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June 27, 2022



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And don't come back: Jan. 6 committee is a DISGRACE

With investigative reporter John Solomon and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan both appearing this weekend on SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES, Maria Bartiromo had the opportunity to ask about the January 6 committee’s focus on presidential pardons.

As I said last week, the Democrats’ overzealousness in raiding the home of another Trump official, former assistant AG Jeffrey Clark, undercuts their premise that no one would seek a pardon without being guilty of a crime. We’ve seen how the Democrats use the legal system to ruin the lives of people who’ve done nothing wrong, and why sometimes, as with Michael Flynn, a pardon is the only escape from their partisan clutches. And now, with their one-sided kangaroo court, they'll make virtually anyone look guilty.

“When you get to the January 6 commission,” Solomon said, “you see...time and again, the same tactic we saw in “Russia”: only put out certain pieces of information; leave the rest out. And so they create illusion that there’s reality there, and then when we dig in and we get the full body of evidence, you find out that what they claim was never true. They’ve used a lack of transparency to create false reality time and time again, going all the way back to Russia collusion.”

Why was the Capitol vulnerable in the first place? As for the warning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had received about potential violence on January 6, Jordan agreed that it was ample, reminding viewers that President Trump had offered up to 20,000 National Guard troops, which she still turned down. (Fortunately, Trump has solid documentation of this.) That's "something that needs to be answered,” Jordan said, “but I don’t think it’s gonna happen, certainly not with this committee.”

‘Streiff’ at REDSTATE has assessed what we’ve all seen so far, and it’s not pretty. The committee is so transparent, in fact, that we easily glimpsed the ugly, soulless center, as they, in “best Stalinist style,” intended to link “individual Republicans to the insurrection” and “keep Donald Trump on the ballot in November 2022 to run against him.” But the heavy-handed operations they’ve been pulling lately (see Jeffrey Clark and Peter Navarro) are “third world stuff.”

“These actions are obviously choreographed with the January 6 committee because the FBI would have done all this a year ago if it were real...While there is no evidence of any sort of a ‘conspiracy’ to ‘overthrow’ the government, the [DOJ] and the FBI, working at the behest of their political masters in the House Democrat Caucus, will try to create an illusion that the GOP politicians at every echelon of government were involved in this nonsense scheme.”

When Republicans return to power, what must happen is that everyone who participated to the slightest degree in in these “Stasi-like operations” must be “driven from government.” Hear, hear.

Another great weekend commentary came from former U.S. attorney from Utah Brett Tolman, a guest on FOX NEWS’ “Life, Liberty & Levin.” Levin remarked, as we have, that the committee’s process is “about the most anti-constitutional process I’ve ever seen, certainly in public. No opposition, no exculpatory evidence, no contrary witnesses, no Republicans on the committee who are actually Republicans, no ability for people to answer their accusers because they have potential criminal charges hanging over their heads.” This is happening while Democrats hilariously talk about defending the system.

Tolman said that looking at this “as a trial lawyer,” if this were a real court of law, “the judge would be holding them [Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger] in contempt for manipulating evidence, for refusing to hand over exculpatory evidence, for refusal to present a fair assessment of the evidence that they have, for the grandstand; we’d have sanctions, we’d have contempt of court, and the case would be thrown out.

“But not in the court of political ideology.”

The Democrats can’t give an argument that’s “based in fact, based in the they resort to media, they resort to distortion and manipulation, and we all have to sit back and watch as though there’s credibility to it.”

He says he finds no credibility “to any argument they currently are pursuing.” It doesn’t help that these so-called “pro-democracy” arguments are coming from people who ignored or even cheered on the violence in 2020 and are doing the same again with the vicious pro-choice protests.

