July 25, 2021

I’m sure some readers wonder why I don’t write daily updates on all the 2020 election audits and questions and challenges. It’s because if I did, that’s all I’d ever have time to do. The general flow of these stories is that the auditors request information, the officials refuse to hand it over, the Democrats attack the auditors and say “Jim Crow” a lot, Republicans go to a judge to force the officials to turn over the evidence, the officials refuse again, the Republicans go back to court, lather-rinse-repeat.

Occasionally, the auditors will come up with something that stinks like week-old fish, and the election officials and Democrats will insist there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation that they would have seen if they’d only examined the evidence that the election officials and Democrats fought like panthers to keep them from seeing. Pardon me if I don’t want to cover that five times a day.

I bring it up only because that’s the basic story of the latest update to the Maricopa County, Arizona, audit story. The auditors reported last week that about 74,000 absentee ballots had been mailed in and counted for which they could find no records of anyone requesting them.

The county officials have now responded that the auditors were wrong and nearly 400,000 more ballots were requested than received back. The auditors said they didn’t accuse the county of criminality, they just said they couldn’t verify the records because the county officials kept fighting them to keep from showing the records. I won’t bore you with all the details and serial numbers of forms and he said/they said, etc., but if you want to see it, it’s here.

Read that and you’ll understand why I’m cautious about reporting any stories that come out of an election audit until they're verified. I do NOT want this newsletter to read like that every day.

I will point out, however, that just a couple of days after the election, I called on Joe Biden to join with Trump in requesting an open, bipartisan examination of the vote, warning that if he didn’t, a cloud of suspicions, whether legitimate or not, would hang over his Administration, undermine his credibility and make it difficult for him to unite the country and govern. I got attacked from the left just for saying that. Well, we’re now six months into the Biden Administration, and how is that plan of telling skeptics they’re crazy while fighting to keep the evidence hidden working out?

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  • Evelyn Clark

    07/27/2021 03:55 AM

    i live in Spring, Texas. We are in Harris County, Texas. Houston is in Harris County. We are considered unincorporated.
    Houston now has a murder rate that puts in up on the chart equal to Chicago. They even put that info out on the local news.
    Houston voted in judges that let murders and such back out on low bonds. One man murdered the witness. There has been more murders then this who have gotten out and murdered again.
    During the presidential election last year I received 3 ballots to vote by mail. I had not requested any. One even had Presindt Trump's pictire on it. Saying he wanted me to vote by mail. I checked and two of the mail in ballots wnet to the correct address. The other did not.
    I voted in person, in my precint. A young man with a Trump hat and shirt was told he could not enter to vote wearing them. However they let a man go in with a Biden hat on. Hmmm
    Well I voted. Voted on the President and a few other officials. Then my machine went crazy. It zipped in a weird way. And then said to cast my vote. I was very surprised. We were supposed to vote on immigration, abortion and some other things. Those things were not there!!!!
    I called Senator Ted Cruz's office to find out who to report this to. They gave me a name to call. [this was the correct person] When I called that office, they said to call someone else. I kept calling each name given to me. Finally I was given a name to call in Houston. They were Dumbacrats. From what i could tell they had no authority. It would have been like spitting into the wind. Finally gave up. So now in frustration and telling you.
    Also did you know George P. Bush gave the Texas Alamo to Unesco? It was not reported in news. Few know about it. If you google it, the story has been changed. The Alamo was under the care of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. He kicked them out. They sued and were able to keep papers and some artifacts. Those things are in a library. George P. Bush set up a private corp. He does not have to make certain info public. He is now running for Paxton's office. George says he will not be corrupt like Paxton. George sent me a text message telling me that.
    This letter is a loaded one for sure.
    Here in Texas we have a lot of Mexicans. They mostly got here by illegal means. They are tought in their school in Mexico that Texas was stolen from them.
    I have had several get in my face and tell me they were here to take back the country and change the language. This was told to me out of the blue. No provocation.
    Houston is a sanctuary city. I was run into by a Mexican. He fled. His tag fell off of his truck. When the police arrived they looked him up by his truck tag. HE HAD 9 TICKETS FOR NO INSURANCE!!
    When the police went to his house, he said he was not driving his truck. He had loaned it to a friend. The friend disappeared.
    I was left where I can not lift my left leg.
    I had gone to a latino church for a while. The pastors are Venezuelan. I heard a man get up and rail against a policeman stopping him. The Latinos do not have an accurate concept of Gringos. They think we get away with not obeying the law. Even a man who was my friend. He is the director of the Mexican Institute. It was set up to give lessions in computer and other skills to help the Mexicans here. He even said the same thing. White Americans need to have to obey the law. I agreed with him. ALL NEED TO OBEY THE LAW.
    People who have gotten in my face do not know I am a 7th generation Texan. I don't go around telling it. Not ashamed of it. It just does naturally come up in conversation. So when they start telling me, they are barking up the wrong tree.
    I have family in most of the battles for Texas Independence. I had none at the Alamo. My husband did though. Seems the Glasscocks were in a lot of battles.
    My mother's dad's greatgrand mohter's great grand parents came to Texas. All of the family were killed by Indians but two of the sons. I am the direct desendent of one of the sons. He became a famous Indian fighter. In fact helped to start the Texas Rangers. Had family at the Meir Expedition, Dawson Massacre, Goliad, The Battle of San Jacinto. That was where Texas Independence was won. I had quite a few relatives at The battle of San Jacinto.
    Had a grand dad [do not remember how many generations back] that Santa Anna put in prison in Mexico. He was a Trimble. Of course Santa Anna had a Glasscock there too.
    So there. I got this off of my to speak.
    I read all off your news letters and pass then on to friends.
    Evelyn Clark
    [email protected]
    I proofread this. I made several mistakes. It will not let me make corrections. Sorry.

  • Patty deBingo

    07/26/2021 09:13 AM

    The entire debacle is making me ill. Michigan has a demonic ruling trifecta of women who are ignoring court orders and making up the laws as they go along. We have a legislature that is too weak to challenge them. Courts ignoring the fact that the election was stolen from Trump here in Michigan. I just keep praying for God to intervene...only He can clean up this mess.

  • Ray Treacy

    07/25/2021 05:46 PM

    Bottom Line on Arizona update we wait, just like the Durham report, the border crisis(any idea with all the help Texas asked for and got what are they actually doing? We wait ! The FBI has had "Hunters laptop for a year and a half and they have found What?Yes we are waiting. Everyone that can use a computer Knows who killed Ashley Babbitt yet the govt is silent How long must we wait?

  • Ada L Barth

    07/25/2021 05:29 PM

    We the People have known from day one that our Election of 2020 was indeed Rigged and Stolen with Fraudulent. The Supreme Court has been threaten by the far-left Demorat's. This is why they wouldn't look into the Election saying there is no standing. How ridiculous can this be? Our Election is now showing evidence of what happen. Therefore I believe it should be overturned and President Trump place in our White House where he Legally belongs.

  • David J. Richards

    07/25/2021 05:09 PM

    If election fraud is not rectified soon, the next top concern will be civil war! You can’t have a free country without honest elections as described in the Declaration of Independence. Mitigation of fraudulent elections is covered there under the violations requiring removal of tyrannical government.