February 28, 2019

While President Trump was getting on board the peace train in Hanoi, Vietnam, on Wednesday, there was a slow-motion train wreck happening on Capitol Hill.

Democrats on the House Oversight Committee, the illustrious Rep. Elijah Cummings, chairman, insisted on exhibiting former Trump attorney Michael Cohen on the SAME DAY Trump met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un for peace talks, even though he still has two months to go before starting his three-year-prison sentence for, among other things, lying to Congress.

This may be the worst stunt anyone in Congress has ever pulled, at least in my memory. Let me get out my Roget’s Thesaurus...this was a travesty, farce, mockery, perversion, sham, caricature, absurdity, horror, disaster, shame, mockery, folly, foolishness, insanity, idiocy, and...train wreck. There were other synonyms, but they weren’t emphatic enough.

There was Michael Cohen, sitting in a three-shot with his two lawyers behind him, one of whom is, unbelievably, longtime Bill-and-Hillary attorney/crony/BFF Lanny Davis. Cohen read an opening statement probably penned or co-penned by Davis that was everything Trump’s opponents could have wished for in their wildest dreams: Trump is a racist, a liar, a con man. But when pressed on any knowledge of “collusion” with Russia to win in 2016, he had to admit he had none.

If THIS GUY doesn’t have knowledge of it, and won’t even claim to, that’s as conclusive as it gets.

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So, of course, the Democrats had to focus on other things, like the payment to Stormy Daniels. This guy is so shady, it’s impossible to know if anything he said is the truth. (I would hope by now that Trump has completely rethought his hiring practices from his days in real estate and show biz.) Just to cite one example of Cohen's lying, his account of not being interested in a White House position is directly at odds with other records and recollections. He also provided clear evidence to all that his disbarment was warranted by showing his willingness –- eagerness, in fact –- to violate attorney-client privilege. Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz called him “a bad witness,” which is an understatement.

But perhaps the most shameful thing of all was the timing of this circus. (Circus! That’s one the thesaurus missed. Also, embarrassment.) As I said, Cohen has two more months before he has to begin serving his sentence; could they not have waited just a few more days? Are the Democrats so stupid --- or sociopathic; it’s got to be one or the other --- that they would work deliberately to sabotage the President at an event like the one in Vietnam this week? Do they have any idea what goes into this kind of diplomacy, how much groundwork has been laid, how many moving parts there are, how much focus it takes, how many chances there are for things to go wrong? Do they realize what’s at stake, how critical this is to the entire world? My God, they hate Trump so much that they’ll risk our long-term safety for a chance to undermine him today.

They are disgusting. (Grotesque, loathsome, vile, monstrous…) And Roger L. Simon seems to have the same impression…

At this writing, it’s about noon Thursday in Vietnam, and all seems to be going very well. But there’s something else about the timing of the Cohen hearing that brings home what the Democrats have been trying to do. On the same day we watched the Democrats reach desperately for ANYTHING they can possibly use against President Trump, we also found out more about the special treatment Hillary Clinton got from the Justice Department and FBI after flagrantly violating the law by setting up her private email server.

Jeff Carlson, who's done some blockbuster reporting on this, has traced it back to then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who decided early on (must’ve been before the tarmac meeting with Bill) to set such a high threshold for prosecution that she effectively ensured Hillary would not be charged. Do you recall that evidence of “intention” isn’t a requirement in the “gross negligence” statute? Well, Lynch apparently decided that, for Hillary, it would have to be.

It seems obvious that Hillary intended to set up the server to evade rules that applied to all her email communications, including her classified material, but “intent” is very hard to prove. About the only way they could do it would be to find an email or obtain an admission from her that she knowingly set up the server to send classified information. Otherwise, Hillary could just say, “I was just trying to keep my personal email private and didn’t think about the classified stuff,” and they’d say, “Okay, Hillary, you can go. Sorry we inconvenienced you.”

