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May 11, 2023

Today is the final day of Title 42 protection of our Southern border, and there are already thousands of people ready to rush in illegally. It expires tonight at midnight. If you’re not clear on what Title 42 is, this is a good primer:

Kat Timpf on Fox News made an excellent point about this: she believes that Title 42 should be allowed to expire because the pandemic “emergency” is long over and we shouldn’t allow the government to exercise any illegitimate power, even if we like the results. In this case, it’s been kept in place solely as a last resort because the President has actively worked to undermine immigration laws and reverse policies that were already in place to keep our borders secure.

In short, if we had a President who did his job, we wouldn’t need Title 42.

But maybe we won’t need it because Biden is trying a last-minute “Hail Mary” pass by resurrecting one of the Trump-era policies he reversed, one that bars applicants for asylum if they didn’t first apply in their home countries or one of the nations they crossed on the way here. What a racist xenophobe Biden must be.

As Mike Miller writes at the link, the effectiveness of this rule hinges on whether it’s actually enforced, and I wouldn’t bet the farm on that. But it’s always interesting to see the point at which Democrats become so desperate to stave off the consequences of the disasters their policies create that they finally cave in to reality and admit that they need the other Party’s policies to fix what they broke. However, it would be nice if they had the brains God gave a pigeon and could realize that, say, defunding the police, opening the border or letting males compete in women’s sports are all insane ideas on the face of them, so the rest of us wouldn't have to suffer through their long learning curve.

And speaking of people who never learn, DHS head Alejandro Mayorkas knows who’s responsible for millions of illegal border crossers under his watch: Congress!


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