Nike's questionable marketing strategy

September 7, 2018 |

For the past few days, whenever I turned on a news channel, I saw some marketing “expert” assuring me that Nike’s decision to enrich and glorify Colin Kaepernick for his “sacrifice” (tell that to a disabled veteran or Gold Star family) was a brilliant business move. All those people cursing Nike on social media and posting videos of them burning their Nike gear? They’re just irrelevant old fogies who don’t matter. Nike is a hip, edgy company, and this campaign will give them a huge boost among their current target market of young hipsters and minorities. 

So, how’s that working out? Marketing types love surveys and numbers, so here are the latest results from a Morning Consult survey: 

Almost overnight, Nike’s favorability rating dropped by over 34 points, going from +69 to +34. Also, before the poll, only 2% reported hearing negative sentiments about Nike. After the Kaepernick announcement, 33% said they’d heard negative things about the brand.

But that’s probably just those old cranks Nike doesn’t care about! What did their target market (young people, blacks, etc.) think? Actually, Nike’s favorability dropped among every demographic category, even Democrats (although not as much as the 23 point plummet among Republicans.) 

What is Nike’s next brilliant marketing idea? Buy a pair of shoes, get a free can of New Coke ?


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  • Gail Hobson

    09/10/2018 08:02 PM

    In regards to Nike's decision we no longer would purchase a Nike product. What angers me are celebrates whether in the sports field /movies or tv (like the late night hosts from the east coast to the west) who feel they have the right to use their platform to push their beliefs on the rest of us and do it nightly. Dick's Sporting Goods CEO has declared they are /or already have removed guns from their stores...Take a look at how low their profits have dropped. As a Baby Boomer my sadness is for the world my children and grand children will have to live in as we step from FREEDOM into a Socialist government which the next step is Communism. So whether you like him or not President Trump "I" believe is doing for the American people what no President since Reagan has build this country as a strong nation. May GOD BLESS AMERICA. p.s. I would love to see Nike's profits hit an all time low...hit them where it hurts in the pocket book.

  • Roberta B. Schuetze

    09/10/2018 05:28 PM

    We, Raymond A. Schuetze LTC USA (RTD) & Roberta B. Schuetze, sold all of our Nike Stock and will NEVER purchase any product sold by nike again. We did not watch any NFL games last year & will not watch this year.

  • Bernadette Dillon

    09/09/2018 10:42 PM

    Hi Governor Huckabee,

    I guess Nike thought that a controversial figure would boost sales. They were wrong. which is shocking because the CEO of Starbucks at his annual stockholders meeting told the whole planet if you do not believe as I do, I do not want you owning stock in my company or buying my product. Starbucks has never recovered. I know people who cancelled their gold card memberships (I was one of them) . After Disney stopped supporting the boy scouts we cancelled our annual passports. Friends of mine cancelled their daughters wedding in Florida at Disney World, a 500,000 wedding cancelled. The guests who paid to stay at the disneyworld hotel, over 100+ guest did not stay at Disneyworld. A lovely castle in somewhere else in the USA got the wedding and it was even better than the Disneyland wedding. I was a guest. When are these big organizations going to realize, supporting Satan over God is not a winning strategy.

  • Stephen K Lentz

    09/09/2018 10:53 AM

    It is really sad that the major market of nike, the "millenials" are the ones who spend $200 a pair on 2 or 3 or 4 pairs of shoes or $150 for a stupid national felons league shirt or cap and could care less about this country and look at colon paperdick as a "hero" who has 'sacrificed so much" These are the idiots who will be in charge in the near future Their parents and grandparents and media are training them well. I am absolutely positive that the little bitch that gave me a bag of dog shit when I got back from the Nam now have children and grandchildren who hate this country even more than she does. This country is sadly returning to the mentality of the '60's where they hate the Military, Police, anybody in power (except the jackasses who give them so much) and this Country God help us!!!!

  • Toni Meisberger

    09/09/2018 06:51 AM

    Well us old cranks keep this country together. Nike totally did not think this through. They think the millenials are going to take care of them. They can't even take care of themselves. Many are still living with their parents. Wake up NIKE you made a BIG mistake.

  • Elizabeth Honaker

    09/08/2018 11:44 PM

    A third-rate QB with an attitude!!!!!!!! Well, imagine THAT! What has he brought to the game that's a "sacrifice"? What has he brought to American society that's a "sacrifice"? What has he brought to ghetto kids that's a "sacrifice"? Has he got a great house, car, food on the table? That's more than millions of Americans have, and they DON'T bitch, moan, and complain about it -- they DO something about it!! (Oh, and that USED to be Nike's somewhat inspirational motto -- "Just do it"!) What a farce this whole scenario is! What a stupid, self-centered IDIOT CK is (and I hate even mentioning his NAME)! Enjoy these 15 minutes of Fame, has-been and Nike -- because you will DEFINITELY go DOWNHILL!!! The libs aren't loyal to ANYTHING, and they'll drop you both like a hot potato as soon as Under Armour and other companies step up their game!

  • Doug Morgan

    09/08/2018 08:52 PM

    I wonder how many of those cowardly Antifa members who parade around in black hoods, those young hipsters and minorities, and socialist snowflakes have the money to buy $150 Nike shoes and gear. When us "irrelevant old fogies who don’t matter" refuse to hand over the money to our children or grand children to buy Nike's anti-American goods, we will see then if their marketing strategy was wise or not.

  • Samuel Smith

    09/08/2018 08:36 PM

    Nike just joined The NFL and the NBA, which I stopped watching, and do not buy any thing that has their logo on it!