As for the raid on Jeffrey Clark’s house last week –- not to mention even worse treatment of former Trump adviser Peter Navarro –- Tolman said Attorney General Merrick Garland is “either a puppet, or he’s a very at the helm of the Department of Justice.” For the first time in his long legal career, he said, he sees that “it is not the same Justice Department, it is not the same FBI that I worked with.” The driving force is their political agenda, and they’re blatant about that. “And I think they’re doing it that way,” he said, “because they’re having difficulty winning on any of the merits.

“And so they use DOJ as an arm of the executive agenda. So when you see the January 6 committee...gathering evidence and then manipulating that evidence --- and it’s very clear that they are --- not giving any credibility to evidence that would contradict the narrative that they want to push --- I fear for a Department of Justice who I think 15 years ago would have laughed at the [criminal] referral [becoming] a Department of Justice who will now take it seriously.”

And, as Levin said, “they seem to be investigating everything except January 6.” One witness they need testimony from is Pelosi herself, on what if anything she did to secure the Capitol.

But the committee’s goal is more encompassing, with a massive agenda that includes investigating and smearing the entire Republican Party and, ultimately, getting rid of the Electoral College. To get there, the’ve stretched the meaning of ‘obstruction of Congress,’ Tolman said, in ways we’ve never heard of before. And they’re “trying to lay a criminal predicate to indict the former President of the United States.”

Tolman compared this committee most unfavorably to the (really) bipartisan 9/11 Commission, which was willing to hand out criticism objectively to whichever administration warranted that. They assessed what had been done well or badly by the FBI. And the American people had “some confidence that we were at least going to get some answers.”

Not this time. In vivid contrast, the January 6 committee hasn’t looked into who Ray Epps is, or who put the pipe bombs at the RNC and DNC headquarters, or what orders Pelosi gave and “why it appears that she refused to build up security on the recommendations of the Capitol police.” We need to know what happened on January 6 and “why it was such a monumental failing.”

And they’ll never look at any of the things Democrats did ahead of the 2020 election that gave Trump ample reason to think the process was rigged in Biden’s favor. Trump didn’t just pull all that out of his hat, you know. They just want you to think he did.

SCOTUS: Another victory for religious freedom

The Supreme Court handed down another victory for religious freedom this morning, ruling that a Washington school district violated the rights of former high school football coach Joe Kennedy by firing him for saying a prayer on the 50-yard line of the field after games ended.

In the majority ruling, Justice Gorsuch wrote, "Here, a government entity sought to punish an individual for engaging in a brief, quiet, personal religious observance doubly protected by the Free Exercise and Free Speech Clauses of the First Amendment. And the only meaningful justification the government offered for its reprisal rested on a mistaken view that it had a duty to ferret out and suppress…religious observances even as it allows comparable secular speech. The Constitution neither mandates nor tolerates that kind of discrimination."

You can read more about the case at the link, and see my interview last month with Joe Kennedy and his attorney on “Huckabee” right here:

A weekend of protests

While this weekend’s protests over the overturning of Roe v. Wade were widespread and violent, they weren’t the nationwide wave of overwhelming riots and rage that many keyboard warriors threatened. They even attacked Fox News’ studio in New York, but after 15 minutes or so of spraying graffiti and throwing things, they moved on. They seem to think that if they just make enough noise, they'll look like a majority. They aren't.

The mobs are attacking and trying to burn pro-life pregnancy centers around the country. DHS officers in Eugene, Oregon, thwarted one Antifa attack, but other centers suffered serious damage even though they do nothing except help pregnant women and poor families.

And by the way, these centers have glowing reviews from the women they’ve helped.

Once again proving that facts are no concern to the radical pro-abortion mob, they attacked and damaged a pregnancy support center in Portland that isn’t even anti-abortion.

Unlike the Democrats’ last wave of riots in 2020, when these radicals threatened to get out of hand, police took action to stop them. When they laid siege to the Arizona State Capitol, trapping legislators inside (or as Democrats like to call that when they aren’t doing it themselves, committing insurrection), riot police dispersed them with tear gas. They did leave behind plenty of damage, though, such as profane graffiti spray painted on memorials to war veterans. They wanted to send a message, and they did: “We are scum.”

