October 31, 2018

To my earlier commentary concerning Kyrsten Sinema’s highly deceptive race in Arizona, I’d just like to add one thing to all my readers. This may be going on in Arizona, which is perhaps a thousand miles from where you’re registered to vote, but consider yourself warned: the same kind of thing is happening all around the country.

Right now, unless you’re in one of the bluest of blue states, there’s almost certainly someone vying for your vote who tries to hide the truth, which is that he or she would vote right along with the most liberal Democratic leaders in the House and Senate. “Beto” O’Rourke in Texas, who’s pulling in record-breaking contributions from leftists in other states, and Claire McCaskill in Missouri are just two examples who come to mind. Maybe the candidate seems fresh, young, appealing and energetic, and maybe you're a middle-of-the-roader or independent who votes "for the person," but don't fall for this lie. True progressives know the truth of their deception and embrace it; they excuse the lies because they know lying is the way to win.

Wherever you live, my hope is that you’ll look deeper and more critically when you see a Democrat on the campaign trail claiming to be “nonpartisan” or “moderate.” (Project Veritas can’t be everywhere, you know.) There is no such thing as a nonpartisan Democrat; the very concept doesn’t even make sense. And in 2018, actual moderate Democrats have just about gone the way of the dodo bird.

If you believe those claims, the dodo is you.


TO READ MY ORIGINAL COMMENTARY: Arizona voters: you are being duped by the Kyrsten Sinema campaign

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  • Sandra E Overfield

    11/02/2018 11:15 AM

    every time Krysten comes on the TV screen, no matter what I'm watching at the time I turn the TV OFF. I'm shamed by the way people who are running for office (in ANY party) decry, destroy, all credible and verified background information about each other. What is wrong with
    the TRUTH, no matter that it's good OR bad. Since when have ANY of us been absolutely perfect?

  • Daniel Hernandez

    11/01/2018 11:47 PM

    I live n Arizona, re you saying that my option Is a moderate republican? No,I have 2 extremes as it seems is the sad state of affairs, not to mention an ugly campaign by McSally... I wish the church would be a Place of objectivity and truth and light but rather we have modern day Pharisees more worried about being seen in the places of honor and being honored.

  • Nancy Diane Hurd Duke

    11/01/2018 07:44 PM

    I, too, have been watching the Arizona race with interest. I couldn't determine why anyone with any love for their state could vote for Krysten Sinema after seeing and hearing her real thoughts and agenda for Arizona. I finally realized today that, due to John McCain's known dislike for Trump...and especially after the rant by John's daughter at her father's funeral...that Trump does not need to have anything more to do with that election....but Lindsey Graham needs to go and speak for the Republican candidate. As John's best friend, people would respond more to Senator Graham and it could possibly help McSally's numbers and election. I may be wrong...but I think it could help if it is not too late. Thanks, Gov. Huckabee. I am from Arkansas and attended Ouachita as did my brother, Dr. Herman Hurd.

  • Ricky ward

    11/01/2018 07:41 PM

    You are right. Phil Bredezen in Tennessee acts as if he is a true conservative in Tennessee. Such lies.

  • Susan Stubbs

    11/01/2018 03:01 AM

    I voted for McSally as did everyone I know well enough to ask here in Phoenix. I just pray that Arizona has enough sense to reject Sinema. I can't imagine being stuck with her for 6 years after having Flake and McCain.

  • Patricia Murphy

    10/31/2018 07:46 PM

    You are 100 and 10% right. I have watched this go on for as many years as you have. I have actually read a front page article years ago after an election that "There are no laws against lying" !!!!!!! What! I have heard Obama outright lie on TV. And he still does. What really bothers me, is that people really believe it! No one does their "homework. I could go on, but wont.

  • Dee Hay

    10/31/2018 07:09 PM

    I am 80 years old. If you had told me forty years ago that a population as large as the U.S. could be duped into believing their intelligence level could be significantly reduced through a rigged education and media system, I would have said you were crazy. But the very fact that we have a divided population over the issue of birth rights, when the 13th and 14th amendments clearly illustrate that they applied only to the slave issue the nation was struggling with at the time, shows beyond a doubt, that at least half the population is ignorant and the other half doesn't have a clue how to deal with the problem. When the only person (President Trump) who understands what this is doing to our country, and tries to do something about it, is treated like Typhoid Mary by the mainstream media, academia and liberal politicians, we can reasonably assume that we are beyond mortal help. God save us!!

  • Beverly Buford

    10/31/2018 01:49 PM

    This is exactly what is happening in the House race in Kentucky! Amy McGrath has moved into Kentucky to run for the House but she is not a Kentuckian! She seems to have unlimited resources and her commercials have been created by the best in the business but they are all lies! She claims her votes will not be influenced by the party but they don't have to be....her votes will be exactly what she believes and it is Democrat all the way! She is a fantastic actress and her commercials make her sound so believable but they make me sick because they are so false! I pray every day that Andy Barr will defeat her but I am concerned because people are so gullible! Please pray with us that God's will be done and her lies will be voted down! Thank you for your is the only one I read because I know you will tell the truth. God bless!

  • Dianne Roberts

    10/31/2018 01:35 PM

    I do understand that candidates need supporters to help pay for campaign cost. I do not understand, however, why every political message identifies the one leading in the polls by the amount of dollars they have raised. I get requests on FB to send money for the Republican candidates but how do I know where that money is really going. There are more liars and cheats in politics than honest moral candidates. I cannot watch TV news and get much of my news from FB and sites like this one. How do I know what to do?