When Comey changed his prepared statement to read “extreme carelessness” instead of “gross negligence,” he was being consistent with the DOJ’s directive. So it’s curious that in making the announcement exonerating Hillary, he made such a big deal about no one knowing in advance what he was going to say. What he said was a shock to us, of course, because it violated our sense of justice and made absolutely no sense, but the exoneration was just what Lynch wanted and expected. The FBI was not really acting independently of the Justice Department. I would add that doing it this way allowed Lynch to distance herself from the decision.

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This also could explain why Comey went ahead and drafted an exoneration for Hillary so early in the process. He knew they weren’t going to find “intent,” so her case would be dropped, even though the statute isn’t supposed to require intent. The fix really WAS IN.

Carlson found this out by reviewing closed-door testimony from high-ranking FBI officials that has not been released publicly. (This guy has some really good sources.) Here’s the stunning testimony from Lisa Page, speaking before congressional investigators on July 13, 2018: “Everybody talks about this as if this was the FBI investigation, and the truth of the matter is there was not a single investigative step that we did not do in consultation with or at the direction of the Justice Department.”

 Texas Rep. John Ratcliffe asked Page about “intent” as it pertains to the “gross negligence” charge. She said they had “multiple conversations” with the DOJ about charging gross negligence in which they were told there would not be accompanying proof of intent. As Carlson puts it, “The word ‘intent’ drove the entirety of the FBI’s investigation into the Hillary email server.” A comparison between Page’s testimony and that of Trisha Anderson, the number two lawyer at the FBI, reveals a lot of legal hair-splitting about intent. (Full details and infuriating testimony at the link below.)

They also discussed whether the number of instances would be “a proper consideration” (yes), noting that the State Department had identified 22 top-secret emails and 1,300 classified emails on Hillary’s server. Then-House Majority Counsel Ryan Breitenbach said at the time, “I think there might be many who would question whether people in this room would still be in this room if we had hit 1,300 [classified] emails on our personal Gmail service.”

Page named names of people at the DOJ (besides Lynch) who were involved in the decision to require intent as part of a gross negligence charge. These people were handling the case with kid gloves. It’s all there in the story. Carlson notes that all but three of the individuals mentioned have either been fired or resigned, and that most of them faced congressional interviews. One of three still at the DOJ was the person responsible for reading and managing the FISA application and renewal for spying on Carter Page.


As a way of coming full circle, here’s Hillary’s comment on Trump’s negotiation-in-progress with Kim Jong-Un: “I don’t see a deal there that is a verifiable, enforceable deal. I don’t know what Trump will claim. If he can put lipstick on a pig and he can say ok this is what we’re going to do with North Korea and he keeps saying over and over again and FOX News says it over and over again and other outlets say it over and over gain and the so-called mainstream media does their both sides, ‘well he says this but’ --- he wins the news cycle. That’s really what he lives for.”

Sometimes it’s hard to be a Christian when you just so dearly want to say some things that Jesus wouldn’t say.



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  • John Hudson

    03/06/2019 10:01 PM

    I saw you, Herman Cain, and Jesse last weekend on Watters' World discussing the 93 trillion dollar price-tag for the Big (Bad) Green Deal and am writing to share an observation that I believe should be, at least, occasionally offered to viewers when discussing a billion or a trillion dollars. I may be wrong but I do not believe that most people do not fully realize that a billion dollars is put another way one million dollars one thousand times and that a trillion dollars is one million dollars one million times.

  • Patricia A Clisham

    03/01/2019 07:07 PM

    I agree with you and feel your frustration, but after all the comments and all our distress over the Democrats and the damage they are doing to our country, what are we going to do about it?
    I support President Trump in everything he says and does, but he is only one person. He doesn't even have much support from his own party.
    The liberals are stealing the minds or our youth with all their hatred and I find it frightening.

    Eg: My great-grandson just turned thirteen this month. We were watching the news and he made a disparaging remark about President Trump.
    Now, not to sound like a doting great-grandmother, but this young man is the most kind and loving person I have ever met. Also intelligent (but won't get into his scores). My daughter jumped in and said "whoa there, this is a Trump Family, watch what you say about our President. Furthermore where did you get that idea?"

