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March 1, 2023



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8 It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.9

Psalm 118:8 KJV

This backfired

I’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear that a far-left, virtue-signaling law passed by San Francisco’s leaders backfired, didn’t do what was intended, and only ended up costing San Franciscans more money. Yeah, I know: you could say that about virtually every law they pass. But this specific law was their 2016 ordinance barring city employees from traveling to or contracting with any states that banned same sex marriage.

Over the years, they kept adding other “progressive” issues that any other states might dare to disagree with them about, such as abortion and “voting rights” (i.e., voter integrity laws to ensure fair elections.) The list of states they were boycotting grew from eight to 30, more than half the nation, as the bubble they lived in threw thicker and thicker.

Now, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is considering repealing the law after a report found that it’s not only been totally ineffective (surprisingly, no other states changed their values because San Francisco disapproved), but it also made contracting and compliance a complicated mess and severely limited the city’s choice of contractors, raising their costs by up to 20%.

It’s an encouraging sign that even in San Francisco, people are finally starting to wake up to the high cost of being woke. I’m also thankful that this gives me a good segue to Kurt Schlichter’s new column, which is, as usual, brutally hilarious. It’s about the many self-inflicted woes that California is suffering and why so many people are abandoning the “California lifestyle” and moving out (Kurt: “Hobos dropping last night’s boloney sandwich on your lawn is not a ‘lifestyle.’”)

He also echoes something I’ve written about many times, although usually in reference to New York: that once people start realizing they can do the same job via the Internet in a state that doesn’t tax and regulate them to death, where criminals are put in jail and housing costs a fraction as much and people use bathrooms instead of the sidewalk, the leftist politicians’ golden goose will be cooked.

Here’s my response to Biden’s claim that inflation is under control

President Biden continues to claim that inflation is dropping and most Americans just don’t realize how great they have it because the media doesn’t give him friendly enough coverage. (Yes, he actually believes that, and has said as much.)

Here’s my response to his claim that inflation is under control: the food court at Costco in Seattle is now charging $9.99 for an unimpressive roast beef sandwich.

The Washington Post fact checks the Biden White House

You know the Biden White House’s attempt to blame Trump for the East Palestine train derailment is as dead as the many animals “mysteriously” dying in the area when even the Washington Post runs a fact-check shredding it.

Good Read

Ben Shapiro on the COVID-19 lab leak story and the reasons why national leaders and the World Health Organization tried to bury it (another reason to fight Biden’s insane idea of giving the WHO control over our pandemic responses) and why the media ignored it and mocked and shamed anyone who brought it up. In short, this is what happens when so-called “experts” refuse to look at the evidence and make judgements about claims based on whether or not they like and approve of the people bringing them up.

Fox News has an analysis of how the paper-of-broken-record, The New York Times, helped mislead Americans by aggressively pushing the idea that the lab leak theory was just a wild, rightwing, racist conspiracy theory.

Related: Jon Stewart reacts to news of the Energy Department believing the virus likely leaked from the Wuhan lab and talks about how even his fans on the left turned on him, canceled him and called him a racist when he dared to suggest that possibility to Steven Colbert.

And today’s winner is…

Today’s winner of the coveted Huck’s Hubris Award is “1619 Project” author Nikole Hannah-Jones, who has become a millionaire and a Pulitzer Prize winner with fat book and Hulu contracts, celebrity status and high-paid speaking gigs, all for distorting America’s history and claiming to be a victim of systemic racial oppression. But that’s not why she won the Hubris Award. No, she gets that for lecturing an immigrant who escaped communist China and who appreciates America that she just doesn’t understand what oppression is.

PBS: The game “Monopoly” is racist

Proving that they’re using our tax dollars for only the highest priority issues, PBS produced an episode of the series “American Experience” that goes after the “dark history” of the board game “Monopoly,” declaring it racist and a tool to brainwash youth with “toxic capitalism.”

Funny, considering you get $200 just for passing “Go” and can be handed a “Get Out of Jail Free” card, I assumed it was based on liberalism.

And I love this genius quote: “It’s a cutthroat game. I only win when you lose!” Isn’t that true of EVERY board game?

This show is just the latest argument for why public broadcasting should be kicked off the taxpayer dole and told to go rely on capitalism.



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  • Pat Tebo

    03/02/2023 12:04 PM

    If I get rectal cancer it’ll be due to all the smoke being blown up there.

  • Pat Tebo

    03/02/2023 12:03 PM

    If I get rectal cancer it’ll be due to all the smoke being blown up there.

  • Jerry

    03/02/2023 11:24 AM

    Biden is a very crude individual his latest act was to laugh at the the deaths of two citizens from a poisoning from the China/Mexico drug labs. I wonder if he laughed when the 13 dead soldiers from his botched Withdrawal came home biden is beyond crude biden is deranged as normal people view this creepy person one has to wonder sniffing people like a dog would, letting his son use and helping pay for drugs, prostitution, money laundering for his own benefit, biden even was accused of using his office power to fondle women in hallways and back rooms the character of biden is as toxic of most of our evil humans free or incarcerated biden has taken his traits from sister characters as the Grinch the Joker and the Grim Reaper to say biden is hideous is accurate to the normal human being way of living. Normal people would seek help for a son or daughter addicted to a toxic lifestyle biden would just use it to his advantage.

  • stephen russell

    03/02/2023 10:53 AM

    Improving Monopoly Game;

    Add IPOs
    New Ventures
    Use mock NFTs
    Bitcoin mock
    & Cash for Game

  • Jerry

    03/02/2023 10:47 AM

    I am stunned that the population of Chicago voters have changed so drastically that Lightfoot lost all of the Lesbian< Women, Black, Gay voters in such a short time. People have fled Chicago because of crime and the wickedness of the people in Chicago so what is left that the remaining voters did not want the return of Lightfoot or give the keys back to lightfoot to the mayor's office. Had all of the voters turned from being Gay Black Woman Man and all other traits of being a human or could it be Lightfoot was ignorant careless of how to run a city? How many unsolved murders did Chicago have during her reign as mayor? I would say many, to kill or be killed in Chicago seemed to be of no concern to Lightfoot, just maybe that is one of the reasons why this Lightfoot had her keys to the office changed and I would change the locks to keep this Fool away from this or any public office.

  • Jerry

    03/02/2023 09:55 AM

    Put toxic poison on the soil and the poison will seep downward into the water table water pumped from the water table poisoned by the toxic poison from above will last for a long time people can not fool Mother Nature although people on the left think men can deliver a baby from its body are nothing but a fool people trust nature the epa is a branch of today’s leftist regime doesn’t believe in the world of nature it will not help nature in keeping forest health ly.

  • Jerry

    03/01/2023 10:06 PM

    I despise biden and i want to see him gone. My first order of ridding him and his entire administration is to do legally however when an entire DOJ is corrupt and the Agenenies are led by unfit and corrupt leaders, the chances of a extermination of these frauds is not going to happen. I resent the facts that the lack of Justice in the Federal Justice is nothing more than a corroded form of real Justice. The scale of Justice does not exist today and if it did it will be the same as getting justice for the China Virus episode and all of the fraud and the outright murder of millions of people or the real facts still locked up about the JFK Assassination. That is todays Justice system.