July 6, 2022

How can we all be so connected, and our government be so disconnected?

One of the benefits of living in the 21st century is that thanks to jet travel and the Internet, I constantly talk to Americans from every state and every walk of life. And believe me, they are not shy about sharing their opinions. It gives me a perspective that I wish more of our politicians and media people inside the Beltway Bubble could experience.

According to a recent Pew Research survey, 65% of journalists think the news media is doing a good job of covering the important stories of the day, while only 35% of the public agree.

If I had to explain that yawning gap between the media’s public approval and its self-approval in one world , it would be “disconnection” (although I would accept “narcissism.”) I don’t think there’s ever been a time when the media was so out of touch with the people they’re supposed to be serving. You’d think the shock they experienced on Election night 2016 would’ve caused them to reflect a bit and make some changes, but they only doubled down on the demonizing of people they never talk to.

They apparently really believed in 2016 that when voters demanded “change,” they wanted bigger deficits and a bloated, more powerful regulatory state. Trust me, based on what they told me, they did not. And they didn’t think they were getting that when they voted for Biden, either. They’re so angry now not only because Biden’s policies are making their lives so much harder but because many believe they were the victims of a massive bait-and-switch con.

If you ask most Americans what they want from government, it’s not to have every aspect of their lives regulated and “transformed,” including those that worked a lot better before the government “improved” them. They don’t want 2,000-page bills nobody’s read, or bureaucrats telling them which doctor they can see or how much money they’re allowed to make. The list of what most Americans say they want from government is actually pretty short: national defense, secure borders, safe streets; smooth highways; health care for veterans, seniors, poor children, the disabled (all those who genuinely can’t help themselves); good schools, firefighters and (yes) police – now more than ever.  And it would be nice if the trash were picked up on time. That’s about it.

Yet somehow, the government finds so many ways to meddle in our lives that federal, state and local government spending combined now equals about 44% of America’s entire gross domestic product. And in some big cities, they don’t pick up the garbage at all. They just let people live in it.

In poll after poll, despite claims that socialism is on the rise, most Americans say they want less government and less spending. Even those who say they want government handouts like “Medicare For All” abruptly change their tunes when told what it will do to their tax bills and quality of services. They don’t give a hoot what the talking heads or the endlessly-surprised economists or the “too-big-to-fail” Wall Street failures say: they want government out of their lives, out of their wallets and out of their way.

Sadly, whenever political candidates support that philosophy, their opponents and the media paint them as cold-hearted and uncaring. Compassion has been redefined as the willingness to spend limitless amounts of other people’s money. The media also devote almost no time to examining political philosophies and a lot of time to gotcha games, gaffes, fake news and who’s ahead in the horse race.

But the horse is now out of the barn. For eight years, Americans experienced firsthand the results of so-called “progressive” policies. Government out of control, a health care boondoggle two-thirds of us didn’t want, and the economy still struggling long after it should’ve roared back.

The Election of 2016 was not a surprise to me. I predicted it months in advance because, unlike so many people who claim to represent or report on the American people, I actually talk to – and more importantly, listen to - people. Things were turning around quite well before a pandemic artificially shut down the economy and people let the media bamboozle them into blaming Trump and thinking they’d be bringing back moderation and “normality” if they elected Biden.

Now, they find themselves stuck with a combination of Obama and Jimmy Carter times 10. This isn’t what they voted for, but they’re getting it good and hard.

I predict that, despite the media’s best efforts to bamboozle us, politicians who try to sell Americans on socialistic, big government policies will eventually fail, for the same reason that a used car salesman has a hard time selling a lemon to the same customer twice. I think those politicians know it, too; hence their desperation to take over elections so they can control the results, and to rig the government through schemes like eliminating the Senate filibuster and the Electoral College and stacking the Supreme Court. They claim to be protecting “our democracy” while trying to silence and neuter all political opposition. They have to kill democracy to save it.

I also predict that politicians who were elected on a promise not to “fundamentally transform” America will remain in office only as long as they remember that Americans did not elect them to turn the United States into Venezuela.