Protests also turned violent in downtown Los Angeles, where one genius attacked a police officer with a homemade flamethrower. The officer is hospitalized with burns, and there’s no word yet on his condition. Please keep him in your prayers. The attacker learned that this is not 2020 anymore: he was arrested with bond set at $1 million and is expected to face charges of attempted murder of a police officer. And DA George Gascon had better forget about letting this one back out to do it again.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore issued a statement Saturday reading, “I condemn the violence against officers that occurred last night and into today. Individuals participating in such criminal activity are not exercising their 1st Amendment rights in protest of the Supreme Court decision, rather, they are acting as criminals.”

I would add that anytime anyone uses violent rioting as a form of protest, that’s criminality not an exercise of free speech. It’s good to hear that even authorities in Los Angeles are finally starting to realize that.

Leftist lunacy wasn't limited to the streets

The ranting, raving, rioting and rabble-rousing wasn’t limited to the streets. We were also treated to a weekend of skull-exploding lunacy from Hollywood celebrities and Democrat politicians, who took a brief break from claiming to be traumatized by the thought of insurrection to threaten SCOTUS Justices and demand that the Supreme Court be destroyed.

I’m not going to bother trying to recount all the craziness, but I’ll hit on a few low points. For instance, we had the singer Pink demanding in unrepeatable terms that no pro-life people ever listen to her music again (no problem-o!) And Billie Joe Armstrong of the rock group Green Day went on a rant during a concert in London, declaring, “F*** America. I'm f***king renouncing my citizenship. I'm f***ing coming here,” and calling America a “miserable f***ing excuse for a country." So there you go, England, our gift to you. I assume he’s not taking any of those dirty American dollars that he got from stupid Americans. He’ll want to cleanse himself of those by giving them all to Planned Parenthood before he leaves.

By the way, someone should tell him that while the UK has the most liberal abortion laws in Europe, it’s still banned after the 24th week except for medical emergencies. If he’s looking for a place to live that allows abortion until the moment of birth, he’d be better off staying in California because the alternative is to move to a nation with zero regard for the sanctity of life, like communist China or North Korea.

On the political front, I’ll start with the fount of much of today’s leftist constitutional ignorance, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who bleated, “This is a crisis of our democracy. The Supreme Court has drastically overreached its authority. This is a crisis of legitimacy.”

As the writer Bonchie at notes, this is “a masterpiece of absurdity.” So the Court overstepped its authority and attacked our democracy by saying Courts have no jurisdiction over this issue and returning it to the people’s elected representatives? If they’re trying to grab power and destroy democracy, they’re going about it all wrong.

Speaker Pelosi also continued to promote insurrection (don’t worry, it’s okay when her side does it) with a (surprise) fundraising email filled with incendiary language about “rising up” against the “radical Supreme Court” and the “Republican-controlled Supreme Court.”

Surely, with her experience in government, she can’t seriously believe that riots and threats will persuade the Justices to call an emergency meeting and say, “We Constitutional scholars were wrong and the mob is right, so we take it back!” That’s just exploiting the uninformed passions of the mob for cynical political advantage.

Fun fact: In this must-read article that corrects a lot of crazy misinformation that’s currently being shouted from the rooftops, law professor Jonathan Turley cites an ABC News analysis. It found that over the SCOTUS term ending this month, 67% of cases have been unanimous or near-unanimous decisions. Over the previous decade, the average was 48%. So the Court has actually gotten less polarized.

AOC also declared that “this policy will kill people,” apparently oblivious to the fact that abortion kills someone every time it’s performed. As for her repeating the common false argument that women will be forced to die in childbirth, every state makes exceptions for the life of the mother.