    It seems that of course at his age and being in a private religous junior high school, he has only heard his mother's views and she is a "Facebook liberal". Now "we" have to open his mind to what the political parties stand for and what the liberals are trying to do to our country in todays world. Never even thought about it until this happened. You have to open their minds young before the liberals ruin them. So many are already beyond hope. Very scary!

  • Elizabeth McKinnon

    03/01/2019 09:48 AM

    This travesty with Hillary flies in the face of justice. Since the Clintons have come on the scene they have manipulated our government to their personal advantage clearly in violation of our laws. The only pug with lipstick is Hillary.

  • Jewels Martorana

    02/28/2019 09:59 PM

    Bahahaha!! Thx for the laughs! The Dems are like the Jerry Springer show. And they are like jealous little girls in 7th to 10th grade wanting to beat someone up in the bathroom because they are the ones the boys rejected. They have no class whatsoever and they have very poor character lacking any honor or integrity at all. They try to bring the rest of the world down to their level. Flippin crazy Bizarro World Ppl! I wonder how much crack they smoke. sheesh

  • Donald Probst

    02/28/2019 08:54 PM

    As I watched the circus with Cohen, I couldn't help but think that some of the same questions they were asking about Trump could just as well applied to Hillary. If they pursue our President for past financial and foundation missteps, they need to ask her the same questions. No double standards!

  • Carl Smith

    02/28/2019 05:52 PM

    How inconsiderate of the POTUS to attempt to hold Peace Talks while Elijah Cummings was searching for a Trump Crime to feed Maxine for her Impeachment Circus. Some one need to inform Trump who is in Charge here.

  • DiAne Gates

    02/28/2019 05:27 PM

    Daniel Sia your comments are spot on. I'm a grief counselor and had dealt with a few of these types. Excellent observation. I wonder if this disorder is contagious? Certainly seems to be.

  • Joseph

    02/28/2019 05:27 PM

    We on the Right have known from day one that Killary is a liar and a crook and the darling of the Democrat Party. She also is so power and money hungry she let 4 Americans die in a foreign country to protect Barry's re-election so she could stay in power. Her anti-American dealings over the years have proven her a criminal in so many area's that if it weren't for her party she would be in jail. No one has ever said where the money went for the sale of 20% of our countries uranium to a Russian company. Her ineptness is only exceeded by her ability to have so many people around her die and it was never her who has done the dying. She must truly be blessed or just pays her help really good.

  • Dave Newbry

    02/28/2019 05:11 PM

    My understanding of the Comey debacle is that he found his own suicide letter among Hillary's e-mails.

  • Sarah E Miller

    02/28/2019 04:28 PM

    That last sentence made me laugh out loud.

  • rodney burke

    02/28/2019 02:21 PM

    I think we've seen ample proof of the scumbag mentality of the dems in the house. "how low can they go?" they go lower every day. I expect them to be in the Mariana Trench in a few months. You are so right, every definition in Rogets is dead on accurate. When Comey gave his speech, and made the conclusion. I wanted so bad to find a cricket bat and hit him with it. The behavior of the DOJ and FBI is appalling I am hopeful that when the indictments are unsealed, there are a ton of dems from the house that are taken away for trial. the slime we have in the house and senate is chilling. Every time Trump does something, they have to have a train wreck to counter. I agree, with your assessment 100% "Train wreck" is the correct term for the democratic party. And this hearing with Cohen is proof positive of that. My word, how utterly pathetic!

  • Daniel Sia

    02/28/2019 02:08 PM

    Sociopaths. I've a sociopathic neighbor, had a sociopathic coworker, and have interacted with many more... and I notice that the "resistance" is exhibiting the same sort of behavior traits. Sociopaths have a sense of morality, but don't believe it applies to themselves. More than willing to use it against others though. To them, Remorse is for "chumps." They pursue their enemies with unchecked hatred - unchecked again because of their lack of remorse.

