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November 30, 2023

Hunter Biden’s legal team, led by powerhouse DC attorney Abbe Lowell and paid for through “loans” from Hollywood sugar-daddy Kevin Morris, is continuing its aggressive response to those who would dare question the first son.  It’s got to be done their way.  Here’s Lowell’s reply to the House Oversight and Accountability Committee…

It would be fun to shoot this blustery letter full of great big holes, but is that even needed?  Just about anyone reading this newsletter can probably do it with ease, even though it was written by attorneys being paid approximately $1,000 an hour.  (Maybe we’re in the wrong line of work!)

Yes, Hunter will cooperate with the subpoena, they say, but only if the hearing takes place on their terms.  They do NOT want a closed-door transcribed deposition, as is normally done at this stage of an investigation prior to a public hearing.  Their boy is special; they want to go straight to the public hearing and that’s the end of the discussion.  Well, the discussion is not over and the committee has rejected this demand.  The committee still expects Hunter to come in on December 13.

Democrats on the committee are assured to get equal time for questions, committee chair James Comer told Sean Hannity on FOX NEWS Tuesday night, and the full transcript of the behind-closed-doors interview will be released.  He went into detail about the lack of cooperation from the White House.

Comer also sent a letter (not a subpoena at this point) to Kevin Morris on November 15 and said he expects to hear from him, although the deadline of November 22 for Morris to contact their staff has passed.  The letter makes interesting reading...

As Comer explained on Tuesday (the 28th), “You have to request through a letter first.  We’re doing this the right way; we’re making sure every ‘i’ is dotted and every ‘t’ crossed.  If he doesn’t respond to our letter to come in voluntarily, then we will issue a subpoena.”  So, looks as though that’s next.

Morris has reportedly “loaned” (?) Hunter over $5 million, and these two are not longtime friends but, as fas as we know, just two guys who met at a fundraiser for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.  This raises questions about campaign finance, ethics and tax fraud.

As former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker said on the show, “...Remember, Abbe Lowell knows exactly what he’s doing.  He knows that the weakest part of this case is if his client has to sit down for directed questioning from a counsel of the majority that can ask a line of questions and not be interrupted every five minutes by the rules of the committee [as would happen] if it was public.”

One can just imagine how the hearing would go if it were on TV.  Democrats on the Oversight Committee would have equal time, and they’d use it to gnash their teeth and rend their garments before the cameras about Hunter being a victim of partisan politics, a fragile recovering addict who should be applauded for this and allowed to remain outside the glare of the spotlight.  (This, after he demanded a public hearing as opposed to a quiet deposition.)

As legal analyst Gregg Jarrett said, Hunter knows that in public hearings, “probing questions are rare.  Members grandstand with their speeches.  But he also wants the usual Biden sycophants like Jamie Raskin and Dan Goldman to portray him as this poor victim of drug addiction who should be forgiven of his crimes.”  (We’re reminded of Hunter’s sad-sack op-ed in the WASHINGTON POST, playing up his status as addict.)  Addiction, though, is not an excuse under the law.

Another key point, made by Comer:  this committee is conducting an impeachment inquiry into President Biden, not Hunter.  The deposition is primarily intended to get information about potentially impeachable offenses by the President.

Whitaker was reminded by this stalemate of Trump associates Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro, who WERE held in contempt and prosecuted by the DOJ for refusing to testify, and said Hunter should be treated in exactly the same way.  Think that’ll happen with this “Justice Department”?  Me, neither, but at least by pressing the point, the Oversight Committee will show the DOJ for what it is.

Here’s the full interview segment from Tuesday…

Legal analyst Jonathan Turley also lacks patience with Hunter Biden.  After he got the subpoena, his response was that he might testify “when the time is right.”  Really??  As Turley has pointed out, “That is not quite how subpoenas work.”  When he puts conditions on his compliance, “Hunter fundamentally misses the point of a congressional subpoena.”

“This is a bad start for Hunter, who is a lawyer,” Turley said in a new column.  “For years, he has been able to manipulate the media and create ever-changing rationales for his role in the alleged corruption scheme, from expert to addict to victim.”

According to Turley, Hunter won’t get away with trying to dictate the terms.  “He can choose his answers, but not his forum.  Putting the bravado of the letter aside, he now has a date with Congress and he will no longer be able to orchestrate how he appears in public.”

Or, we would add, behind closed doors.

John Solomon and Steven Richards at JUST THE NEWS have a breaking story about how Hunter paid his debts with “loans” from Democrat donors to his father’s presidential campaign --- Kevin Morris and others as well --- and also from the sale of his art (“art”).

Federal and congressional investigators have amassed evidence that shows Hunter has taken in over $6 million since his father ran for President in 2020.

After reviewing hundreds of documents, JUST THE NEWS got in touch with Morris’ attorney Bryan Sullivan, who told them he had reason to believe their source was not credible.  But he failed to contradict any factual information in their story.  And Abbe Lowell didn’t respond at all.

Interviews and documents also show that Hunter has made more than $1 million from selling his paintings “under a deal with an art gallery that was first brokered by one of his father’s fundraisers in California.”  JUST THE NEWS has details…

On September 29, 2022, Joe’s brother James Biden told IRS agents and federal prosecutors that he didn’t know why Kevin Morris had been so helpful to nephew Hunter.  In the notes, it simply says, “Morris was helping RHB [Hunter] a lot, but James B didn’t know why.”  He speculated that it might be because of his giant ego.  He wasn’t aware that Morris had asked for “anything but a thank-you.”  But “RHB was very closed lip about Morris.”

Here’s the pdf of those interview notes; there’s a lot of interest for when you have the time.  The part about Morris is on the last two pages.

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