Bonchie also makes a great point that deserves more attention. In recent years, the pro-abortion left has moved way beyond “safe, legal and rare” to promoting abortion up to and beyond the moment of birth. They’ve fetishized killing babies in the womb to the point that one protester recently made news with a sick tweet saying she wanted to get pregnant just so she could abort the baby as a statement. As the article notes, this kind of twisted, repulsive radicalism was hidden behind the claim that abortion is a constitutional right.

These people claim to be outraged at a handful of SCOTUS Justices or Republicans or people who provide pro-life pregnancy services. They call the other side “fascists” while seeking to use unelected judges to force their views onto everyone else. But as the article notes, they’re actually terrified that if the states’ elected officials get to decide this issue, then they’ll have to persuade a majority of voters to agree with their argument.

Polls show that most Americans didn’t want Roe overturned, and most support some allowance for abortion, at least within the first trimester. If that’s an important enough issue to voters, then it could help Democrats make some inroads in red states.

But a majority of voters will never be persuaded to adopt the kind of sick, radical infanticide being espoused by many of these protesters. They know that if they have to win hearts and minds to their point of view, they’re finished. There will be some states like California where it remains open season on children in the womb, at least for a while, although I pray that someday even the voters of those states will wake up and repudiate this evil.

In most states, even if the Democrats win some seats and legislatures do eventually loosen abortion bans a little, there’s no way a majority of people would ever agree to the kind of bloody extremism that was on the march until the Court threw it back to the states. Thank the Lord, that’s over. It’s done. The current caterwauling and rioting is the equivalent of the Wicked Witch’s dying screams and threats as she melts into the floor after Dorothy threw a bucket of water on her.

If you think I’m being too harsh, here’s Kurt Schlichter being much harsher. Sample quote:

“All their dreams of faculty lounge fascism will die.”

With things changing so fast, here is a list from of states where abortion is now banned, with details on exemptions, etc.

And here’s another handy page to bookmark:

A number of companies are rushing to declare that they will pay for employees to travel to another state for “reproductive health care” (try to figure out that euphemism.) Some are even saying they’ll reimburse up to $4,000 worth of expenses, which seems to me like a big open door for fraud. In case you’re wondering who’s using corporate profits to subsidize abortion, Athena Thorne at PJ Media has a current list (of course, Disney is on it – remember when they were pro-child?), and readers are encouraged to add more in the comments.

Personally, I wonder how many of them will offer a $4,000 bonus to female employees who get pregnant and want to keep their babies. That’s when you could really use the money. Sean Davis of The Federalist said on my TBN show this weekend that he suspects these companies aren’t really champions of women’s rights so much as they like it when female employees don’t have children to distract them from working all the time.

Chicago's street violence continues

I hope you’ll all join me in saying a prayer for Fox News analyst Gianno Caldwell and his family. His 18-year-old brother Christian, for whom he was a father figure, was shot to death, the latest victim of Chicago’s epidemic street violence. Caldwell said, “As a Christian who believes in forgiveness, who believes that there is a second path for people who could do something like this, all I want from my little brother, Christian, is justice. That’s it.”

In a story that I’m sure is related, hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin announced that he’s moving his $22 billion company Citadel Securities out of Chicago and to Florida (he’s already moved his family to Miami.) While the official reason was Florida’s better business environment, company officials privately admitted Chicago’s violent crime was a factor.

Griffin previously said, “If people aren’t safe here, they’re not going to live here. I’ve had multiple colleagues mugged at gunpoint. I’ve had a colleague stabbed on the way to work. Countless issues of burglary. I mean, that’s a really difficult backdrop with which to draw talent to your city from.”

It shows that there is a very high cost to soft-on-crime Democrat “leadership,” and not only in the innocent people who are harmed or killed. Griffin by himself pays over $200 million a year in state income taxes to Illinois, and his employees have paid over a billion dollars over the past decade. While Chicago was still the #1 city for corporate relocations in 2021, Citadel will join Boeing and Caterpillar as the third major corporation to announce plans to leave Illinois in the past two months.


