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February 7, 2023

“There are plenty of places we could have taken that balloon down.  The biggest risk would’ve been hitting a cow, a prairie dog or an antelope.” --- Montana Sen. Steve Daines


By suggesting that the government had to wait till the balloon was over water to avoid damage from falling debris, the government has once again insulted our intelligence by expecting us to swallow a preposterous lie.  It was also a preposterous lie, refuted by a slew of Trump administration officials --- even John Bolton --- that President Trump also faced incursions by Chinese spy balloons and chose not to do anything.  (If there were Chinese balloons that went undetected at the time, that is a different very serious problem.)  This incident isn’t about Trump.  STOP LYING.

The NEW YORK POST editorial board agrees…

Mike Pompeo finds Biden’s inability to act “confounding...totally unexplainable.”  (I’m not sure it can’t be explained, but go with him here.)  What if there had been explosives aboard that the Chinese could have detonated themselves?  “Just imagine that,” he told Sean Hannity, “if you knew that, and you still let it go and the Chinese could decide where to drop this thing?  I think they didn’t understand risk.  The risk to the United States was this balloon transiting.”  Plus, allowing the world to see this being done to us, he said, “hurts our geopolitical standing in ways that...are as devastating as what happened to 13 Americans who were killed in Afghanistan.  Our friends don’t trust us...and our adversaries aren’t going to fear us if we allow things like this to happen.”

We easily could have shot the balloon down when it first entered our airspace, as far west as the Aleutian Islands, on Day One of its four-day journey across our country.  But Spineless Joe didn’t dare.  He wouldn’t risk angering our Chinese overlords, so he committed a pathetic national security blunder that happened in slow motion over four days.  Whether or not they sent the balloon to commit espionage --- it seems to have been some pretty low-tech espionage, but who knows? -- they also sent it to make that point.  They KNEW Biden wouldn’t shoot it down.  This was a test they knew he would fail.  China owns us.

Too strong?  Don’t think so.

The Chinese, through companies such as Huawei, literally own thousands of acres of our farm and ranch land, much of it near U.S. Air Force bases in (yes) Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming and Texas.  As FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr has said of a trip he made several years ago to Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, “There are cell towers all around those Montana missile fields that have been running on Huawei equipment.”

China expert Gordon Chang sees danger, and he says they should not own American land, period.  “China has stepped up its espionage activities against sensitive military facilities,” he said.  As for the land purchases, he said, “Whether this is actually part of a plan or not, these purchases are suspiciously close to sensitive military facilities and therefore shouldn’t be allowed.”  He wants to see a nationwide ban on Chinese land purchases, but it’s hard to see how that can possibly happen during Biden’s administration.  Chang especially doesn’t want them owning land that’s used in food production.  Land they’ve already purchased should have it “expropriated with compensation, or, if there was criminal activity, forfeiture statutes should be used to take it away.”

 If here’s anything good about the appearance in our skies of this surveillance balloon, it’s that lawmakers will push harder for bans on Chinese agricultural purchases in their states.  In Montana, they have Senate Bill 203, which prevents adversarial nations from purchasing agricultural land and critical infrastructure.

Other states should follow with similar legislation.  Texas can and should lead the way.  After a Chinese company owned by a former Chinese soldier with ties to the CCP purchased 130,000 acres near Laughlin Air Force Base, a pilot training center in Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott and Texas Republicans are working on a restriction in their state on Chinese citizens and businesses buying property.

At the federal level, there are bills in both the Senate and House that would do this, specifically for agricultural land.  Of course, once they get something passed, it lands on Biden’s desk, right next to his veto pen.  Oh, well.

 Speaking of the House, Democrat Rep. Judy Chu of California was appointed in 2019 as honorary chair of what the DAILY CALLER NEWS FOUNDATION reports is an alleged Chinese Communist Party intelligence front group called the Forums for Peaceful Reunification of China, which opposes an independent Taiwan.  There are 33 such anti-Taiwan independence groups in the U.S., all subchapters of the China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification (CCPPNR).

That group is “directly subordinate” to the United Front Work Department (UFWD), whose primary missions are apparently to “liaison with foreign political parties,” “influence operations,” and “intelligence collection.”  The CCP deploys UFWD operatives globally to “co-opt and neutralize” potential opposition groups such as “ethnic minorities, religious groups and intellectuals.”

The UFWD reportedly is an intel operation linked to the Los Angeles Chinese Consulate and other groups in Southern California tied to the CCP.  You’ll find more details about the organization and Rep. Chu in this eye-opening article…

According to her bio, Rep. Chu serves on the House Ways and Means Committee, the Small Business Committee and House Budget Committee.  (We half-expected to see her on the Foreign Affairs Committee; she’s not, though she chairs the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, which “advocates for the needs of the Asian and Pacific Islander community across the nation.”)  She was, very laudably, the first Chinese woman elected to Congress, in 2009, which sadly means any criticism of her activities relating to China and Taiwan will be called racist when it is not.

Dan Bongino, after a rough weekend recuperating from elbow surgery, was in no mood on Monday to excuse this national security nightmare, which he sees as symptomatic of the corner our nation has been painted into.  Bottom line, he said: “You have been entirely sold out by your government.”  To China, and to other places, too.  This balloon --- and the timing of it, days before Secretary of State Tony Blinken was set to go to China to meet President Xi --- was an in-your-face message from China saying, “We own you idiots.”  It just “magically floats into the United States,” for everyone to see, flying over our strategic military and nuclear facilities.

He sees this paralysis as a direct result of President Biden and his family being compromised by the CCP.  “They own this guy.”

They own:  Biden, some members of Congress and the Senate and their staffers (maybe some Republicans, too), some in the FBI (this is emerging through the testimony of indicted former FBI agent Charles McGonigal), businesses (huge investment and tech firms, entertainment and news media, pro sports), pension money, universities (Confucius Project, think tanks such as [yes] the Penn Biden Center), and now the military/airspace.  Bongino quotes Bill Gates: “I tend to see China’s rise as a huge win for the world.”  They’re 20 percent of humanity, Gates says, and their portion of the global economy precisely matches their portion of the global population.  We, in contrast, have a “disproportionate share.”  And BlackRock’s Larry Fink finds democracies “very messy” compared to totalitarian governments, with “opinions changing back and forth.”

To Bongino, it’s looking as if China “owns everything.”  “Everybody’s making money in the China bank,” he said.  And, again, if you ask any questions, you’ll be accused of anti-Asian bias.  But it’s not anti-Asian.  It’s anti-COMMUNIST.

This isn’t one of Bongino’s more uplifting podcasts --- just the opposite, kind of like Victor Davis Hanson’s bucket-of-ice-water wake-up call --- but if you like your truth raw-edged as opposed to sanded and varnished, please check this out.

Ep. 1944 You’ve Been Sold Out

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