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  • Gary Fitzner

    07/06/2022 08:30 PM

    I don’t understand why there are no questions about the plan to do away with fossil fuels. Can anyone show how we can all get enough energy from wind and solar? Is there a grand plan that shows how this will work? Same question about doing away with gasoline engine cars. Please show us the plan!

  • Michael

    07/06/2022 07:59 PM

    Very good article and recap. Sadly American voters are slow learners. Way too many only listen to the propaganda mainstream media, don't do their own research of candidates and again are such slow learners when it comes to Democrats and how each and every time they are in control, We the People suffer to their agenda. But if we still have Dominion voting machines, mail-in ballots or drop boxes in 2022 snd 2024 won't the Democrats just rig and steal those elections? I am not optimistic anything will change, but I will vote Republican, because I know there will be a time when I will consistently vote Democrat. . . when I am dead !!

  • rodney burke

    07/06/2022 07:01 PM

    media is didsconnected on purpooose. Theyare fixed on ourdestruction and the install of a communist state just like China. Can't be anymore obvious than that. It's called a one-track mind. Tunnel vision? They cannot and WIL not see anything else. They are lemmings poised to fall off a cliff and they want to take the wrld with them.

  • Judith Rice

    07/06/2022 05:43 PM

    It's up to the American voters to vote out all Dems but also the RINOs. That is the only way to drain the swamp! It won't happen overnight. We need more than one election to do the job. First order of business is to retake Congress. Then put Trump back in the WH in 2024 with DeSantis as VP. After Trump, 8 years of DeSantis !

  • Peg lukasiewicz

    07/06/2022 04:14 PM

    Spot on, I just wish I saw more sincere democrat voter buyers remorse....too many make excuses..sorta like codependents (dealing with alcoholics and addicts is probably the same as dealing with narcissistic politicians ).

  • Janice Saccomanno

    07/06/2022 02:15 PM

    We must keep talking to our younger generations as many have been fed a bill of goods at the university level and the fake news media.

  • Thomas Qualman

    07/06/2022 02:08 PM

    I know you're a pretty smart guy Mike and I have a lot of respect for you and what you do for this country. But by now you should be willing to clearly state that the 2020 election was stolen. Between the internet and the voting machines and the ballot boxes Zuckerberg paid for and then had stuffed ( movie "Rigged" and 2000 mules) it's clear unless someone is blind or a left wing loon. You are neither.

  • Patrick Barrett

    07/06/2022 01:19 PM

    The thing that worries me Mike, are we going to be able to stop another Dominion machine steel or 2000 mules steel? If we can't stop it, they'll steal it again for another 4 years and we'll be dead

  • Bernadette K Dillon Santos

    07/06/2022 12:53 PM

    I keep hearing we have to stop gun violence. There is no law that could ever be created that is going to stop gun violence. As long as there is freedom of choice, anybody can get a gun and just start shooting. If you want a gun, you can get a gun pretty much anywhere with no background checks or mental check. It is absolutely absurd that any member of our govt. party thinks that this will ever stop. We do not have enough military and or police to protect the masses. So one must protect themselves. I was in a 99 cent store the other day and a man walked in, set his backpack down and proceeded to stand in the entrance of the store ranting about God knows what. He scared the heck out of everyone. Was the back pack a bomb? Did he have a gun? I got out of there very quickly and someone called the police. When the police arrived the man was still standing at the entrance of the store still ranting. I lost my job last week as have thousands of others in the mortgage banking industry recently in the last month or so. Many more to come. For us the recession is here and there are a 100 of us for one job. Governor Newsom is now so busy getting to run for President that he is ignoring the invasion coming across the border. These people will get priority housing, food, medicine and food stamps. While Californians are being overtaxed on gas, food, housing, and no free money is ever coming even though he has promised in October we will all get a little something. At this rate gas prices here in California will be 10 bucks a gallon and Newsom will not have a shot at the white house

  • Donna Schmidt

    07/06/2022 12:05 PM

    I do agree with what you state in this article, nicely explained.
    Question: Do the democrats think they are the "democracy," because the first 7 letters of democracy has their name in it?
    If that is the case, then I do not like their idea of democracy.