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November 7, 2021


Good morning! Here are some stories from me that I think you will want to read.


A generous person will prosper;

whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.



Join me tonight on TBN for a great new episode of “Huckabee!” My guests will include the woman of the hour, Virginia Lieutenant Governor-Elect Winsome Sears. Former Ambassador to Israel David Friedman will give us a look at a new documentary series on the Abraham Accords that he’s hosting on TBN. You’ll also meet an inspiring Huck’s Hero, and laugh with comedian John Branyan and Joel Berry of the Babylon Bee. We’ll top it all off with some terrific music from country singer/songwriter Teea Goans.

We get the show on the road tonight at 9 EST/8 CST, on TBN. To find out how you can watch TBN, from local cable and broadcast channels to streaming, visit and click on “Channel Finder” on the top menu. You can stream previous episodes, highlights and online-only “Digital Exclusives,” including extended interviews, “In Case You Missed It” and “Facts of the Matter” segments, and extra performances by our great musical and comedy guests, all at You can also find past shows, highlights and digital exclusives on YouTube and my Facebook page.


2.  LATE-NIGHT SPENDING: Friday night, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi finally got the $1.2 trillion “bipartisan” “infrastructure” bill passed. The Senate having already passed it, it now goes to President Biden to be signed into law. The White House declared this bill “a monumental step forward as a nation,” which is ironic considering all the monuments that have already been destroyed or removed under them.

Six “progressive” Democrats, including the Squad members, voted no because they wanted the even bigger Biden spendapalooza bill passed first. But with the yes votes of 13 Republicans, the bill passed. I’ll sure you’ll want to know who they are to thank them, so they’re listed here:

Some of their GOP colleagues are already making their feelings known, as well.

That Breitbart article also lists some of what’s in this bill, noting that only about $110 billion goes to roads, bridges and things most people think of as actual infrastructure. The rest goes to “Green New Deal” programs and handouts, and other leftwing wish list items, like wokeness and social justice initiatives (the buzzword “equity” appears 64 times in the bill), addressing “racism built into our highways,” and improving illegal immigrant processing centers (wouldn’t want to slow them down too much as they pour across our border.) We might as well fund the construction of a giant toilet and flush a trillion dollars in tax money down it.

The House also adopted a “rule” to schedule the $1.7 trillion “Build Back Better” bill, which is even more expensive and worse. I won’t go into all of the details here but you can read them at the link. Pelosi wanted to pass both of these turkeys on Friday, but she still hopes to jam them both down our throats before Thanksgiving. Hopefully, the Senate will be able to block the next one, if Sens. Manchin and Sinema don’t wilt under the left’s full-on obnoxiousness offensive.

After Nancy Pelosi made a long speech about the “Build Back Better” (i.e., spending orgy) bill, lauding it as “transformative and historic,” “a big vision,” a leap forward for “equity,” and “even bigger than” the “Affordable”Care Act (price-wise, that’s true), Florida Republican Rep. Brian Mast shouted, “You can get an Emmy for that one!”

Mast released a statement reading, "Nancy Pelosi should take her ‘talents’ to Hollywood. She’s doing an ‘amazing’ job acting like this socialist spending spree is something that will help Americans, when the reality is that it’s a giveaway for liberal special interests and will raise taxes on families across the country."

He might have meant the Emmy comment sarcastically, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility. This is the same organization that gave Andrew Cuomo an Emmy just for acting like a competent Governor in press conferences. They later rescinded it after the sexual misconduct allegations, but when you think about it, that might have actually been the best acting job of the year.

3. JOBS: Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in October, US employers added an unusually high 531,000 new hires to their work forces. This came after months of hearing that there were 10 million jobs open and nobody applying for them. But suddenly, there was a burst of new hiring. What happened?!

Before the White House credits this news to the Biden Economic Miracle, let me point out that all this job-taking fell one month after the Democrats’ enhanced unemployment benefits that were paying people more to stay home than to work ran out. Biden has claimed that that had nothing to do with people shunning work, but the numbers suggest otherwise.

The Foundation of Government Accountability calculates that between regular unemployment, the bonus cash, food stamps, child tax credits and earned income tax credits, the average family of four was getting nearly $3700 a month, or $44,300 a year, for not working. Did that not influence anyone to stop home watching Netflix?

For further proof, many Republican Governors cut off the extra benefits early, and 17 of the top 20 states for post-pandemic job recovery have Republican Governors. If anything, these new jobs numbers not only prove that Biden’s paying people to stay home was a terrible idea, they also undermine his argument for needing to spend trillions on his “Build Back Better” bill to boost an economy that would be doing fine if he’d just get out of the way and stop strangling it.

Biden may have no regard for irreversible laws of economics and human nature, but he can’t escape them. He famously said, “Milton Friedman isn’t running the show anymore,” but his ideas still are and always will. The one person who obviously is not running the show is Joe Biden.

4. HEAVY-HANDED: Normally, the President’s daughter’s diary wouldn’t be national news. But when that President’s Administration sics the FBI on investigative journalists in an attempt to find said diary (which they didn’t even have), they take what was an easily ignored story and turn it into a potential major scandal.