    Sociopaths are manipulators, canvassing neighborhoods in order to turn the public against their target. They are masters of deception, great storytellers, adept at creating narratives and caring little for the truth except as it may serve as a weapon. They could say the exact opposite of what they said a month ago, and you'd hardly notice!

    Sociopaths are actors. They're great at playing roles. To outsiders they can be sweet and charming - and often are, but often to their families they rule with terror. They're the ultimate opportunists, often playing the victim, turning even those moments where life and common sense issue them a clear rebuke, and they'd spin it in a way where they could loudly proclaim, "Told ya". Stability bores them to death, hence the tendency for there to always be a Great Drama they're dealing with in their lives - often they use that to score further sympathy. They're not driven by the same things normal people are, their logic is different. They crave power and attention, and the destruction caused by their actions leaves them feeling a bit drunk on the realization that They Caused Something To Happen.

    They destroy lives, leave havoc and confusion everywhere they turn, are often fully aware and delight in the carnage they create, and are nigh impossible to deal with in a Christian manner. Hell, I think they're the demonic response to Christianity. pertains to the Left and the Media (as you say, "but I repeat myself"), Sound familiar?

  • Don Chenault

    02/28/2019 01:59 PM

    I would fear standing against Israel as some of the loon dimms are doing.. May can get away with no accountability with the clinton cartel
    and rinos destroying all this counrry was founded on, BUT, not standing with God's chosen people is risking sovereign intervention.It is
    obvious the dimm party is obsessed with destroying Pres Trump and His family. cnn, msnbc, and hollywood are part of the DESTROY

  • Allen Fizer

    02/28/2019 01:27 PM

    First off I want to say I read your newsletters everyday and find them interesting and informative. Most always your opinions are right on the money with mine. Thanks for all you do to Help Make America Great Again yourself Governor Huckabee. I'm both happy and proud that you and your daughter, Sarah, are on the side of what's good for us and President Trump.

    I have one question I'd like to ask and hear President Trump answer. Since I'll probably never be able to ask him that I thought I'd ask you to give your opinion on it. Why hasn't there been a investigation on Hillery as President Trump told her there would be during one of his debates with Hillery? A through and unbiased investigation on her erasing all those emails, who helped her set up the server, who helped her erase them, and why wasn't she stopped from doing all the emails on a non government approved (I'm not sure what it's actually called) server? America is waiting on this to be done, ASAP.

    Thanks, and keep on doing what you do,

    Allen Fizer

  • Mickie

    02/28/2019 01:20 PM

    I am so ashamed of of justice system, congress, reps, etc.. Nothing is as God wants it. Evil has taken control. I know in the end G o d wins but until the end It's a horror story every day. Not just on a national level but every level of life. Some day I'm gonna see a better way but not in this lifetime. Heaven will be the only place of truth and peace. Our country, even with Trump being used by God, is going down! We are worse than the cities of old whom God detested and destroyed! We are still here by Gods grace being given more time to repent! I really like your articles and I'm not educated on these happenings but I'm sure you know where the country stands with God. It's a scary place and time.

  • Kate Stone

    02/28/2019 01:15 PM

    I don't know who else to make this comment, yet I trust you may read it and add it to your wise reflective mind. With the Michael Cohen testimony on the same day as the North Korea meeting, another thought may affect Kim Jong-Un. The untimely Cohen Hearing would surely confirm through the media how desperately intent the Dems are on impeaching the President and doing everything to make him fail. Kim has total awareness of the deadly dynamics of politics against Trump. I think he genuinely likes and trusts the President. Yet I would not blame him for being somewhat reluctant to make a long-term deal with Trump, when it is obvious the Dems are highly intent on taking him down. If Trump were impeached or not re-elected, I would suspect Kim would be rightfully suspect about anyone that might replace an impeached Trump. Do you think anyone has been thinking of this possible reasoning like I do?