  • Pam McAllister

    09/08/2018 06:33 PM

    Apparently, Nike’s research failed to take into account the Grandmothers who do a lot of buying for “the young, hip generation”. I’ve just returned all Nike shirts I had purchased for gifts- and told the clerk “ what was wrong with them”!

  • Thomas May

    09/08/2018 06:29 PM

    I never have been a big fan of Nike, but now I have to watch that I don't by branded products made by these anti veteran morons.
    It's shameful how the media is making them, and Kaepercupcake some kind of heroes. Our vets deserve better.

  • Rebecca Long Brown

    09/08/2018 04:31 PM

    I've never heard a more ridiculous marketing ploy, I'm sure it's done more harm than good. The fake news media reported an increase in sales but its probably because sales are down as well as the stock. If sales are up it's due to stores offering Nike at 50% off, to stop carrying Nike products. I always bought Nike running shoes but now I will buy Adidas or any other brand but Nike. It's so negative. I also read where Nike is being sued by current women employees for sexual harassment and unfair pay practices. They just can't get it right.

  • Gary L. Wolff

    09/08/2018 04:13 PM

    If the kneelers were praying for their country as opposed to a simply offensive protest form, it would be another matter entirely.

  • Mr. Leslie L. Robinson

    09/08/2018 03:46 PM

    Governor Huckabee, Have any NFL or other sports Leagues dropped the use of Nike uniforms or shoes? These prominently displayed Nike Swoosh trademarks on Nike gear during the broadcast of sporting events is a huge advertising advantage for the company and more importantly, implies support for Kaepernick's anti American stance. I am a veteran, have worked serving the military for the past 50 years, and a member of the American Legion which promotes Americanism. I find the action of kneeling or raising a fist during the national anthem, disrespectful of our nation and even worse disrespectful of the veterans that have served and in many cases given their lives to support all Americans. I would suggest a better demonstration of their lack of respect for America and Americans would be to refuse the accept American currency for providing entertainment. I no longer watch NFL games either in the stands or on television.

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    09/08/2018 03:04 PM

    NEVER underestimate the value of the American consumer.

  • Jerry M. KYLE

    09/08/2018 03:01 PM

    When business leaders push a political or social agenda the big risk is it backfires by aliening customers. Maybe it's a "hail mary" to gain market share and the probability of success is so high for those attempts (ha)!

  • Don Smith

    09/08/2018 02:34 PM

    I think Nike has just given themselves a "Colinoscopy"! I will never, ever buy any of their "stuff".

  • Joshua l janho

    09/08/2018 02:08 PM

    Colin is donkey
    I saved black girls life I’m old white vet it’s all on video told 3 black leaders here in Vegas all laughed some lay there life down others throw money in the plate

  • Kendra Strecker

    09/08/2018 02:04 PM

    Collie's foot ball days were OVER before he took a knee.... NOW Nike's days are over too... R.I.P both Collie and Nike...

  • Jeff Williams

    09/08/2018 01:49 PM

    Liberalism definately is a mental disorder. I haven't bought a nike since I was a kid and glad I haven't. Btw Corey Booker is without a doubt a lunatic. I cannot imagine the life we would have if he ever did get president

  • Sallee O'Dwyer

    09/08/2018 01:13 PM

    I may be an old fogie(veteran of the vietnam war era- USAF nurse) but disrespect for the nation that bore him and the folks who adopted him is soo maddening I can't use proper language. May he rot in Hell.

  • Jackie Cain

    09/08/2018 12:58 PM

    Have never to my knowledge ever bought a pair of nikes. Nor do i ever intend on buying any Nikes. .

  • tom jeffs

    09/08/2018 12:45 PM

    QUESTION: how much money did Nike funnel through Colin Kaepernick to Joanne Chesimard ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Colin's given tens of thousands to convicted cop killer Joanne while she's on the FBI Most Wanted List - - - - - - -

  • Dana Tebbs

    09/08/2018 12:33 PM

    Gov Huckabee, Why didn't Kaepernick start sitting and kneeling to protest police brutality way BEFORE he lost his starting QB position and got benched? He created a scene on the sidelines... sitting, crying and pouting on the bench like a baby... in a feeble attempt to draw attention back to himself! Was he really making some BIG political statement? Nope! The reason for what he was doing came AFTER he started doing it- not before. He created everything up in his head after people started questioning why he sat during the anthem. Sounds kind of bad and selfish to say... I'm a spoiled rich football NFL star and I am mad the coaches made me a back up QB and placed me on the bench! Right?
    As a 30 year "faithful" 49er fan... I can tell you that I stopped being a 49er fan the day this idiot came out and sat on the bench to make his FAKE political statement. I use to be a HUGE football fan. NO MORE. Till these over paid "sports heroes" can stand up to honor our flag and those who really did sacrifice so much for our country... I'm done. I don't watch football now because I do NOT want to watch some rich over paid guy try to steal away the glory of the game to make some trendy stupid political statement. I didn't renew my Sunday ticket this year and with good reason. I use to watch football because I loved the sport. Now? Kaepernick ruined it for me. He ruined my beloved 49ers and my love of the game. Sad.

  • Robert E Center

    09/08/2018 12:33 PM

    As a Vietnam Veteran, both the nfl and nike are dead to my family and I. NO Thanks, they lost us.

  • tom jeffs

    09/08/2018 12:26 PM

    QUESTION: how much money did Nike funnel through Colin Kaepernick to Joanne Chesimard ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Colin's given tens of thousands to convicted cop killer Joanne while she's on the FBI Most Wanted List - - - - - - -