America the Beautiful

This feature returns with images of America's cities, landscapes and people.

5. STOP LAUGHING: Americans’ problems seem to be endlessly amusing to our liberal elite betters. When Vice President Kamala Harris is asked about the border disaster she was put in charge of solving, her response is to cackle inappropriately. When CNN ran a story about a family of 11 (they have six adopted kids and a foster child) worrying about the rising price of milk, Twitter blue checks like Jonathan Chait mocked them for using so much milk (maybe they should cut down on their “milk baths.”)

And continuing the trend, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm was asked if she had a plan to bring down skyrocketing gas prices and heating fuel costs (up 54% this winter from last), she burst out laughing and blurted, “That is hilarious!” She then went on to “explain” to us that oil is a global commodity with prices determined by OPEC, and that what Biden is doing to fix it are things like going to that climate conference in Glasgow and taking the longterm view (like, decades from now) of relying on alternative energy sources.

Okay, let me “explain” something to this so-called “Energy Secretary” who seems to know less about energy than Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg knows about transportation. “Green” sources are technologically incapable of replacing current fossil fuels. Maybe someday in the “Jetsons” future, but that’s literally cold comfort to Americans who can’t afford to heat their homes this winter. I’m sure she doesn’t have to choose between filling her tank to drive to work or buying meat for dinner, but many people do. And Biden wouldn’t have had to beg OPEC to pump more oil (they refused) if he hadn’t declared war on the domestic oil, gas and coal industries and stupidly reversed Trump’s policies that had made the US energy-independent and provided abundant fuel at low cost.

So don’t you dare sit there and laugh in our faces when you’re called on the suffering caused by a problem your Administration deliberately created. It’s this Administration and its feeble excuses and blame-shifting for its own epic failures that are hilarious. But nobody outside your liberal bubble is laughing.

6.  THE DEMOCRATS DIDN'T SEE IT COMING TUESDAY AND THEY WON'T AGAIN IN 2022The big election in the Commonwealth of VA spelled both bad news and good news for Terry McAuliffe. The bad news is that he blew a big lead in his race to return for a 2nd term as Governor and lost in a state that went for Joe Biden just a year ago by 10 points. But the big news is that despite a stinging defeat by political newcomer Glenn Youngkin, McAuliffe got some good news: no, he won’t get to be back on the political stage as a Democrat Superstar, but he’s been offered a slot on Dancing with the Stars after demonstrating dance moves that are about as awkward as was his campaign.  This was especially true when he told Virginia parents that basically it was none of their business what teachers taught and that parents should just butt out and let government schools pump divisive race-baiting hate for America and the utterly unscientific nonsense of there being multiple genders that one could be just by declaring it so.

The Democrat leadership and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) didn’t see this coming. Of course not. They live in a small, but highly protected little bubble where they congratulate each other for being so much smarter than the rest of us. They don’t worry about crime since they are surrounded by armed guards and live behind gates. They don’t pump their own gas and really doesn’t know what it costs and really don’t care since they aren’t paying for it anyway. They are unaware that the Thanksgiving turkey that costs $12 last year will cost $21 this year. It’s lost on them that while they are being squired in government vehicles, the rest of America is paying big increases not just in the cost of the car, but fuel, insurance, parts, and taxes to license them.

And it wasn’t just Virginia. In NJ, incumbent Governor Phil Murphy was expected to win a landslide, but his underfunded Republican opponent whose name no one could pronounce came within a fraction of a percentage point to take him out. In another race there, a truck driver who spent a whopping $153 on his campaign, ousted the state Senate President who probably didn’t see that truck that ran over him and left tire tracks on his political career.

Of course, the crazies on leftist TV went berserk and cried that it was all about racism and sexism. Of course, were they so out of touch that they failed to notice that the Republican who won the Lt. Governor’s seat in VA was a black female immigrant who owns guns and served in the Marine Corps? And that the GOP candidate who was elected Attorney General was Hispanic? Joy-less Reid of BSNBC had an on-air meltdown along with her wigged out colleagues who must not get out much. 

And we certainly MUST hear from celebrities who entertain not just with their singing but with their uninformed whining. For example, do you CARE what Cher thinks? She thinks you do and in a mind-numbing clueless rant on Twitter, called Republicans Nazis and a “white’s only Club,” ignoring that the Lt. Gov and AG of VA were black and Hispanic. She needs to stick with talking about her own party, you know Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves.

Fortunately for President Biden, he was out of the country when his party was re-enacting the sinking of the Titanic. He attended a climate conference to demand that Americans quit using fossil fuels, while the biggest polluters in the world, China and India just yelled “Let’s Go Brandon” at him. And of course, Joe traveled to Europe with 800 people in private or government jets and had a motorcade of 85 SUVs. The only thing putting out more gaseous fumes than his travel was when he made speeches of gibberish.

Will the Democrats learn from their disaster this week? Nope. They think we like what they are doing to us and want to give us some more. In 2022, they will find out that we don’t like what they are doing to us, but we DO like what we’re doing to them, and we’ll give THEM some more and send more of them packing boxes and bags.