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  • George Reynolds

    06/30/2022 09:57 PM

    Here's an amusing article -- Gavin Newsome advertising for governor in Florida. Is he hoping the evacuees from California will vote for him -- from Florida? LOL Sounds like fraud to me...

  • Rick Bashaw

    06/28/2022 09:53 AM

    Hello Mr. Huckabee, I have a real concern if Trump is re-elected president in 2024. I'm afraid we will be in for another 4 years of Democrat/left-wing media anti-Trump BS. They will not stop trying to "get him out of office" in any way they can, the same way they did during is 4 years in office. Their lies will continue, their antics will continue. It will be just as difficult for him to get anything done while fighting them all the time. How do you think we would we get around this?

  • Robert E. Carter

    06/27/2022 11:32 PM

    What do you think of making a video, matching missing info and false conclusions by the Jan. 6th rabble rousers and some of the 1050s crazy accusations during hearings by the government that got Mc Carthy booted. That was called the "red scare", we could call this the "blue scare".

  • Sue VonderOhe

    06/27/2022 05:14 PM

    Mike, let me give you a perspective I believe is the truth of the Democratic Party. They are “pro-death” when it comes to babies in the womb. That’s killing crime. Now why say Democrats are “soft on crime” when killings are done in the streets of our cities? Isn’t it “pro-crime” and even still carrying the “pro-death” to the living outside the womb. “Pro-death” is the platform of the Democratic Party… Death to everything a conservative holds value to… God, family, church, community, state and country. Think about it. Tell the truth, don’t use the “softening” words.

  • Jerry

    06/27/2022 04:50 PM

    I wonder what the suburban college educated women are doing today to make ends meet. Although very smart I am sure they may be looking at the difference between wants and needs the choice will be a bit harder when school starts the holidays Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving Christmas the cabin closure the recreational vehicles insurance for cars house property taxes all the cost of those items are going to rise and you haven’t filled the freezer the pantry and don’t forget the children’s extra activities with trump triggering a feeling I wonder how the higher education they received is working just maybe they were indoctrinated

  • Jerry

    06/27/2022 04:01 PM

    The Bettlejuice mayor of Chicago should seek more help BLM to patrol the streets of Chicago and defund more of the police force that’s the ideal situation according to lightfoot ,gang members believes in the blm organization it worked so well in Minneapolis a couple of years ago someone should remind lightfoot BLM is not the peoples friend

  • Jerry

    06/27/2022 03:49 PM

    Wow it used to be almost every kids dream was to to go to Disney land in California know that Disney is losing its appeal the battle cry is come to California and kill your kids how about those Californians what a state of hollowed out people the states most poisonous snakes seem better than a Californian

  • Anne Turner

    06/27/2022 02:52 PM

    Thanks be to God that we have a constitutionally sound SCOTUS. Apparently, the Justices are not so far apart on many issues. I am no so sure about the latest Justice as she may have been selected for the wrong reason, but I do think that these Justices try hard to in making their decisions to be fair. They just have a different view of interpreting the Constitution. I suspect that even if a Justice is not quite up to snuff when the enter that the other .justices bring them along and that they elevate their performance. It is an awesome responsibility. Would that the other judges in the country elevate their thinking. In the last few years the Judges in West Virginia run as non partisan. That is how it should be for all. I am beginning to come along to the idea of term limits for Congress with three successive terms for Reps and two for .senators. Too many make this a career and that was never intended to be. They would have to sit out a term in order to run again. It is time the are required to live a “ normal” life once in awhile.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    06/27/2022 12:35 PM

    WHO sez a "majority" didn't want Roe overturned?
    And this doesn't stop Abortion (as you point out) it lets the PEOPLE and their Representatives decide yes or no and if yes that for how long.
    That "poll" is crap and Americans have never voted for someone because they want unrestricted baby killing.
    No election inroads on that crap.