  • Susan Sarsfield

    02/28/2019 12:42 PM

    Governor, your description of the Cohen circus is hysterical. This time in our country with destroy Trump mania, is beyond comprehension.
    How can people be so evil and just keep getting away with "murder"? I gasped when I read that Hillary can't see how someone can be Christian and say things Jesus wouldn't say, referring to President Trump. It was never obvious to me that she is a Christian and knows Jesus so well.
    I pray more than once a day for our President and his family.

  • Kay johns

    02/28/2019 12:41 PM

    The. Comment about being a Christian is so true. I have such strong feeling about what is going on in this country but I can’t really say what I feel about so many of the far left. I am so concerned about the world my grandchildren have inherited, not to mention my future great grandchildren !
    I enjoy your commentary!

  • Ted Andreas

    02/28/2019 12:27 PM

    Everything you wrote points to the fact, our system is broken. Trump has done great things for this nation and he is being targeted by the Washington District of Corruption establishment for removal from office. I hope things do not turn violent (any worse than it already has), but discerning Americans can see that this destruction of justice cannot continue. Hillary should be well into a prison sentence, along with Lynch, Comey, and so many others. Many of the actions that have been taken by so many, who are free to continue subversion, are acts of treason.

  • Keith D Bragg

    02/28/2019 12:22 PM

    What I can't figure out is why the DOJ isn't going after Hillary NOW. Forget Comey's joke of an investigation --Why isn't the whole matter being re-investigated NOW? Millions of deplorable are waiting for justice to be done NOW. I can see no reason President Trump's DOJ should let her slide.
    A young sailor was imprisoned for taking photos of a submarine to send to his wife. How about his intent? It's obvious to anyone and everyone he had no intent to cause harm ti his country, yet his whole life was turned upside down.
    And then we have the rich and powerful Hillary getting away with what she did as a highly educated woman familiar with the laws pertaining to classified and top secret documents and the transmission and sharing of same.
    She belongs in jail and the whole country knows it. Who is protecting her NOW?

  • Barbara Annette Newsom

    02/28/2019 12:22 PM

    ThankQ SO MUCH for your commentary. It is spot on! This was one of the worst demonstrations of the demonic Deep State hatred of Pres. Trump and their commitment to destroy not only the President and his Admin., but also America. This is an all out war - not just political between Rep. and Dem., but between good and evil and their satanic effort to encapsulate the whole world. Each plan and attempt of theirs gets more and more dangerous for our freedom. WAKE UP AMERICA! WAKE UP CHRISTIANS! Jesus said "OCCUPY until I return." This is a military word, it means to stand your ground and hold the front lines at all cost! Freedom fighters and prayer Warriors, we need to be willing to stand our ground whatever the cost. We must not be defeated!

  • Matt Ragan

    02/28/2019 12:22 PM

    Its funny how another person that was suppose to testify came up dead

  • keith wingfield

    02/28/2019 12:15 PM

    Mike - The timing that the Democratic Party selected for the Cohen testimony was not chosen simply in order to divert attention from the Trump/Kim summit. Instead, it was intended to subvert that meeting. They wanted to send a signal to Kim that he did not need to agree to anything that Trump was asking for. (The last thing that the Democratic Party wanted to see was Donald Trump establishing peace that 70 years of previous administrations had been unwilling to touch.) Maybe Trump would have been unsuccessful anyway, but the Democratic Party felt that they needed an "insurance policy". The timing of the Cohen hearings was their insurance policy.

  • keith wingfield

    02/28/2019 12:14 PM

    Mike - The timing that the Democratic Party selected for the Cohen testimony was not chosen simply in order to divert attention from the Trump/Kim summit. Instead, it was intended to subvert that meeting. They wanted to send a signal to Kim that he did not need to agree to anything that Trump was asking for. (The last thing that the Democratic Party wanted to see was Donald Trump establishing peace that 70 years of previous administrations had been unwilling to touch.) Maybe Trump would have been unsuccessful anyway, but the Democratic Party felt that they needed an "insurance policy". The timing of the Cohen hearings was their insurance policy.

  • Lisa Sala

    02/28/2019 12:12 PM

    Keep writing, I appreciate your viewpoint.