May 19, 2017

President Trump gave a press conference yesterday in which he spoke more freely about the special counsel appointed to investigate alleged Russian interference in the US election. He said he believes “it hurts the country terribly because it shows we're a divided, mixed-up, not-unified country. And we have very important things to do right now,” yet everyone is totally consumed by an investigation into partisan allegations for which no evidence has yet been found. Trump said he respects the special counsel process but this is “the single greatest witch hunt” in the history of American politics.

It’s instructive to look at the reaction to those comments because they are a perfect illustration of the disconnect between the liberal/Beltway political media who are still shocked and furious over Trump’s election and the voters who elected him. To the former, it was another outrageous, unfiltered outburst and an attempt to meddle in and obstruct the investigation. And that comment about respecting the process while calling it a witch hunt showed both disrespect and stupidity, since it was obviously self-contradictory.

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But I’d wager the typical American who doesn’t suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome probably heard those comments, knew exactly what he meant and nodded in agreement. His voters sent Trump to Washington to help bring back jobs, rein in government, secure the borders, stand up to our enemies and appoint judges who’ve read the Constitution. They didn’t need Vladimir Putin to tell them that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have done any of that. And they’re sick of manufactured outrage and scandals preventing it from getting done.

As for the “respect/witch hunt” comment, that’s hardly an oxymoron to regular working Americans. They know exactly how it feels to have to show respect to government entities (pick any three letters at random: IRS, EPA, NSA, etc.) that they personally think are being abused by partisan scoundrels. They show due respect to the OSHA inspector who pops up when they’re trying to finish getting a roof put on before it rains, but that doesn’t mean they don’t personally think he’s a pencil-pushing meddler who doesn’t know which side of a step ladder to stand on. When Trump said that, DC elites were so shocked, they dropped their monocles into their plates of caviar. Meanwhile, most other Americans outside the blue enclaves just thought, “Finally, someone in Washington who tells you what he honestly thinks instead of spewing a lot of focus group-tested gasbaggery.”


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  • Annita Rackley

    05/22/2017 03:30 AM

    The Trump-bashing going on in the media just makes the point: There are snakes old enough to drive in The Swamp. Now that the actual draining of The Swamp is really happening, all manner of swamp creatures are coming out slithering and snapping. Disgruntled Republicans working against their own party is the real scandal.

  • Debra Shepherd

    05/20/2017 09:37 PM

    Thank you for clearly stating what I believe is really happening. Trump is different. He simply is not a rear kissing politician. He never will be. He is a real American. He talks and thinks like a real American. I mean all the deplorables and working people like me and my family. I like that he is thinking outside the political box. I love it that he truly loves our country and wants to make it strong again. It it is not just a slogan to him. He really intends to do what he says. I like that he uses twitter. He is not afraid to go around the stupidity waiting lie, he goes right to the people. When it comes to having a presidential demeanor, he is showing that he is able to have such. He is actively working with other countries to really make a difference in the war with Obama's feckless brothers, ISIS. We see progress being made. I think we need to open our eyes to the treason being done all around the government to cause OUR president to fail. They are proving they will lie, cheat, steal, maybe murder to get what they want. Our government is clearly corrupted. The shadow people are making themselves known. We know they are encouraged, educated, financed by Soros, Obama, and Clinton. We need to find every one of the shadow people. and their facilitators and prosecute them. What they are doing in treason. Any American working against a duly elected President, is treasonous. The political, social, or economic status of an offender should not give they any right or reason for treason.

  • Vicki L Shutters

    05/20/2017 09:54 AM

    Mr. Huckabee, I respect you so much and am grateful for your non-partisan insight. If I want to know the truth in a story, I read what you have to say. Thank you.

  • Carol Shreffler

    05/20/2017 09:53 AM

    Threats of impeachment have been looming over President Trump almost from the time he was sworn in to the office of President. Judging from post of social media, President Trump has tremendous support from the general public. Newt Gingrich has stated that now is the time for the citizens to fight this awful movement that unscrupulous politicians have mounted against President Trump. I would like to know Mr. Huckabee where you think this will all end at, and how can the many supporters of our President clearly, loudly, and firmly display our support for PRESIDENT TRUMP! Personally, I'm tired of the politicians such as John McCain spewing false information and keeping our Nation divided. Please Mr. Huckabee give us some information on how the citizens can help President Trump. Calling the White House isn't enough. We, the citizens need to get tough about this horrible injustice.

  • Margaret martin

    05/20/2017 08:32 AM

    We are our own worst enemy.a wise man once said a house divide can not stand. Trump's not going to be impeached, just like obama wasn't. Maybe if we attempted to get along, we'd make a little progress. I support President Trump even tho he was not my immediate 1st choice. I think he is and will continue to improve. I wish he could ignore the baiters and stay off socual media and just twnd to business. He's his wost enemy. No response is better than a misconstrued one.

  • Damon Frazier

    05/20/2017 07:38 AM

    How about we ask the American people why they didn't vote for Hillary. Wouldn't the answers give a hint of influence or not?