1 I hear the Savior say,

"Thy strength indeed is small,

Child of weakness, watch and pray,

Find in Me thine all in all."


Jesus paid it all,

All to Him I owe;

Sin had left a crimson stain,

He washed it white as snow.

2 Lord, now indeed I find

Thy pow'r and Thine alone,

Can change the leper's spots

And melt the heart of stone. [Refrain]

3 For nothing good have I

Where-by Thy grace to claim;

I'll wash my garments white

In the blood of Calv'ry's Lamb. [Refrain]

4 And when, before the throne,

I stand in Him complete,

"Jesus died my soul to save,"

My lips shall still repeat. [Refrain]

By: Elvina Hall

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Comments 1-10 of 23

  • dave allen

    11/08/2021 01:34 PM

    keep in mind that for Cher and her ilk, Winsome Sears and the new VA AG ARE WHITE. how? easy. they don't play the victim. any "real" minority HAS TO BE A VICTIM to fit the narrative. if you're not a victim, you're not a minority, no matter how dark your skin. welcome to the left's new definition of color-bindness. if you're a successful minority, you're white. that simple.

  • Jerry

    11/08/2021 09:38 AM

    If this administration is allowed to continue the country failures is a Pyramid of a download spiral let’s face facts the GOP is a farm team for the socialist party has anyone noticed the new 13 House of Representatives and the 19 senators today the country has a one party country the GOP is like the force that didn’t show at the Alamo they stayed back just like the congress’s GOP

  • Mark Smith

    11/07/2021 10:09 PM

    Re: Democrats didn’t see it coming…. This isn’t like 1994 when Republicans won and forced President Clinton to moderate. These Marxist’s know that their time is short and are therefore working to go further left at an even faster pace. I believe it was Rep Corrie Bush that said they would do everything possible to get the social spending bill passed because they know that once passed, it will be nearly impossible to eliminate its content. They are playing a long game, willing to sacrifice their positions, at least temporarily, to further the Marxist movement. Last Tuesday was a great day, but I question the ability of our republic to survive until January 2023. It’s going to be a challenge.

  • Jerry Korba

    11/07/2021 07:24 PM

    The dems. believe their policies are a one way street no debate no compromise no american value just control over the life of an American that includes its freedom its assets its healthcare its well being its worship its occupation or career its MSM its movies its recreation its food selection obama tried to feed the children animal silage even cattle couldn't eat it when biden and the Deep State comes for you one should just chant LETS GO BRANDON. and mean it.

  • Mike Manoogian

    11/07/2021 06:32 PM

    Re: Stop Laughing--Secretary Grandholm held millions of dollars in stock in and sat on the Board of Proterra, a company involved in zero-emission buses and electric charging stations. She and her friends at Proterra stand to make a lot of money from expensive and scarce oil products. She is laughing her way to the bank.

  • Hal Harper

    11/07/2021 06:12 PM

    When are the weak-headed Republicans going to realize that the organizations the Dems give money to are the organizations that give large amounts of money into the Democratic Party coffers, used to defeat Republicans in the next election!

  • Andrea Aronstam

    11/07/2021 05:45 PM

    I am a online member of Destiny Church in Rocklin, California. I have heard that you will be there on the 21st of November. Can you mention your schedule of appearances somewhere in your newsletter?
    Thank you!

  • Chelsea Martin

    11/07/2021 05:00 PM

    "So don’t you dare sit there and laugh in our faces when you’re called on the suffering caused by a problem your Administration deliberately created."

    Mr. Huckabee - these people do not care. I'm not even entirely sure that they view "other people" as, strictly speaking, human. We are less than serfs in their eyes, not even entitled to own our own bodies, much less have the freedom to labor and reap the fruits of our labor. America is being ruled by - and raped by - a technocratic "expert" elite ruling class. And those 13 "Republicans" who ushered in the Green New Fascism (not to mention the 12,000 ballots that they magically "found" in New Jersey lately and the FBI-Gestapo raids on journalists homes to find a diary that they deny even exists) ought to prove that the ruling elite comprise both parties and all levels of government. These sick, twisted, authoritarian creeps will NEVER surrender their power willingly. When will this string of abuses and usurpations be put to an end?

  • Susan Keisling

    11/07/2021 04:06 PM

    I hope the states that elected the 13 Republicans who voted for the Infrastructure bill Vote the OUT in the next election. Rhinos belong in the grasslands in Africa not representing USA

  • Paul Kern

    11/07/2021 03:41 PM

    I already found out the tax bill Nancy and her comrades pushed thru will not only break the bank and leave nothing for taxpayers, there is also talk they will tax seniors Social Security. Next year I don't see a Republican Party any more. The RINOs are succeeding at destroying it.
    It is a good sign that God has ignored the politicians, coastal elites, and evangelical elites to stir up pagans and the few real believers in a populist uprising.
    Only God can stop this.
    Too many evangelical elites have taught the sheeple that God caused the plandemic!