put a final blow to the western economy and western military power..... after that PRC will start fully claiming and occupying the S. China sea....for its oil, minerals and food resources plus as a means to invade surrounding weaker countries. Not yet for Taiwan.... invasion of Taiwan can come later.... too strong and has Japan, S. Korea and US military bases nearby. In reality, Putin knows he is going to loose in the Ukraine conflict because even if he wins militarily, Putin's leadership has demoralized the Russian people.... heard from the voices of the Russian people and Russian soldiers.... Putin's legacy further tarnished by what PRC Chinese leadership is offering to him....