  • Thomas David bartel

    05/20/2017 07:13 AM

    Thanks for a voice of actual reason. I actually can recognise Trumps Stratagems and think the man is an utter genius. But alot of us supporters are getting hit even harder then the President. I asked a simple question: Why is it that the President, who is the Chief Executive of the nation whom can and does discuss classified information in a Top Secret setting with Russian Allies of two World Wars; yet when this classified meeting is given to the press it's the President who did something wrong?
    No replies, no name calling, no rebuttal from anyone. There is absolute truth in this question and so my friends on the left, whom I tend to play with and at the same time try to inspire reasonable hope in our President; do see the hypocrisy and abuse from their side.
    Any advice for those of us who are constantly called bigoted and racist for supporting our President whom is in the same breath of an insult towards us is called "chetoo"? ( a very racist and bigoted term I conclude.) We hold enough self respect to turn away from these acts of instigation, but one day the tension is going to break and there is going to be an actual fight if this abuse continues. The best way to handle bullies is to whip their asses, especially when they keep deflecting any statement of truth or common sense.
    I thank you Mr. Huckabee.

  • Mike Lynch

    05/19/2017 07:14 PM

    I had a lengthy comment but your site erased it before I finished. This is the second time this has happened to me on your site. Not very encouraging for leaving comments.

  • Donna Mason

    05/19/2017 07:13 PM

    Why aren't the impeach an innocent President and take-over-the-government plotters being arrested as per the listed exploits and law below?
    (Calling all FOX Personalities to mention this law violation!)
    18 U.S. Code § 2385 - Advocating overthrow of Government
    Arrest these oppressors!
    Under the Statute 18 U. S. Code Section 2385, Advocating the Overthrow of Government by any domestic enemies to include but not limited to; Judges, Whitehouse staff, mainstream media, Universities, and those in the establishment, secret societies and insiders pushing a Government take-over who've actively been advocating all fabricated charge for impeachment, are undermining our President's authority at every turn, and thus are violating this law & the U.S. CONSTITUTION, & the First Amendment therein, invoking with force yet without valid cause, their advocacy to overthrow this Nation's government. A person is completely innocent until proven guilty, but also there must be a legitimacy to such a charge of impeachment, not because one sect of out-of-touch, disconnected elitists in DC, have made themselves above the LAW to get their way!
    VIOLATIONS: Ploting, scheming and Advocating the Overthrow of Government, allowing the denial of free speech by force and intimidation and allowing law enforcers to stand down during violent assemblies, and protesting using violence, and damaging property due to false information and wage incentives as well as college credit incentives supplied by one or more of those accountable & listed above. Using and bribing press members and others to push specific negative propaganda to undermine the Presidency and misinform to insight public hysteria, and violent riots for the purpose of pushing an agenda inappropriate to American laws and values and to oust a United States President immediately after Election of whom they, prior to election, are guilty of gross electioneering against then candidate Trump. There is no Democratic Party, only a progressive communist-leaning group who wish to foist a despotic system upon American citizens. For the purpose of identifying these Leftists, we will call them the DNC. The DNC should be under investigation for these offenses and for the murder of Seth Rich, DNC insider who was said to have leaked corrupt practices of said DNC to wikileaks.
    MOTIVE: To continue the corrupt establishment's goal to bring about the global New-world order assigned to their defeated candidate. A goal which goes against the will of the people and their Constitutional rights to Domestic Tranquility and safety as per their U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment, hence, why we voted Trump as President in historically fantastic and highly credible numbers despite the opponent's recorded cheats.
    President Trump has the duty to enforce his autonomous power over these saboteurs, traitors and subversive threats who we the people deem a real and undeniable Domestic Threat against our national securiy and against a U. S. President who has done absolutely NO offense against this country!
    Please note: Under the 1st Amendment, protests and assembly rights are only permitted if done so PEACEFULLY.
    Please comment, and thank-you very much in advance!

  • Bridget Bobo

    05/19/2017 06:16 PM

    Thank you for your thoughts. I am one of the "typical American" woman small business owner that is so thankful for President Trump. What a blessing to have a God fearing, American loving President that is truly "The people's President." On the other hand, I am disgusted and embarrassed at most of our current representatives. It doesn't matter what Trump does or says, they will argue. They, along with media supporters have lowered themselves to the credibility of tabloid magazines. They began the moment that Trump announced his running for President. The sad fact is they will not stop. Trump is correct in his statements of a witch hunt. It is refreshing to see that Trump doesn't let the liberals bullies stop his agenda to bring back America to the strong proud Nation we once were. It is an honor to have a President that is not a politician. What a glorious day it will be when the swamp is drained, the wall is built and the United States is once again the strong republic that our forefathers fought and died to protect.

  • Ashley Hicks

    05/19/2017 06:14 PM

    I lost my trust in the media a long time ago for many reasons. Secondly, the lying hypocritical left is putting off a foul stench in the air. Wonder if it matters to them they are going to continue to lose until they learn to grow up and actually contend over real matters. Not their fake soap opera acts that they continually perform along with the media to further divide our country simply because they really are un-American, and unconstitutional

  • Fred A Wiseman

    05/19/2017 05:46 PM

    Thank you Mr. Huckabee for you honest feedback. I believe that Mr. Trump is NOT getting a fair shake by a lot of the democrats and the media. I pray that he holds strong and does "the right thing" for all American's.

  • Karen Milliner

    05/19/2017 04:33 PM

    Thank you Mr. Huckabee. You are always right on point. You are more in touch with the average American than any of the liberals ever hope to be. We average Americans are not stupid (well most of us aren't, anyway) and we are sick and tired of politics as they are. The liberals will find out in 2018!